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  1. An awful lot of Starset, plus whatever comes up on my Spotify Daily Mixes whilst i'm working.
  2. Given the current confinement i've just upgraded to some slightly more proper speakerage on my desk. It's nice to not have any latency when trying to play through VST's.

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    2. LiamPodmore


      JBL 305P MkII's. There's definitely a noticable difference as i can play through these using the exact same setup as previously. There was just enough latency using that old DVD player that it really threw me out of whack, even when just monitoring the straight track with no VST's.

    3. SpondonBassed


      You didn't say you were using the DVD player...  just the speakers.

    4. LiamPodmore


      Ahh yes. I was running it through the aux in on the DVD player, hence the issues.

  3. IT Support/Sales for home users and small-medium businesses. Luckily able to work from home relatively easily so hasn't caused us too many problems recently (other than the words remote access being seared into my brain for eternity)
  4. I've been getting hundreds of these on my work accounts from companies i've never even heard of and most certainly haven't signed up to emails from.
  5. I use them on everything. I once killed a set of ernie balls in 30 minutes and haven't used anything but Elixir since. I will admit they don't sound the best on electric guitar but after 7 or 8 years of only using them i can't stand the feel of anything uncoated. Tried a set of D'Addario EXL on my electric and they lasted as long as it took Amazon to deliver another set of Elixirs.
  6. Something along the lines of this, possibly with a T-Bass headstock. Obnoxious sparkly neon pink. I'd also have a white version just in case the sparkly pink wasn't appropriate.
  7. PMT in Salford seemed to have a fairly substantial range when i was in there last weekend. I think Symphony in Wigan also does.
  8. I ordered some KS10's the other day just to use in the meantime so i'll give those a good test tomorrow. Thanks, i'll drop you a PM later.
  9. The seemingly endless ordeal to get my 900s' that i bought repaired or replaced has finally ended with me getting all my money back. That's only taken four months. Remind me not to buy things on ebay again.
  10. Had them on everything for years now. Tried a set of D'addario non coated on my electric recently and ordered some Elixirs two days later because they just sounded terrible.
  11. Cable on my ACS has gone yet again and i can't be bothered replacing it again so looking for a replacement. Are the UE900s still the go to on the cheaper end?
  12. Elixir Stainless on my P bass, nickels on my 5 string, and i've recently tried a set of D'Addario EXL115's on my electric and absolutely hate them. Will be putting another set of Elixirs on there very soon.
  13. Battered and bruised from seeing Crossfaith last night. Went quite well considering i've never actually listened to them.
  14. The Sound Traveler on youtube is also a very good place for stuff like this. I've been enjoying binaural stuff recently.
  15. A temptation, but recent two wheeled purchases prevent me from replacing them with anything better. Need to make an investment at some point later this year.
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