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  1. £10 each posted. Brand new and never used. 4 left
  2. I used this for silent practice in my house. No longer needed. In great condition. UK postage included.
  3. Used but not abused. Holds 6 guitars. Folds up nicely.
  4. I really don’t want to sell this but I must. Anyway. This thing is an absolute beast. Tones to die for. Two channels, one is cleaner and has a vintage tone stack and the other goes from clean to absolute filth with a more modern eq. Footswitch included (I made a pedalboard friendly one). Comes with soft case and a wheeled road case. Also comes with a spare set of 6550 power amp valves.
  5. Good shout. Get a black one, make a black scratch plate and put some cream pickup cover on and it’ll look like my Pbass haha
  6. Thanks for all your replies! really helpful
  7. That’s awesome!
  8. fathers/mothers what bass did you buy for your child? I’m thinking a Squier Jaguar SS. I think the 30” scale is a good choice because you can still use it when you’re fully grown.
  9. I’d quite like to see them release a small DI box with the cab IR and an XLR and jack input so I could run out from the DI of my M900 or on a pedalboard.
  10. Think I’ll grab an AO or wait for the amp version of the X pedal?
  11. I love that Orange spent 4 years slagging off the TT. Saying it didn't sound great because it was D-class (all just to sell the OB-1).
  12. That’s what every said about the last generation’s rock and the one before etc. If you like it that’s fine and no one really cares if you don’t. Freedom of choice and artistic freedom.
  13. People who complain that new music all sounds the same: your parents and grandparents said that. Really you just want to listen to the same old music over and over. And finally, pizza. Think about pizza and how varied and delicious it is (this requires you liking pizza in the first place).
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