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  1. winterfire666

    Darkglass MT900 case/bag

    dammit! sorry
  2. winterfire666

    Darkglass MT900 case/bag

    im not 100% sure but i think its the PS37-30, i cant seem to find the spec anywhere to confirm the size of mine is approx 320x400x195mm
  3. winterfire666

    Darkglass MT900 case/bag

    Yeah its a pickfoam insert, like lots of squares so you can pick out the shape you want
  4. winterfire666

    Darkglass MT900 case/bag

    i picked up a skeleton case, its super tough and a perfect fit, i paid around £40 i think, doesnt mess with my settings too which is nice.
  5. winterfire666

    Ibanez btb electronics upgrade & mod possibilities

    Will do. Hopefully it wont take long to ship to the uk.
  6. winterfire666

    Ibanez btb electronics upgrade & mod possibilities

    thanks, i think ill pick up the chorus and give it a go, its cheap enough for a punt :^)
  7. winterfire666

    Ibanez btb electronics upgrade & mod possibilities

    good idea, nice and simple too. i was also thinking a compressor circuit or possibly even a modulation of some kind would be handy, i have seen some other basses with built in extras, the tm stevens funk machine coming to mind. im sure there are pitfalls with that kind of thing introducing noise though and being a big battery drain too.
  8. I picked up a 4 string ibanez btb (400 i think) recently as i wanted something with a 35" scale for downtuning. After getting used to the scale and string spacing i have decided i dont like the eq and happen to have a spare aguilar obp2 lying around. The plan is to switch to the 2 band aguilar and replace the pickup blend pot with a 5 way rotary selector so i can have series parallel pickup configuration options. That leaves me with a spare pot (or 2 if i put the preamp on a stacked pot) So i can blank it off which would be fine but im thinking are there any additional mods that i can put in there and use the space for a pot or switch? Just looking for interesting ideas really that will work nicely alongside the aguilar preamp. Any input would be appreciated. Cheers.
  9. the mercury range of basses (and guitars for that matter) were excellent, if it was closer i would have probably been interested, im surprised it hasnt been snapped up though, things seem to be selling slowly at the moment though generally.
  10. winterfire666

    Washburn Force 40 Chicago Bass Project SOLD

    No cash spare this week but if you still have it when i get paid ill take it off your hands. Looks pretty cool :^)
  11. winterfire666

    'Upgraded' Westone Thunder 1A

    I wouldn't spend any significant money on that finish but it looks fine to me.
  12. winterfire666

    NCD mesa 4x12 monster.

    my limit was 420 i thought there was a fair chance it might go for more than i could afford, ive wanted one for years so had to jump at it, very pleased with the final price though, thats a lot of cab for the money. yeah he seems a thoroughly nice bloke, good player too and really knows his stuff. he even volunteered to meet me half way which was a nice touch.
  13. winterfire666

    NCD mesa 4x12 monster.

    4 ohm 😁
  14. winterfire666

    NCD mesa 4x12 monster.

    I managed to pickup an ebay bargain this week, this wonderful beast of a mesa 4x12. I picked it up yesterday but only just had chance to give it a proper test at volume. My word! What a body of sound, this is a seriously nice cab, warm where it matters and punchy with plenty of clarity and super tight bottom end. I was intending to use this just with my thrash band but it sounds so nice i might use it for my main melodic metal thing when we play bigger stages or headline gigs too. My trusty barefaced super 12t will take duties on smaller gigs and venues with stairs though, this thing aint light. Overall im very very pleased with it, to think i nearly didnt bid as i though it would be out of my budget lol :^)
  15. winterfire666

    New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    its a shame, i know its an awesome bit of kit but it just doesn't grab me visually and thats not the highest priority for me but i wont be buying another bass for a long while so i must be brutal about these things. ive been after an upgrade for a while so ive gotta get it right :^) still a little tempted though.