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  1. I used a V4 through the matching Trace 4 x12 for years and loved it,until I retired and lost the work van.I am down to 1 V4 from 3 and even though I am not using it at present I can’t talk myself into letting it go
  2. The annoying thing is I sold a 62 ri a few weeks back and there was a set in the case,never used.I have an original set I took off in the case but unfortunately I have to keep them with the bass
  3. I have seen ri ones for sale for not very much money.
  4. I use an old jazz with TI flats tone rolled off..I bought a used midget in pristine condition,did a small gig ,noise issues,(a)and sounded great.The next gig (b) was bigger,it was loud enough but felt it did not have enough depth for me.Next up was a one 10 so added it to the midget ,this gig (c)is pretty loud and I did not like it as much as my Schroeder 1212L that I have used there for years .Then I bought a Super twin used it for gigs b and c,I could not be happier, actually I think it’s awesome.So this week back to gig (a) I used the midget for the first set ,sounded great,used the 10 for the second set and did not find a great deal of difference ,possibly the 10 was a little deeper but overall I think the midget won by a small margin so the one 10 will eventually get sold off.Have to say it again that Super beats any cab I have played and I worked 20 years in a music shop before retiring and have been playing over 50 years
  5. If I were closer,Aussie is a bit far,that would be mine.Nice,real nice,bargain price
  6. Yes,Pyramid gold ,40-105 From memory,just a little bit more tension.
  7. I have TI flats on my 3 jazz basses,with tone rolled off,could not gel with the La Bella sound wise, but really liked the Pyramid strings if I wanted a higher tension
  8. That’s nice,it’s the same as my spare one👍,one I sold had no Trace Elliot badge in the middle
  9. We always described a bass like that as “ baby poo brown”
  10. I balance on a bar stall now,legs don’t get anywhere near as tired ,started out just on quiet Sunday arvo gigs,then just progressed to the night time bigger gigs,no one has ever said anything or cared
  11. I look at it this way,if you have a v8 motor car it cruises at 100 mph a little mini might do 100 mph but it sure would not be cruising.Providing your speakers are not distorting it just lets your amp “cruise” rather than pushing it to its max.Hope that helps
  12. Aghhh,bought a metal grill one last week and the silver grill one is the one I wanted...and you will post aghhhhhhh
  13. I finally got a 10 to go with my midget,would like to get another midget if one ever turns up, the 10 breaks up way before the midget so I don’t think 2 x10s would be suitable / loud enough for me,will know once I get some gigs under my belt with no pa support
  14. Used the Daddario half rounds for about 40 years,different gauges depending on the bass,now have TI flats on all my basses
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