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  1. nash

    New American Artist Flea Signature?

    You can’t blame Fender for putting this out there. I’m not a RHCP but this is something different for Fender. Yes it has a MM pickup but that’s why it’s a more worthy signature model than Flea’s Jazz. I’m not sure why Ernie Ball didn’t offer him something (maybe they did) but Fender were smart to get him as an artist.
  2. nash

    New Player Series Buttercream P Bass!

    So the red Jag bass with the string through is a prototype. Shame Fender couldn’t be arsed to photograph a production one and I think it also shows that they’re rushing things through. Hence the shoddy QC
  3. nash

    New Player Series Buttercream P Bass!

    I’ve noticed a mistake. On the Jag bass page. The bass had a normal top loading BBoT bridge but then the specs/features section shows a hi-mass string thru bridge. I looked again. It’s only the Sonic Red that shows the hi-mass bridge. All colours are the same price.
  4. nash

    New Player Series Buttercream P Bass!

    So are they chinese? also I like the sage green. Although prefer jag basses with jag control plates.
  5. I literally posted it because I knew what would happen hahaha. Just to wade in. I like relic’d basses but the older I’ve gotten, the more bands I’ve worked for looks are almost last on my list, they’re tools to create music and if you spend enough time playing everything else becomes more important. Saying that. A cool looking bass is a cool looking bass.
  6. nash

    DOD Meatbox Reissue

    One hell of a pedal. I’ve not used it for a while now. As we all know they’re no longer in production. Comes with box. Price includes U.K. postage.
  7. Gibson already do. Or at least that’s what it looks like on their Les Pauls
  8. nash


    That looks sweet. Would it be worth upgrading the strings?
  9. nash


    I tried one out in a random music shop in Liverpool recently. I chant remember what brand but I totally loved it. I would’ve bought it if I hadn’t just bought a bass that day. Anyway I’m doing some research now and I’m looking for suggestions in the £200 or less bracket.
  10. Just saw a lovely CS Fender P for sale on here and it’s relic’d. They cost a lot. So would you be annoyed if you chipped, scratched etc that bass considering A. It’s essentially pre damaged and B. It costs a lot.
  11. This is such a sweet guitar. I’m only selling because I need the space. Some with a gigbag. Pickups have me upgraded to EMG 81/85 set. the finish has creamed up.
  12. nash

    feedback for AndyTravis

    Just bought a PJ bass from Andy. Top guy. Very hospitable. Knows his stuff fair play.
  13. nash

    MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz £150

    You have to have the fuzz on.
  14. nash

    MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz £150

    Just added the MXR Fuzz