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  1. Would like to try before I buy if poss. I’m almost certainly going with the DG. My other option was. GK Fusion MB900.
  2. It suits me to the ground on paper. Does a “Vintage” sound, has a single footswitch that runs off an instrument cable so I can easily swap it on my board when I use my Fender Super Bassman. The DG is for band prac and those shows where I’d be loading my gear on my own. I’d be able to show up to shows with my bass(es) and a Peli 1510.
  3. DOD Meatbox, £200. Comes with box. Total sub melter of a pedal. Getting rarer now the chip isn’t made anymore. Bananana FX Matryoshka, £180. Comes with box. Hand made in Japan. Multiple analogue synths. Totally cool and crazy pedal. SOLD Boss Tera Echo, £90. No box. Crazy ambient echo with mad trails. Boss OC-2, £80. No box. Classic Octave pedal. SOLD MXR Sub Octave Bass Fuzz, £130. Comes with box. Monster of a fuzz pedal with added octave. Has two fuzz types. All prices include UK postage. No trades apart from a Way Huge Pork & Pickle, offers welcome.
  4. So I’m located in Chepstow. On the English/Welsh boarder. I’m really looking at buying a DG M900. But PMT doesn’t seem to have any in stock. So I’m either hopeful of someone letting me pop over and give it a blast or I’ll take a trip to Bass Direct.
  5. nash

    Bass/Amp with the most prominent midrange

    Orange love midrange in their amps
  6. I have a set of 4 RH in chrome. Price includes postage. One for the washers on the back was missing when I got them (on a bass). I’ve replaced it with a similar washer. The posts are 14mm wide. open to offers https://schaller.info/en/machine-heads/288/original-f-series-bmf
  7. I’m after 4 right handed Clover ultralights. Chrome or nickel.
  8. nash

    Beedster's wall of shame

    Just bought some pickups off Chris. Top dude
  9. I forgot you had the Helix. I may get a HX for a laugh.
  10. I've thought about getting a Tone Hammer and a Catlinbread SFT. I'm finding the Darkglass stuff too modern for the band I'm in. Although I really like the Pike Vulcan version.
  11. I'm looking for a spare head that I can also use when space is tight. Any favourites?
  12. nash

    Bridges - Do They Make a Difference

    My string thru Fender P has loads of sustain which I like, also my compressor adds a little to it. It does play a role as much as shorter notes in my playing. One song in particular totally relies on sustained notes. So having string thru and hi mass bridges certainly help.
  13. nash

    Bridges - Do They Make a Difference

    I have Hipshot Kickass saddles fitted to my Badass II on my '86 MIJ Fender P. It's class. I opted for brass saddle inserts. You move them sideways and they lock in place. They're also cut quite deep so you won't need as much of a shim as you would with a Badass. I sounds amazing and it's engineered really well with good materials.
  14. nash


    Sold some EMG PJ pickups to Gary. Excellent transaction!
  15. nash

    Recommend me some strings

    I really like D'Addarios. I currently use Dunlops (because I get them cheap) but I'd like to hear their Superbrights.