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  1. The UK will get Motley Crue and Def Leppard at the big arenas, but I doubt Poison and Joan Jett will be on the bill. Not seen Poison but I've got a live album. Does that count? Motley Crue are fun to watch live with a great stage show - providing you ignore the DIABOLICAL vocals. Nikki Sixx is working on his fitness in preparation for the tour, so hopefully Vince is doing the same. He needs to seriously up his game. Having said all that - TAKE MY MONEY!
  2. Seen them three times, and got tickets for later this year. Love that its just a revolving door of talent. Different singers and band each time. Scott Bradlee has only been with them once, but the bass player has been at every show we've seen. Casey Abrams is the man.
  3. Sounds exactly like me. I don't play for the sake of playing, just when I have something to practice for. I've been trying for TEN MONTHS to get a band working and I've now just given up. If I was in another band on the circuit (aka in the clique) it would be much easier, but local players don't realise I play anymore so I'm effectively retired. I thought about doing YouTube play-throughs just to keep my playing up to par, but the motivation evades me...
  4. The HIM version of Wicked Game. Black Label Society - Stillborn
  5. I have a 4 string ABZ, a 5 string NG2 and I pick up a 5 string Z2 tomorrow. Safe to say I had no problems making the change to the fanned frets. I routinely swap between 4/5 string and parallel / fanned frets without issue. Biggest issue for me was when moving between strings - for example the 3rd fret on the G string isn't directly below the 3rd fret on the B, so I was playing lots of duff notes for a while until I adjusted.
  6. All, Does anyone currently own a Warwick Streamer Stage 1 from the 1997 to 2000 era? If you do, could you please take a photograph of something for me? I need to see the back of the headstock - specifically the edge between the back face and the sides. It's an odd request I know! The backstory to my slightly strange request... I have what I thought was a 2004 model with no serial number (yes, yes I know...no serial number = stolen right?) and something interesting has popped up in conversation with Warwick. I'll go into more detail when I've got my facts straightened out. Ta droogs!
  7. [quote name='christhammer666' timestamp='1509523747' post='3399551'] if I remember correctly, he said somewhere that he didn't want his kids to hear him swearing so he packed it in [/quote] Makes sense.
  8. Love Trujillo - an excellent bass player, but I have a [b]HUGE[/b] 'man-crush' on Jason. His onstage energy was amazing, and he is one of my biggest influences on how I play. I came to the band long after Cliff passed, so JN was always THE MAN. One thing that Metallica lack now for me is his aggressive backing vocal. Did anyone notice the complete lack of profanity from James? Not one single swear word between songs at Manchester.
  9. [quote name='TimR' timestamp='1504445335' post='3364879'] As far as the audience are concerned I suspect changing the singer is the only seriously tonal and visual difference that would impact a video or music recording. Guitar, bass and drums are just filling the music in. [/quote] Sound wise thats a fair point. Visually, I'd disagree with that if a mobile and engaging player is replaced with a wallflower. That's certainly noticeable.
  10. Context - two-bit cover band... Both myself and the singer (we both left independently of each other on the same day) are in most of the 'live' phone-shot videos that are on the band FB page. I'm OK with that, apart from I don't think that the two replacements are as good. (Yes I know...ego can be a fragile thing!) I feel like the band is being sold under false pretense when the headline videos aren't the current line up. Having said that, I loose exactly zero sleep over this.
  11. It needs a black guard I think. Black and white is very classy combination.
  12. It was the band I put together. I spoke to all the members initially to sound them out. Over time the guitarist turned into a control freak. Both myself and the singer (who was the real talent in the band in my opinion) both left on the same day independently of each other I'll not go into details on a public forum, but its cost a 20+year friendship.
  13. My advice? Try and jump into bed with an already established singer / guitarist / drummer and start something that way. A local 'character'. I'm fairly local to to Nantwich and the scene is incredibly incestuous around that area. I see the same players in different variations of the same band and if you aren't in 'the clique' you don't get a chance. Maybe it is like that everywhere.
  14. Warwick Thumb 5 bolt-on. Hideous, way worse than the GIbson T-bird I had because of the weight.
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