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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. seems excessive to me https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ibanez-Roadstar-Bass-Guitar-Machine-Head-Tuner-VELVE-TUNE-BII-for-D-or-G-RARE/143078052164?hash=item21501dd144:g:OBgAAOSw2~NcLioM
  3. Super handy bit of kit 6 channel splitter mixer, send your signal to multiple outputs or mix multiple inputs in one handy unit, really handy for running multiple monitors and the like. Now sold many thanks Collection from darwen or will post at buyers cost.
  4. 5 guitar stand Branded 'rockstands by Warwick' Now sold thanks Collection from darwen lancashire
  5. Old Yamaha r1000 reverb , a little tatty but working £15 Alesis m-eq 230, decent condition £25, includes psu. Collection only ideally, grab a bargain Based in darwen Lancashire. Now sold many thanks
  6. Clear out of rack bits. 2x 2u rack trays, 1 short black with mounting holes, 1 long cream with a little wear but functional. 2 black 1u panels, 1 uncut,1 vented 1x 2m rack strip, uncut, never been used 45u total. £20 for the lot, any takers? collection only from darwen, Lancashire.
  7. i agree im not blown away, i expected a little more zing in the top end, be nice to see how the classic compares tonally, still wanna try one though.
  8. I'll wait for a limited edition artwork version, love my m900 v1 but was gutted when the medusa version came out as I couldn't justify the cost getting one. I'm particularly fond of Christopher Lovell artwork.
  9. It's not about the multiscale or asthetics for me, I can take em or leave em generally, it's all about that neck profile. It's a different beast entirely if it works as it does on guitar. I'm not interested in any other basses, I've already got the traditional bass covered. I don't think you can directly compare one of these with anything else on the market. That being said they are still too bloody expensive lol.
  10. I was intending to jump in and just get one based on my experience with the guitars (I would never go back to a traditionaldesign ) but at 3k I need to play it first before shelling out that much. I want to make sure the benefits translate to a bigger instrument, I'm still very keen , if it works as well I think it will be worth the money in the long run. The figure in my head was 2.5k max but I was hoping it might be a little less. I need to get my hands on one .
  11. Hopefully within the budget I agreed with my wife haha
  12. We shall see, not really too much point speculating at the moment, they may be the same, the prog may be more, we will find out in a couple of weeks. It does depend on the quality of the ebony and maple, ebony without lighter streaks has gone up a large amount in the last few years due to logging laws. Tbh I'm not bothered, if that neck profile works as well on the bass as the guitar version it will be money well spent in my eyes. hopefully there won't be too much between them though.
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