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  1. I have a 2x12 and a 4 x12 side firing,trying to find another 2 x12.Interesting re the Barefaced 2x10 I was hoping that might be a good alternative
  2. I have a rh450 and use it most weeks for smaller gigs,would rather use my Trace V4 but the gigs do not warranty it.Buy extra knobs and buttons they are always breaking or cracking,tuner makes life easy ,my understand is it is actually 236 watts rms,nice unit
  3. I have 2 red ones and a green one and one with no front,free,just pay postage from Australia
  4. My orig white 62 slab was made in the same month,your price for an original seems about right making this a good purchase.The neck on mine is actually quite big compared to any other jazz I have owned .
  5. I would second that,I see a lot of custom colours with tort guards and it makes me wary
  6. I have 2 old V4s,can sell one but freight might be a killer 😂
  7. I have had,54,56,58,59,64 p basses etc but thankfully always kept my jazz basses,so it’s not like I have not given p basses a go,also not all jazz bass necks are the same.Back in about 68 I bought a new jazz,the first was a 67 and the neck stuffed up,so before I took it out of the shop I pulled the neck off a 64 p bass that was there and put it on,played that for 20 years,love C shaped old p necks,been waiting for that bass to resurface
  8. I have owned 3 custom shop jazz basses 1960 and 2x1964 everyone of them needed washers,and that is with TI flats,the AVRI 62 jazz I have does not
  9. The fiesta is not for sale,the 62 white slab board is a possibility in the future.
  10. Trace Elliot V4 I once had 3,now I have 2,and one of those is for sale.
  11. It took me forever to find original pre cbs jazz basses,50s and early 60s precision’s were an easy find for me and have owned many,I have owned two 64 jazz custom shop relics(one the bridge was so rusted it did not work,had to buy a new one) and a 1960 jazz journeyman stacker.The 62,63 and 64 j basses I own give me immense pleasure and to me worth all the money I paid,and yes I use them most week ends at small gigs,no good under the bed ,I just enjoy them,and to me they are nicer than the custom shops I have owned,but I am sure others would think differently
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