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  1. I've got one of those myself. Solid cases, but they're quite heavy when you're carrying them any more than to the car and back. Liam
  2. I'm just waiting for someone to come out with a smaller, pedalboard sized version of the RJ45 connected stage boxes (Ie Behringer S16) that are knocking around at the moment. A few channels of i/o over a Cat5 would be brilliant if you're running a larger, more complex board. Liam
  3. GigRig Generator. That way you can also power the rest of your rig from the same PSU when you use it by just clipping in a cable, and have a range of different options for pretty much anything you need. Liam
  4. They must still do them on custom order (If you're a big enough name for EB to do custom orders for you) as Jay only seems to have had his for a few years at most. Before that it was a Stealth model, or a Sandberg. Liam
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZ0VG2pIv3M Full demo there. I can understand the change to a maple neck for cost purposes, to keep it in line with their guitar range. Still quite impressive specs for what i expect it to cost. The larger control cavity is a good idea too, something i'm surprised isn't more common. Liam
  6. Just bought what i can only guess is the above mentioned MXR M80 off Johnny. A pleasure to deal with and the fastest delivery i've had in a while. Liam
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. I mostly try to stick with Manchester Academy, Apollo and The Ritz, which are all sub 4000 capacity venues i believe. I do occasionally stray to the MEN (Or Phones 4 You arena as it's now called) but still try to stay with a standing ticket, as i hate sitting down all night at gigs. Liam
  9. I do the same thing with my TU-2 and JH-1, so i can't see you having any issues really. Liam
  10. Always flat for me, unless the room requires any different, if i'm actually using an amp that is. Liam
  11. Peavey IPR are pretty well regarded, decent power and damn good prices. Liam
  12. If you're intending to use both cabs at once, get another BC212. It's usually best to get a matching cabinet so that would be your best option IMO. Liam
  13. Dawsons is pretty good in Manchester, and if you're into pianos and acoustic guitars, then Forsyths is enough to kill an hour or two wandering around. Liam
  14. My band have just released our first EP which is on our soundcloud and available for free download if you so desire. [url="https://soundcloud.com/alittlebitoutlaw"]https://soundcloud.com/alittlebitoutlaw[/url] Liam
  15. For small action cameras GoPro is the the main one, with good reason. They can be quite pricey if you go for the 3+ Black Edition and any extra bits and pieces, but the older ones work just as well in most cases. Contour are the other main brand but i'm not sure on pricing or quality on those. Liam
  16. Evening ladies and gents, My band A Little Bit Outlaw have just released our first track in quite a while and a music video to match. A very bass led track too, though a strange video. Have a look if you like. The EP is available for free on our soundcloud and bandcamp with limited physicals available. Thanks, Liam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XRMW9tSu1s
  17. Nurse Nurse! Kiwi's got out again!! I think i'm going to have to make a journey to test that Crafter in the Music Cellar (Not without a phone call first of course. Not sure where you got Stockport from though Skank, they're in Preston. Much easier to get to. Liam
  18. What software are you recording with? You shouldn't be having any problems whatsoever getting a good tone with a good quality interface like that Presonus. Liam
  19. [quote name='skankdelvar' timestamp='1394483995' post='2391892'] [b]Taylor T5[/b] [b]Crafter SA - Circa £500-550[/b] Bout-mounted controls / pick-up in neck position. Maybe worth a try? [/quote] I've just been looking at these. So far from youtube stuff it sounds quite nice, but it seems they aren't too easy to get my hands on one to test anywhere around here annoyingly. Liam
  20. I made the mistake of trying a Taylor T5 (Hollowbody electric/acoustic hybrid thing of beauty) on saturday and now i want one, but as is often the case, £1900 is out of my budget. Anyone have any suggestions as to alternatives? Liam
  21. I'm going to be using my camera bag (Lowepro Classified 200aw. £50 on amazon and huge) from now on. It's all compartmented in the main section with adjustable dividers, plus there's 4 more pockets on the front/rear. Liam
  22. Dunlop Dual Design for me, though i could get away with the grolsh washers as each bass has its own strap. Liam
  23. Nice and manly of course. I'd also have the same in white probably too. Liam
  24. Personally, a Fractal Axe FX II with MFC-101. That would sort out pretty much everything for me, maybe running into a VT Bass Rack for some proper bass amp sim. Liam
  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZplUPSiYpQA We should enter Geraldine and be done with it. Atleast it'd be funny. Liam
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