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  1. [quote name='0175westwood29' timestamp='1454085275' post='2966342'] went to the carnival of madness tour last night in cardiff! you will not be disappointed! [/quote] Seen Shinedown and Halestorm twice each so i know what to expect. They've pulled the times forward 2 hours for the Manchester date which is odd.
  2. Looking at this, i'd say i have a busy 2 months. February: 6th: Carnival Of Madness (Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown and Halestorm) 11th: Phantom Of The Opera 18th: Kerrang Tour (Sum 41, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes) 25th: Enter Shikari 26th: Boomin (Local guys, bloody brilliant) March: 3rd: Boomin again 23rd: Simple Plan.
  3. Had mine for a while now and no issue whatsoever. Not really had it out of the house much but it gets thrown around everywhere still anyway.
  4. I went to see a couple of my mates play on monday night (who gigs on a monday?!) and seeing them made me want to start gigging again. It's been way too long since i've played one. Online content, youtube in particular is becoming a bigger part of the industry, especially with the younger generations. They want to be able to see something as well so just popping an album on doesn't work, everything is about the entire package. As well as that quite a few mainstream artists have been discovered through having massive fanbases on youtube, and some of them are pretty good. Liam
  5. I don't tend to go to gigs all that often unless someone i know is playing, but occasionally i'll just go out for a pint somewhere that has a band on and see what's what. I do regularly find new stuff online, more often than not in the bowels of youtube (It can be a scary place) and i do like to try and keep up with anyone decent i find. Liam
  6. I browse on probably a daily basis, but i don't post anywhere near as often as i used to. Liam
  7. I'm expecting a delivery of some ACS Evolve Studio's today, only the universals, but i can use them with my Pro moulds so shouldn't be too bad. Mainly for home/travel use more than anything but i lost my last set of earphones and fancied an upgrade. Liam
  8. [quote name='Cato' timestamp='1452610856' post='2951621'] Sometimes a signature model outgrows its original intended market demographic, the ultimate example being the Gibson Les Paul. The Nate Mendel's were gathering a pretty good reputation for themselves even before the Scott Devine association. I've heard a couple of conversations along the lines of 'I'm not really sure who Nate Mendel is, the relicing is so subtle it seems almost completely pointless but these are damn good precisions..' [/quote] Another fine example of that is the PRS SE Zach Myers. Most of the people who own one don't know who he is, but it quickly became the best selling PRS SE guitars in over a decade. Liam
  9. Elixir Nanoweb all the way. When i was gigging i did get quite sweaty and could get through a set of uncoated strings in 2 weeks. Elixirs it was 3 months.
  10. I have Emily ('86 P Bass), Samantha (Squier 5 string) and my Ibanez is called Bob. Haven't named my acoustic yet though, surprisingly, or my uke. Liam
  11. Never had this issue myself, as i use Elixir strings, and i hate dead strings. Liam
  12. Funhouse by P!nk, Where Is The Love by The Black Eyed Peas, and Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars are the first ones that spring to mind for me. Liam
  13. Told my dad i wanted a guitar. 3 weeks later he comes home with an old tatty '95 Squier Jazz (Wish i'd kept it now) and a 40w Peavey Keyboard app that was about to be binned from the youth club he was working in at the time. 8 years later and here i am. Liam
  14. I used generic ones (ER20's and the like) for years before i got some ACS Pro 17's earlier this year. Took a few outings to get used to them as they do feel drastically different to cheapies, especially if you're used to the foam ones, but i wish i'd have made the investment sooner.
  15. Boss TU-2 has never failed me. If i was replacing it though, i'd probably get a polytune. Liam
  16. Has anyone else noticed that bigger bands are taking longer and longer to actually come out and play these days? At Bring Me The Horizon last week they took 40 minutes from the support ending until their intro started. All they have to do is move some stuff off stage, put a few mic stands and pedalboards out and job done. Smaller gigs we have a 10-15 minute turnaround, why can't they. Liam
  17. Semi-hollow '54 P bass, MM bucker in the sweet spot, maple board, white, black pickguard and hardware... Oh and a Line 6 Helix Rack. Liam
  18. My current one is just a tuner and pre/DI, but i have at times been using a tuner, pre, overdrive and fuzz, plus a multifx for chorus, octave, wah and envelope. All depends on what the gig needs and whether it actually makes sense to use it. Liam
  19. It's between 2. Funeral Party, who opened for 30 Seconds To Mars back in 2010 and were absolute dire, or The Millionaires, who are a horrendously rubbish girl 'band' from the states, and were booed offstage after 3 songs at Caff/Club Nirvana in Wigan, on the Under-18's night no less. Liam
  20. Walk Off The Earth at the start of last month. They weren't as good as i expected they would be. Liam
  21. Gigrig G2, Voodoo Labs GCX, Rocktron Patchmate. There's various options out there. For keeping everything on a board though the GigRig is a pretty common one, which can also be rackmounted too if that's easier. Liam
  22. When i was gigging, especially when we were doing quite a lot, i could lose picks without any struggle. When there was a mic stand in the vicinity i had some on that, if not they were on top of the amp an/or in my pockets. It wasn't abnormal to go through 3/4 an hour for me. Liam
  23. I used my BDi and current MXR last in the chain. Makes more sense to me, but like people have said, no harm in trying it somewhere else. Liam
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