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  1. Does anyone have any experience with [url="http://www.rev33.com"]Rev33[/url] units? I've had one delivered today and just wondering if anyone else has used them.
  2. You can probably find a PDF of Bass Guitar For Dummies somewhere online. It's surprisingly detailed and covers an awful lot which will be useful.
  3. [quote name='owen' timestamp='1469699765' post='3100375'] Sorry in advance if this has been covered, but does anyone have a source for custom moulds which will take either SE215s or normal filters, depending on what is needed at the time? My son is a drummer and we all know what that can do to his ears. He has a pair of 215s but I want to get him a set of moulded plugs. If he could plop the 215s in as in-ears it would make sense for now. TIA. [/quote] [url="https://snugsearphones.co.uk/"]Snugs[/url] do custom sleeves for SE215's. I don't think you can swap them with filters but you could always just use the SE215's as earplugs as well when needed. My Linum Bax cable on my ACS Evolves has gone faulty at the jack end. I still don't think there's enough support on there for how thin that cable is. I'm still tempted to see if ACS will reshell them into customs for me at some point.
  4. Been using mine for probably about a year now. I genuinely do not leave the house without them. Pricey, but worth every penny.
  5. I know people who've used Castle Cases and Flightcase Warehouse. Both seemed top quality from what i could see so i'd expect you'd be fine with either.
  6. If you wanted to change the rest of the wiring whilst you were at it, our resident [url="http://basschat.co.uk/user/7835-kiogon/"]KiOgon[/url] does cracking solderless wiring harnesses.
  7. I've fallen on to a stage, in very dramatic style mid song. Smacked my head on a cymbal stand on the way down, and the singer didn't even notice.
  8. I was taught that it's Tiny (E&B ) Average (G&D) Big (A&E) when i was first shown it in school. Would explain why some people see it as an acronym rather than shortened verson of Tablature. *edited for failure to remember basic English.
  9. I'm guessing there is a fair few, but it's hardy to find a band as a flashy bass player than as a flashy guitarist.
  10. You can probably find a used Line 6 G30 for less than that. That seems to be the standard on the cheaper end at the moment.
  11. My Squier Deluxe Jazz V is either 18 or 19mm. I never had any issues whatsoever transferring between that and my P bass.
  12. I've just got tickets for the second Bullet For My Valentine night in Manchester (They're playing The Poison in full) and Yellowcard with Normandie. That makes 12 gigs for the year so far.
  13. [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1467575799' post='3084669'] I'm probably unusual in that while I'm still interested in guitars & basses I don't actually play them anymore. [/quote] I'm the same. My main bass has been out of operation for 4-6 weeks now and i haven't even bothered fixing it yet. Had a dabble on my acoustic guitar over the weekend, but i can go months at a time without touching them.
  14. [quote name='Roland Rock' timestamp='1465473554' post='3068538'] Men Imitating Machines next week. They are doing a tour and well worth watching. [/quote] I saw these at some point last year in Bolton. They were certainly an interesting band to watch whilst slightly drunk. They were both wearing superhero outfits too if memory serves me correctly.
  15. Just bought a watch from Paul. Easy and simple, just as these things should be.
  16. For me it was, and will be if i start gigging again, a case of being able to plug in to whatever was there, be it my amp, a provided amp, or just a DI, and get the same tone. Plus i'm lazy and carrying a preamp is a lot easier than a full rig.
  17. EBS_Freak. Where are you sir?! In the meantime, there's a lot of useful info in [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/205633-in-ear-monitors-help-needed/"]here[/url].
  18. I ended up replacing mine with an MXR M80 but it still works fine and still does the job. For £20-£30 it's more than up to the task.
  19. Ideally you want something with a blend between the PC signal and the incoming bass. I've got a [url="https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lexicon-Alpha-Studio-Audio-Interface/dp/B000HVXMNE"]Lexicon Alpha[/url] that i use for just this purpose. Not too bad for recording with either.
  20. Click your name in the top right then go to settings. Should be all in there.
  21. A more agressive sound when i need it and i found it easier when i was gigging. I do routinely swap between pick and fingers though, even in the same song sometimes.
  22. A prime example the opposite way is the ESP Ben Weinman signature. Flame top, See-Thru Black finish, Evertune bridge, all of which aren't available stock, and i believe they even did a run that had the facilities for built in wireless like he runs. That is how a sig should be done.
  23. [quote name='adledman' timestamp='1460126162' post='3022849'] if you have not tried any high end iem`s then you wont believe just how good they are. ive had westone 3 and 4`s and was blown away by the sound they produce. you wont be sorry! [/quote] I'll second this. Sat here with triple drivers in right now and it's such a wonderful sound.
  24. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1461092089' post='3031435'] Squints... PSM 300, LD1000... XSW, X32, Kemper. I like this game :-) [/quote] Pair of PSM300's, Trio of XSW wireless mics, X32 Rack, Kemper Rack, new defunct LD1000, Macbook pro, some patch pays and a Virgin Media Superhub. I think.
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