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  1. Used the Daddario half rounds for about 40 years,different gauges depending on the bass,now have TI flats on all my basses
  2. Hi, could you expand/explain on the “more hi fi” for me
  3. my 64 j,its a bit beat,3 tone sburst and tort guard
  4. I ok with any finish as long as it’s “original finish”
  5. Thanks for thinking of me but it’s collection only and my relatives are too far away....being Cambridge and Yorkshire
  6. I have 3 old jazz basses (+ a Dale Fortune 64 4001s Rick) I take one jazz out to a gig at a time and put it in back in the case between sets......people often ask if I am going home after the first set😀
  7. I had a 58 maple p gold guard for 25 years and really tried to love it,but in the end decided it was not for me.While I had it I bought numerous p basses to try,59 gold guard maple,59 slab gold guard,62,64,65 but kept coming back to my old jazz basses.I had a couple of mid 50s single coil p basses and did like them a lot.Out of all the p basses the one that I liked the sound of the most was the extremely beat up slab/ gold guard that eventually ended up in a friends studio.
  8. 58p sold.62 white slab jazz,63 Fiesta,64 sburst,65 car sold,Rickenbacker 4001s,1964,Dale Fortune
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  10. Back before I retired I worked in a music shop for 20 years,and we sold Trace bass rigs,the one I fell in love with was the all valve V4.I never thought any of the other Trace (transistor,mosfed) models I tried compressed/sounded like that.
  11. When I had 1 Trace V4 ,220 watts,and was unable to find a second as a back up I bought an Ashdown Drophead 200,I took it back ,it just never came close to the volume of the V4
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