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hen barn

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  1. Status the groove 5 string bass £350 SOLD

    yes Could post but up to you what courier? yes that’s the Brighton, MICK
  2. Status the groove 5 string bass £350 SOLD

    Thanks Nik yes im in Brighton
  3. Status the groove bass 5 string this bass has a lovely neck profile and make it easy to play 5 string in great condition apart from a chip on the back. Passive or active comes with status hiscot case
  4. OLP 5 string active 2 pick ups in excellent good condition (apart from chip on the back see pic) great all round sound im based in Brighton
  5. Lovely fretless Squier by fender. Made in Indonesia 2013 With lined frets In fantastic condition and I have put brand new strings on it. Great bass to try fretless!! Be the next Jaco!! Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless 3 Colour Sunburst Product Overview Smooth Groove. Squier's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless fuses the round, slippery sound of an upright and the sleek style of an electric bass. Dual Fender®-designed pickups and a comfortably slim "C"-shaped maple neck offer superior fretless sound and feel for today's bassists, with outstanding Squier performance and value. Featuring a Vintage-tint maple neck with “C”-shaped profile, Fretless ebonol fingerboard with inlaid white fret-marker lines, Dual Fender®-designed single-coil Jazz Bass pickups, No pickguard. This model has a slightly thinner "C"-shaped neck profile (the shape of the neck in cross section) than most models, providing a fast, smooth and comfortable fret-hand feel. These Fender-designed pickups are full of growling, authentic Fender tone. Ebonol provides a fast, smooth-playing fingerboard surface, while the white inlaid fret lines make sure you'll never lose your bearings while gliding up and down the fingerboard. im based in Brighton
  6. Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special in 3 Colour Sunburst .active! Made in Indonesia 2016!! Like New apart from a small bit of lacquer as lifted on the top, (see pic) Plays really well lovely big bass sound because of the active circuit. im based in Brighton
  7. Feedback for stevie

    just brought a bridge from Stevie. great bloke to deal with!
  8. Schaller M4 machine heads (2 and 2) and schaller 3D-4 bridge in chrome wanted Im doing up an old bass and want to change from black to chrome
  9. Serial numbers help?

    Is there any good sites out there to help with serial numbers. I have 2 basses that need a lots of restoration and wondering if it’s worth it!?? I have an old jazz bass thing (name been rubbed off ) that has a serial number CH041145 and a Squier precision made in Japan that needs a lot of restoring serial number M039366 Any ideas anyone?? cheers
  10. Ibanez Artcore semi acoustic bass guitar AGB140 This bass is lovely to play a real old sound about it! In very good condition for its age couple of dings and belt rash but you can’t really see them much. Comes with fitted hard case That is being held together with gaffer tape but loads of life left in it I’m based in Brighton What they say Of course, there are a few other semi-acoustic basses worth considering out there. So why choose Ibanez (besides the fact that Ibanez is the number one selling electric bass company)? Because Ibanez Artcore semi-acoustics feature set-in necks, higher output pickups and a full 34 in. scale for better sustain and articulation than standard semi-acoustic basses. Artcore's Quick Change III tailpiece contributes to the great sustain of these all new basses as well as providing easy string changes. The AGB140 also features a mahogany/maple neck, a maple body, and an Ibanez ACHB1 pickup. The new Artcore Basses have quite a few features that make them stand out among other semi-acoustic electric bass guitars in this price range. The pickup, for example, is much more powerful, and the bridge and tailpiece combination offer more playing comfort and sustain. When you add it all up, these basses simply have an unbeatable combination of features. Technical DescriptionSpecifications Neck Style: 3-piece Artcore Bass neck Neck Material: Mahogany/maple Body: Maple top, back and sides Frets: 22, large Bridge: Gibralter III Bass bridge Tailpiece: Quickchange III Vass tailpiece Pickup: ACHB1

    I’ve seen his new one and it is amazing!!
  12. Line 6 lowdown 110 great little amp 75w collecy from Brighton
  13. Vox stomplab 1b multi bass effects in great condition but no box or manual hence bargain price