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  1. I change them individually, but the whole set at a time, never just 1 string. Change 'em every 6 months or so at the moment because they're Elixir strings and don't get much use. When i was gigging it was 2-3 months with Elixirs or 3-4 weeks with anything uncoated, sometimes less. Liam
  2. I got it because i was gigging in 4 different tunings. 5 string meant i was gigging in 1 tuning, just with slightly more awkwardness at times. Liam
  3. 3 basses, an acoustic and a uke. Need to see if i can locate the mandolin that is supposedly in my family somewhere too. Liam
  4. Teenage Dirtbag and Stacys Mom. I've played them too many times in my life to ever enjoy them. Liam
  5. PRS SE Zach Myers, in Cherry Sunburst is really taking my eye at the moment. Or a Taylor T5 Custom... Liam
  6. LiamPodmore


    I'm the same as Discreet. Never had any issues with strings (Had a few with Microsoft Office mind, but never strings) through Amazon, but Strings Direct are also a very good choice and competitively priced. I just use Amazon 'cause i have prime and i get things fast. Liam
  7. Why Georgia, Why? Why does it always rain on me? Where Is The Love? Liam
  8. I've got an identical model to one of [url="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Stagg-GDC-6-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar/dp/B000NZOCQK"]these[/url] and i've had no issues with it whatsoever. Usually has 3 basses and an acoustic in there but i've had another bass as well with no issues. Liam
  9. I use a TU-2 but if i had to get another now i'd probably go with the Polytune or Polytune Mini, depending on board space. Liam
  10. [quote name='miles'tone' timestamp='1435631466' post='2810825'] [media]http://youtu.be/nwN6dPNXklg[/media] Kanye v Freddie [/quote] Even just the few seconds of Kanye in that video were cringe worthy. Surely someone must've heard a rehearsal and told him that he's sh!te. Liam
  11. Only people i can think of fitting that criteria are Lzzy or Arejay Hale, or maybe someone like Ed Sheeran, though he isn't strictly 'rock'. Liam
  12. As long as you can do it quickly without causing any fuss, there's no issues. I used to do it quite regularly because of tuning/string changes and it can easily be done in a few seconds without disrupting the flow. It's not always necessary, but if it doesn't cause any issues, then i don't see why not. Liam
  13. Top Gun Anthem has to be top of my list. One of the first guitar instrumental tracks i actually liked, and one of the first good films i watched as a kid. Liam [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCTJmXrgsFg"]http://www.youtube....h?v=zCTJmXrgsFg[/url]
  14. I have 3 basses, an acoustic, and 5 straps, so one for each, and one as a spare. Liam
  15. I found i wasn't too bad with the sticks after messing around a few times. Not good enough to gig, but i don't have a kit to regularly play on or anything, so it's just pencils and a tabletop for me. Gotta be a proper acoustic kit too, none of these cheapo electric things. Liam
  16. I'll throw in another vote for Soundmagic. I have the top end ones (PL-50) but still relatively cheap. My usual go to were Sony MDR-EX10's or Radiopaq Dots, though the last few pairs of dots i had didn't last very long at all, so i'd probably say the Soundmagics. Liam
  17. Volume and tone always on full whack for me. Liam
  18. Duracell Procell for me too. I got over a year out of every one i've used in all 3 basses. Liam
  19. I manage to do that pretty often when i'm playing. I play through stuff that much it goes into muscle memory and most of it's pretty easy anyway. It makes for a much better show if there isn't 3 people staring at fretboards for the entire set. The problem comes when you're having a really boring gig and your mind wanders to what you're having for tea or something like that. Liam
  20. [quote name='ebenezer' timestamp='1430385644' post='2760822'] Looks nice!...it doesn't state weather its ported or sealed!...I am sure the 410 is a sealed box design. [/quote] I think all the HyDrive stuff is sealed so i expect that would be too. Looks like it'll be quite a nice little cab. Liam
  21. The best one for me is probably when i fell onto the stage in the middle of Teenage Dirtbag. The singer didn't even notice. Liam
  22. BC's very own Bass Doc is the first place i'd go to. Liam
  23. Stacy's Mom and Teenage Dirtbag. I've played both of them too many times for my own good in the past few years. Liam
  24. My ACS customs should hopefully be here in the next week or so. Big lump of cash to throw out but then again, you only get one set of ears. Liam
  25. The few i've used round here have been uhh, questionable quality. The one in Wigan where the guy couldn't even be bothered to put his joint down to show us where the room was, just shouted upstairs first door on the left. One of them does have a fully functioning Ampeg 810 though, but that's about it. Liam
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