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  1. Awesome. Where’s good to get these?
  2. I now have an HX FX. Am I right in thinking I can download IR effects?
  3. They’re called snapshots? Basically I want to know if it needs to be connected to a laptop to change the order or can I do it with my phone or on the actual pedal. So I can adjust each bank order for every song for every set.
  4. £10 each posted. Brand new and never used. 4 left
  5. I used this for silent practice in my house. No longer needed. In great condition. UK postage included.
  6. Used but not abused. Holds 6 guitars. Folds up nicely.
  7. I really don’t want to sell this but I must. Anyway. This thing is an absolute beast. Tones to die for. Two channels, one is cleaner and has a vintage tone stack and the other goes from clean to absolute filth with a more modern eq. Footswitch included (I made a pedalboard friendly one). Comes with soft case and a wheeled road case. Also comes with a spare set of 6550 power amp valves.
  8. Good shout. Get a black one, make a black scratch plate and put some cream pickup cover on and it’ll look like my Pbass haha
  9. Thanks for all your replies! really helpful
  10. That’s awesome!
  11. fathers/mothers what bass did you buy for your child? I’m thinking a Squier Jaguar SS. I think the 30” scale is a good choice because you can still use it when you’re fully grown.
  12. I’d quite like to see them release a small DI box with the cab IR and an XLR and jack input so I could run out from the DI of my M900 or on a pedalboard.
  13. Think I’ll grab an AO or wait for the amp version of the X pedal?
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