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  1. [quote name='Mickeyboro' timestamp='1480758581' post='3186895'] There's a Bass Collection Jazz on sale in this very forum ... [/quote] I've got one and it's amazing. Don't be put off by the rubbish name, the bass will be excellent. And with alot of change from your monkey.
  2. [quote name='ped' timestamp='1480719268' post='3186782'] No need to get snarky - I'm not the BC Police but the owner of BC and your post was just... [/quote] 😅😅
  3. According to bc police, '***' may cause offence so my post got deleted. So I'll repost. Bloomin' heck, that sounds bloomin rubbish.
  4. Theres a status quo tune that when i listened to closely it sounded like the guitarists were playing dotted but the band were playing straight. Once I heard it I couldn't unhear it. It may just be me though cos I'm sure it was one of their big tunes. I'll try work out what one.
  5. There seems to be a lot more bass chat love for short scales than there is in my real life experiences. I may have to pick up a wee short scaler.. bet it would be fun to play.
  6. Mate this is tremendous. Literally exactly what I wanted someone to do! Do you mind me nicking the plans? Not sure what the etiquette is when it comes to things like this. Haha Thanks again. Fraser
  7. lefrash


    [quote name='barneyg42' timestamp='1480333516' post='3183377'] There's some stuff on YouTube by Scott Devine that looks pretty good, you could sign up to his lessons too, costs a bit but seems to be rated by people on here. Also I used this back in the video days, don't know if it's available on DVD but it helped me a lot, http://youtu.be/BMTgvcX6bts [/quote] I used to have this video!! Haha it's pretty much how I learned how to do it. Not that I'm great at it. I've barely used it in band situations over the years. It's one of those techniques that I've spent way more hours practising it than its worth.
  8. Fantastic prize. I'll have that please!
  9. Honestly, you'll be hard pushed to find a bad bass for that kind of cash. As an example I recently bought 2nd hand a 'bass collection' jazz bass for 250 quid (One of the new branded bass collection, not to be mixed up with the nanyo already suggested) and it's an absolute stonker. Sounds wonderful and is so playable. That is now my #1 bass. 2nd hand is the way to go for sure.
  10. [quote name='rushbo' timestamp='1480263535' post='3182892'] As for the wireless thing - I play my share of pubs and clubs with cramped stage areas and I always use the wireless. In my experience, you're more likely to trip over a trailing lead in a situation where everyone is practically on top of one another than on a big stage with lots of room between musicians. I don't think that's amateur. I think it's common sense to have as few wires on the floor.. [/quote] I honestly can't think of a time where I've tripped over my cable. I'm a big boy too and not exactly nimble on my feet. If it works for you then great, but for me the supposed benefits for a pub band setting doesn't warrant the extra gear/ expense / complications.
  11. [quote name='ambient' timestamp='1480252910' post='3182779'] It's weird how you see on threads like this, about taking spare basses and amps etc, often citing the 'professionalism' of it. I'm a professional musician. I only own one bass, albeit it a very nice one, I also own just one amp. Everyone I play with is either a pro or semi-pro, and with the exception of the sax players I play with, they all just take one instrument along. Most times there's not room for spare stuff. I own one instrument that's well cared for and maintained. I did a solo bass gig on Friday, one bass, one amp, one ebow, one MacBook etc 😊. [/quote] I often think about this too. I have never in my puff had a bass stop working. I've never seen a brass player (for example) take a spare. I put it into the same bracket as people taking 2 4x12 Marshall stack to play in the local boozer, or folk that have wireless systems who never move an inch from where their pedals are. All the gear, no idea. Reaks of amateurism to me. Obviously if there is a functional need for a different bass (different tuning for example) then it's fair play.
