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  1. I use a super midget for a lot of gigs and very happy...
  2. I have a super twin that I am very happy with.If it’s a small gig I use a super midget,if I find I need more,which has not happened yet,I leave a midget in the car so that I can add it to the super midget if needed...
  3. I have the super twin,awesome.I had a 10 with a midget,that did not work,the 10 did not keep up,bought a super midget and that works great with the midget.So for a small gig I take the sm and if I decide I need more I can grab the midget out of the car
  4. Loved my Trace V4 👍👍👍
  5. It’s been here 10 months,covid thing,we don’t want to courier it and our borders closed,it’s a mate so hopefully very shortly
  6. I recently sold my white 62 slab jazz,although it’s still here,and yes buying is a minefield.......
  7. The 62 slab here is a little darker/bassier than veneer board.An original stacker sounds very different to a vvt and it would not be my pick.A reissue stacker compared to an original does not have the capacitors in that to my ear throttle the sound.The 62 here has a bigger neck than my 63 and 64 which are very similar,the 63 being my favourite.I did play another 62 slab vvt the other day and the neck was awesome being quite small like my 63...hope this helps😀
  8. This is a 64 repica made by the Rick guru in the US....He repaired Sir Pauls when it went back to Rick
  9. For many many years I used a Trace V4 through the Trace 4x12 and horn cab,switched the cab to a lighter Schroeder 4x12 and horn later.I kept the last Trace V4 (I always had 2) until recently.I only used the Trace with the volume maxed at 5 ,the bass was pretty high though...old school blues band..I started using a TC rh 450 through the Schroder either the 2 x12 and horn or the 4x12 and horn and it did the job fine...then I added a Barefaced super twin to the rh450 and I like it a lot,still quite old school bass heavy, jazz and TI flats ,I bought a second one as a backup and sold the last V4 recently.I did try the V4 through my Barefaced midget just at home and the combination was not for me...I loved the V4 but in the end the weight and my age were the deciding factors... ps the guitar player was using a Fender twin flat out where as now he is using a 30 or 50 watt valve amp,so I guess I am not needing to push the rh450 as hard as I used to push the Trace V4(220 Watts)...maybe😀
  10. Welcome from COVID free Queensland Aust.......at the moment
  11. The white one is an early 62 slab board
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