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  1. Give Elixirs a go. Not the cheapest but i've had sets last me 6 months of gigging in the past, and they were only chanced because the coating was fraying.
  2. No comment regarding the tuner, but anyone who like gear porn should follow Patrick Hufschmid on any of the social media sites of your choosing. The work that fella does is incredible.
  3. 2000's metal. Bullet For My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot, that sort of stuff. At first it was mainly wanting to play guitar but my dad came home one day with a bass and it went from there.
  4. I work on muscle memory mostly and last time i played an fretless it was unlined and i didn't seem to have any issues. Personally i'd always get unlined just because it looks nicer IMO.
  5. Enter Shikari & Mallory Knox at iBoat in Bordeaux, France. After seeing Mallory Knox last night (in the hottest venue in Britain i think) i expect it will be a night to remember.
  6. [quote name='Matt P' timestamp='1490709319' post='3267246'] no problem, if you're looking for slimmer bodied then one of my favorites is the Aria sandpiper, not easy to come by but i could get you a try on one as my best friend has one (a few years old and a bit battle scarred but a really lovely guitar) the shop on old george yard used to sell them but is more selling secondhand guitars now. the sandpiper is akin to the Yamaha APX but the sound quality is on another level (judging by the ones i've played form both ranges) Fender make some very slim acoustics but they're strat or tele shaped rather than traditional shaped. i tend to buy most of my guitar stuff from the shop on old george yard, the owner Bryan has become a friend over the years (and the thousands of pounds i've spent in there!) Matt [/quote] My guitar teacher when i was at school had a sandpiper and i remember it being one of the nicest things i've played.
  7. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1490860253' post='3268508'] I've often said this to people - spending money on IEM is an expensive game... but if you consider them as a cab replacement, "Bergs for your ears", the cost isn't that different really. It's just that there's less sizeable goods to show for your money! If the PA is doing the grunt work (which it should be doing anyway), it makes sense to have better monitors in your ear as opposed to volume wars with a cab... and it will clear up your bands sound greatly. (No bass leaking into open mics etc) [/quote] If i started gigging again i just wouldn't bother with the cabs at all unless i had to have one. Even for a pub/club band having a PA doing the legwork will give you a much better sound than trying to mix everyones amps.
  8. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1489527543' post='3257727'] Personally, what few batteries I still use are rechargeables. The more one 'eats' batteries, the quicker the return on a (modest, these days...) investment. Just sayin'. [/quote] Exactly what i noticed for my camera flash. £3-4 a pop for a pack of duracells or a tenner for 8 rechargables, no brainer really. As for the one bass i still have that requires a battery, i just grab whatever Duracells i can find. It's probably been about two years since i changed it so i haven't got a clue.
  9. My DI/Drive has to be the one for me. Currently an MXR M80 but i'd like to give the VT Bass DI a try as well. I'm lazy so when i was gigging any opportunity to not bring an amp was taken, so having a preamp on the board was useful.
  10. 45-105 Elixirs. Need a change sometime soon.
  11. Swan, Flightcase Warehouse, Castle Cases. There's a few to choose from.
  12. I was using hanging stands for a couple of years with no noticable issues myself.
  13. I bought myself Steep, Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain expansion and a cooling upgrade for my PC. Might get something else yet.
  14. Enter Shikari - Live at Alexandra Palace. Or if live albums don't count, Normandie - Inguz.
  15. Bullet For My Valentine, Killswitch Engage and Cane Hill in Manchester a week and a half ago. Both saturday and sunday nights shows. Seeing The Poison live in full was brilliant, but i wasn't in any real position to enjoy it due to how tired i was which is a shame.
  16. Any gigs where i knew there was decent PA i would turn up with a P Bass and an MXR M80. Made life a lot easier and i've never wished i had an amp to use.
  17. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1479652744' post='3178125'] I want a set of ACS Pro17... their graphs seem just right. What's the process? You contact them, sort through them an appointment with a local audiologist to get the moulds made... and wait a couple of weeks, or something along those lines, right? [/quote] I did the whole thing through my local Boots branch. They do the impressions then deal with the rest for you,
  18. I was always taught to use four for fretting. My pinkie still isn't as strong as i'd like it to be, but it gets a lot of use. The real fun is attempting four finger picking.
  19. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepson was always a fun one in my last band. Might be worth having a quick look at bands like Terabrite and Halocene who do that sort of thing regularly.
  20. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1477870074' post='3165005'] Sterling HS? [/quote] That was my thought as well, or one of the Sandbergs maybe.
  21. [quote name='dmccombe7' timestamp='1476796905' post='3157311'] I've just ordered a set of the Pro 17's. Appointment for impressions at Boots on Thu morning. ACS state the 17's are more suited to amplified music and have a flatter overall db cut but note that some of you guys have been using the 10's or 15's which show on their graphs as cutting more of the high end along with the overall reduction. Have i ordered the wrong thing ? At £139 i want to make sure i've bought the right filter. Dave [/quote] I've never had an issue with the 17's. Everything still sounds nice to my ears, just a bit quiter and doesn't make my tinnitus any worse.
  22. There's no effects i don't like, it just depends on the situation and how much of said effect is used.
  23. Just bought tickets for Deaf Havana and Trivium (Seperately, that would be an odd lineup) in February next year. Coming up next for me is Bring Me The Horizon and Enter Shikari in London, followed by Bring Me again in Birmingham four days later. Looks like my total for this year so far is 16. Now i know where my money goes.
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