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  1. Welcome from COVID free Queensland Aust.......at the moment
  2. The white one is an early 62 slab board
  3. I have had 2 early stackers,they a not for me,the 2 resistors being the reason,they are not in the reissues ,I personally prefer a slab vvt or just a vvt.The slab vvt is much rarer...Just find what works for you and within budget and you enjoy playing it...collecting anything vintage you just hone in on what you like a which is not always the same as what the market says is “the best”
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  5. I would like a midget with a silver front...to match my other one 😀
  6. I love my Trace Elliot V4...believe there is one for sale here
  7. 2 come to mind...years ago Cash Convertors selling a Bigsby guitar....(the name on the tremolo) it was a 64 Gretsch orange double cut....original case,awesome condition..for next to nothing.... my mate was heading overseas and was hoping to pick up a vintage guitar,he rang to say he had seen a 64 deluxe reverb he was going to buy...I asked if there was anything else...only a 59/60 Les Paul sunburst guitar....Me...I think you are buying the wrong thing...we bought it....and yes it had a very happy ending
  8. Thanks for the kind words Nick...keep safe...Terry
  9. I have a blonde 63 Fender case and a brown 50s gig bag spare...better start looking to fill them up😀 btw the reissue case is different to an original so it’s not hard to pick the difference
  10. Most gigs have been cancelled by venue,2 next weekend are still going ahead...I will not do them
  11. I have 3 original old jazzes from that era .You do not say if you are going to play it or if it’s a keepsake.If it’s a keepsake do nothing, if you are going to play it ,get the best vintage luthier the guys on the site here recommend to do as little as possible to bring it up to a playable condition for you to enjoy and don’t try to get it done on the cheap ..just my thoughts
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