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  1. What is it with headstock design?

    i think it s a trick of the camera, angles and the binding making it look more that it is and all that, its not a profound as it looks, its super comfortable to play though. amazing quality and unique bass
  2. How to stop glasses slipping while playing?

  3. What is it with headstock design?

    i personally cant stand over large headstocks, i think they should be functional but not excessive in size, i particularly like the xylem headstocks, one of the reasons i went for one. there are a hell of a lot of basses i wouldn't consider due to headstock design although playability comes before aesthetics its important to find a balance.
  4. Head Suggestions Wanted!

    the carvin v3m is a superb amp and one of the most versatile having a separate eq for each of the 3 channels and an addition global lead boost. tonally it will do everything you want comfortably and a/b next to similar equivalents (Hughes and kettner, laney, marshall) it was a clear winner in my opinion with a smoother tone and plenty of body plus it lights up with a choice of blue or red depending on your mood lol
  5. Mesa Boogie 6x10 Powerhouse Cab

    wish i was closer,, i would happily snap this up, good luck with the sale.
  6. Show us yer headstocks!

  7. transpose or pitch shift pedal options

    yeah i would definitely get a new one, pmt have them in stock at 109, everywhere else that i can see is out of stock.
  8. transpose or pitch shift pedal options

    yeah i saw that, might be worth a pop i reckon, cheers :^)
  9. transpose or pitch shift pedal options

    i thought this might be the case but i'm totally out of touch with the new effects on the market at the moment, hence the post i might try the digitech drop though as its a low cost option if it doesn't work out.
  10. Darkglass opinions

    i cant fault the m900, i use it with a marshall dbs 4x12 for a thrash band and with a barefaced super 12 t for a melodic metal band, i use very different sounds for both and it nails them both equally well i love to play a bit of reggae at home too and have no problem getting a great sound for this with the clean channel that dirt channel just barely on as a gain boost is superb too, just brings the bass parts alive and to the front of the mix a little more in a live situation
  11. transpose or pitch shift pedal options

    at the moment i use a cheap ibanez for my 2nd band, which is ok (just) tuned to c sharp my main bass is a wonderful xylem custom, the quality difference is a massive leap, i have a couple of vintage 80s basses which i bought to possibly replace the ibanez but they are heavy and still a huge leap in terms of sound and playability from the xylem ive currently got my eye on something a bit better quality but i kinda want to use that for a couple of particular songs tuned in my main band to E for ergonomics really, i was just hoping i might be able to reduce down to 2 basses total and use just the new one for both bands and get rid of everything else. tone wise the down tuned bass is secondary as its simpler stuff and less prominent in the mix. just looking for options really.
  12. transpose or pitch shift pedal options

    does anyone know if any of the modern multi fx units will handle this job, line 6 helix/hx, fractal fx8 etc?
  13. transpose or pitch shift pedal options

    thanks ill have a look into it, i know 3 steps might be a push but if it works i could always tune to e flat and go 2 down and 1 up as an alternative option. just realised it doesnt go up hahaha
  14. transpose or pitch shift pedal options

    i play in 2 bands one in standard tuning and one 3 semitones down to c sharp, is there anything out there either in a single pedal or a multieffects that will transpose reliably without the need to have multiple basses in different tunings? doesn't need to be cheap just has to get the job done, any ideas? ideally looking to keep basses in standard tuning and pitch down 3 steps. any input would be appreciated thanks.
  15. Strandberg - somethings cooking - boden bass

    thats how i felt about my boden os6 but the erganomics and sound won me over, i like the looks now too i guess they grew on me over time that neck profile has really improved my guitar playing though and has pretty much eliminated fretting hand fatigue, hopefully the bass will nail it in the same way, time will tell.