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  1. I’ve just finished up a week in the studio and there’s a few samples I want to use live. I’m aware of the jam man but is there a mini pedal version or similar with a nonlatching footswitch?
  2. I’m looking to hire a Source Audio C4 for this week. Does anyone know if there is such a company that does this or can someone on here hire out one to me? cheers
  3. The offset 410 cab looks to me to be a great design.
  4. Does anyone have a routing template and if so could you make one for me? Let me know how much.
  5. Think I quit that. Too nerdy hahaha
  6. I know mission make a Line 6 specific one but I’m looking for a mini expression pedal.
  7. I’ve just been given an old school Mesa 1516 cab. By all accounts the drivers are bust. I’ll be retolexing it all as well. anyway. Has anyone fitted one with neodymium drivers for the whole lot? 2 x 6, 1 x 10 and 1 x 15.
  8. That’s them. I installed some PAF style humbackers in an ES335 for a customer. They are the best pickups I’ve ever heard.
  9. Maxed out Ashdown CTM30 and my Pbird/ThunderP IMG_4710.MP4
  10. Massively. It’s super thick sounding. A lot hotter output.
  11. I finally installed my Tbird pickup, made a scratchplate and a refret as well.
  12. I have a Bare knuckle and it’s great!
  13. Damn. I got one yesterday for more than that. it’s class. So GLWTS. cheers @Merton
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