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  1. Mine was a P Bass into a boss tuner and MXR M80, occasionally threw in a Marshall JH-1 as well. Plugged into whatever amp or DI i found at that gig. Liam
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if i had some hearing loss after a gig a few years back. Been using earplugs ever since though. Can't wait for my ACS ones to arrive. Liam
  3. I used to post a lot more than i do now. I browse at least once a day usually, but i don't see much that i think is worth commenting on. Wouldn't surprise me if there were many others in the same boat. Liam
  4. Can sometimes find some really good stuff rumaging through there, but i don't think anyone uses it all anymore. I haven't seen it mentioned for ages. Liam
  5. After about 5 years of trying just about everything i could get my hands on i finally settled on the Yellow Tortex .73mm ones. I used the .88mm ones for a while but i prefer the little bit of extra flex the .73's give me. I do prefer the .88's for picking on an acoustic guitar though. Liam
  6. Sign me up! (Surprisingly, it does actually seem to be quite sunny in Mancunia today) Liam Edit: Just after i typed that i turned around to see that it was snowing. How fun...
  7. I told my dad i wanted a guitar one day. About 3 weeks later he came home with a battered mid 90's squier and a 40w Peavey keyboard amp that his work at the time were gonna throw out. about 7 and a half years later here i am. Liam
  8. I either use my laptop (Quite a nice 6 speaker setup in there, for a laptop) turned up nice and loud, or my phone using a pair of SoundMagic PL50's, both running Spotify, purely for convenience's sake. I do want to get a nice amp & speakers, but i don't have the space or need for it currently, so what i have'll do the trick for now. Liam
  9. Anything Focusrite is usually a solid choice on the lower end of the market. As MilkyBarKid mentioned always check for driver support as well, not just for future OS releases but some interface have pretty rubbish drivers as well. Liam
  10. Locked Out Of Heaven is a good shout. Let Her Go (Passenger) and Wake Me Up (Avicii) would be my first thoughts. Wrecking Ball, Gangnam Style and that sort of stuff can be fun if you're willing to play around with a bit and see what works. Liam
  11. Always check there myself. Even it's just little items, if you buy a few at once you can still save more even paying the £10 postage. Liam
  12. Biffy Clyro - Bubbles. Crackin' song. Who knows what it'll be next. I have a massive spotifiy collection on shuffle so it's pot luck. Liam
  13. Is it a powered USB Hub that you have? If not it might be trying to draw too much from the iPad itself which is causing an issue. Liam
  14. From what i've seen looking into it a couple of years ago, i'd probably look at SIMS Custom Shop. Liam
  15. I have a pair of cheapies, but i've been using my Soundmagic PL50's (With Comply foam tips) because they give me a better seal, and can also act as earphones when it's someone i don't want to listen to. Liam
  16. Line 6 POD HD-Pro X is your best bet on a budget. Kemper Profiling Rack works very well if you want amp sim as well, and then there's the (metal) industry standard Fractal Axe FX. Those are the main ones, there's others like the Eleven Rack but it's all about how much you want to spend really. Liam
  17. Boomin - Original Junkie, and anything by Shinedown. Liam
  18. I like it! I think it'd look better being a black guard on a pink bass, but either way. Liam
  19. Rob Trujillo also wears his bass lower than pretty much everyone else. Surprising how he can still reach it. Liam
  20. Always Dunlop dual design straplocks for me. Klondyke straps are good, though mine is stupidly grippy so not if you like your bass to slide around even a little bit. Liam
  21. Some of my mates in the Blackburn/Darwen area use [url="https://www.facebook.com/FentonographyUK"]Fentonography[/url] with conistently good results. Damn good videographer too. Liam
  22. It's surprising the difference a good set of strings makes. I recently put a set of Elixir Nanowebs on my Jazz V Deluxe and it sounded exactly as i'd always hoped it would. Admittedly it did have an almost 2 and a half year old set of Ernie Balls on there beforehand. Liam
  23. I usually use a table and just throw a black sheet or something over it to make it look a little bit better. Liam
  24. I could happily gig with just my bass and my preamp, providing the monitoring was good enough. The rig i've been aiming toward is the same. I can get a powered cab if i need an amp, but otherwise i wouldn't get one. Liam
  25. I use a wax removal kit i found on Amazon. It's just a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a bulb syringe really, but it's been working for me. Liam
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