  12. [quote name='Mottlefeeder' timestamp='1480195597' post='3182493'] I'm not sure how to upload drawings on this site, so I will probably have to photograph them and load them in as images. Meanwhile... I used WinISD to calculate the frequencies and volumes, and came out with a design somewhere between the two smaller Eminence designs. The box volume is 0.77 cu ft and the port is tuned to 63 Hz. This is a compromise - a bigger box could go lower, but it will handle less power before the speaker reaches its limits. In this design, the speaker will handle 100 Watts down to 50 Hz, and with a high pass filter set at 55Hz, it will handle 120W without going beyond Xmax. Since a bass guitar note is mainly a mix of fundamental and lower harmonics, and you do not normally hear much of the fundamental, designing it out gives you a smaller box, and few downsides. If that goes totally over your head, I'm playing a 5-string BEADG-tuned bass, using an amplifier that produces about 220 Watts into an 8 ohm speaker rated for 150 Watts, and you can feel the bass through the floor, even though the fundamental is being filtered out. Used without a filter, you need to listen for signs of distress, but it still goes pretty loud. The speaker box is based on a 12 inch wide piece of 9mm plywood. The top, back, bottom, port-shelf and baffle are all 12 inches wide, and the side panels are 12 inches deep. The external dimensions are 12 inches deep by 12.75 inches wide (12 inches plus two 9mm thicknesses) by 15.5 inches high. The port is 7.6 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 1 inch deep. The baffle is set back by 3/4 inch, and the grill is set back 3/8 inch. However, the speaker sealing ring is quite unyielding, and pushed the speaker further out towards the grill than I wanted it to be, so the speaker is mounted on plywood ring glued behind the baffle, so that its front edge is flush with the baffle front. - this will also help to stiffen the baffle. The top, bottom, port shelf and sides are braced with 2 inch wide 1/8 ply running front to back at their midpoints, and the back has a cross of bracing where the vertical and horizontal braces meet. Photographs of the build, and my sketches, to follow. David [/quote] David, this is great. I'll need to break it down properly tomorrow but I think I get it. Pics would be lovely though
  13. [quote name='Mottlefeeder' timestamp='1480103214' post='3181759'] I went down this road a couple of years ago and have been very happy with the results. I'm happy for you to check them out - I'm based in Warrington if that is anywhere near you. [url="http://s285.photobucket.com/user/Mottlefeeder/media/DSCF0854_zps276877b4.jpg.html"][/url] This is the speaker cab beside the Hartke 10 - no longer in production. [url="http://s285.photobucket.com/user/Mottlefeeder/media/DSCF0972_zps22a94527.jpg.html"][/url] The finished speaker cab beside a 150w battery-powered amp, based on a car audio system. David [/quote] That is pretty much exactly what i had in mind! I'm nowhere near you but that's a kind offer! Did you use any specific dimensions?
  14. Alrighty folks. Im hoping to harvest some of your skills and knowledge here. Back story is, I currently have a large 2x10 cabinet which I replaced the drivers with 2 Eminence Basslites s2010. These made the cab light and sounds perfectly nice! However the cab is big and bulky, Im currently not in a band fulltime and in my head I'd rather have 2 1x10 cabs so i can pick and choose what I want to use. I've priced up getting 2 of these and to get light and small (the usual story) its not really cost effective for me (ie im not willing to spend that kind of dough). I doubt I'd get much for the cab i currently have or the speakers alone so all in all i think my best plan is to build some cabs myself! * So, this is where you come in. I know there is more to it than just building a cube and hoping for the best (thats what would happen if I just steamed ahead with it) . I dont have the knowledge or skills how to work out the optimum cab size and the relevant porting so I'm hoping someone here could have a quick look for me and come up with a quick plan? I'm looking for the smallest possible to get the maximum results. I dont understand those wee graph things with frequencies and I dont understand that program people tell you to download to work this all out so I'm literally on the hope someone can do all the brain work for me! *I should mention that the builds will actuall be my dad who is an excellent woodworker so the build will not be a problem. Thanks in advance and there may be a free gift to anyone who helps me! Fraser
  15. I've got a preamp pedal at the end of my chain so that I can go to DI prior to hitting the amp.. however I always kust plug straight into the front. I'll set the eq flat on the amp. Can't say I've had much joy from going through the effects loop. Plus i I like to have a consistent tone going out front... if I were to start using the pedal eq to sort my On stage sound then it affects the signal sent to the foh. In fact, even if I had just delay and reverb I think I'd still just pap them out front... on bass Any way, 6 string might be different. Personally I think you'll be hard pushed to hear differences like this in a (loud) band setting on bass.
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