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  1. NCD mesa 4x12 monster.

    my limit was 420 i thought there was a fair chance it might go for more than i could afford, ive wanted one for years so had to jump at it, very pleased with the final price though, thats a lot of cab for the money. yeah he seems a thoroughly nice bloke, good player too and really knows his stuff. he even volunteered to meet me half way which was a nice touch.
  2. NCD mesa 4x12 monster.

    4 ohm 😁
  3. NCD mesa 4x12 monster.

    I managed to pickup an ebay bargain this week, this wonderful beast of a mesa 4x12. I picked it up yesterday but only just had chance to give it a proper test at volume. My word! What a body of sound, this is a seriously nice cab, warm where it matters and punchy with plenty of clarity and super tight bottom end. I was intending to use this just with my thrash band but it sounds so nice i might use it for my main melodic metal thing when we play bigger stages or headline gigs too. My trusty barefaced super 12t will take duties on smaller gigs and venues with stairs though, this thing aint light. Overall im very very pleased with it, to think i nearly didnt bid as i though it would be out of my budget lol :^)
  4. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    its a shame, i know its an awesome bit of kit but it just doesn't grab me visually and thats not the highest priority for me but i wont be buying another bass for a long while so i must be brutal about these things. ive been after an upgrade for a while so ive gotta get it right :^) still a little tempted though.
  5. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    yeah i had spotted that, it is a silly price and very tempting
  6. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    might try to get there at some point, they have a few things in stock i would like to try out, i know they are all great basses but the excess appeals to me least visually from the range, never played one though.
  7. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    i wish i could try one out but few places keep any stock
  8. Buyer's Remorse (or Not Buying Remorse!)

    the biggest regret for me was not buying a zon sonus 5 for £700 a few years ago.
  9. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    the model im actually considering is something new but based on the krell which is quite exciting. hopefully ill get chance to try a few pickup options what would you say is the difference between the standard pickups and the MC series?
  10. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    had a bit of a chat with alan at acg, im going to pop over to see him next week , im definitely leaning that way at the moment and hes only a couple of hours from me. im loving the krell shape. thanks for all the input folks your responses are giving me a lot to consider.
  11. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    Actually dingwall was intended to be on my list, i like the look of the ng2 specifically but i forgot to mention it. Also the strandberg is multiscale too.
  12. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    thanks for the input, i wasn't aware of the scale length on the vigiers, my other bass is a xylem custom with a 33'' scale and its a beaut so i wouldnt expect that to be an issue. i do however like to adjust the neck relief if required so tht is worth considering.
  13. New bass options, Vigier/Status/ACG/Strandberg choices hmmmmmm

    thanks ive heard the name but not familiar with them, ill check em out now.
  14. im looking for a new 4 string bass, i currently use a cheap ibanez sr300 for my 2nd band which tune to C (thrash metal) its fine for a cheap bass but i need an upgrade, i immediately ruled out anything p or jazz styling as i cant stand em, i want modern/erganomic lightweight neck stability is a priority so carbon fiber necks are a bonus, i like to see what im doing so luminlay or even better leds are also a bonus. my first thought was to wait for the upcoming Strandberg boden bass as it seems to tick all the right boxes (and i love my strandberg OS6, the endurneck is the future) however now i have set my budget it would be silly not to see what my other options are i like the look of the Vigier Passion, played one years ago briefly and it left a lasting impression (although im not super keen on high gloss finishes) a status s2 classic bolt on with wrap around leds comes in (almost - close enough) within budget, which i did not expect and finally i just spotted the acg Krell, which looks the business, ive played an acg before but not the krell and i loved the feel, plus i get lots of custom options. is there anything else out there to consider? or any opinions on any of the above basses? im looking at around £2500 max budget and would prefer to buy new. Thanks.
  15. SWR Triad bass cab £150

    cant believe this is still here at that price, if it was nearer me i would snap it up