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  1. [quote name='EBS_freak' timestamp='1460460005' post='3025867'] Tonyf - we need more rack porn IEM setups in this thread! [/quote] Does this count? Clearly not just in ears, but still, it looks good. Belongs to a couple of mates of mine, and is essentially their entire setup.
  2. '94 or '95 Squier Jazz. Black/Rosewood. I sold the body and neck to someone on here a few years back. Sometimes wish i hadn't. Still have the first one i paid any money for though.
  3. More and more people are now moving toward silent stages, but i can't see an entirely silent gig taking off myself.
  4. Does anyone in here use their IEM's for general listening as well? If so, do you find they benefit from being pushed a bit harder. My ACS' seem to sound clearer and more defined when i push them with a bit more volume than i generally would.
  5. I thought the same as EBS_freak above. With it not being too complicated it would be very easy to switch to a board. Having said that, i'm pretty sure you can remove the HA series from their enclosures and rackmount them anyway.
  6. [quote name='tauzero' timestamp='1459514324' post='3017303'] I started on guitar and still play it a bit, both plectrum and finger picking. On bass I use one or two fingers, occasionally a pick, and occasionally thumb and two fingers - for some reason I don't do thumb and three fingers like I do on guitar. There's no one right way, just be prepared to experiment with technique for each song. [/quote] He uses two most of the time, occasionally will use all 4 as one giant finger though. I mostly use two or a pick, though i would say it's worth being able to play with three, just because triplets are easier and it can help in faster sections, but it isn't an essential.
  7. I say gold anodized. Still tempted to get one for mine as well.
  8. [quote name='anaxcrosswords' timestamp='1459424745' post='3016381'] I was there too Liam! Absolutely love this band - went along with my daughter (plus her best friend) and my mum, 3 generations at the same gig. And we had post game passes for pizza and selfies. Unforgettable night, topped off with Seb's guitar pick landing at my feet (we were on the balcony) which is now my daughter's prize possession. [/quote] Was a good night. My friend had one of Davids picks land straight in her hand. A perfectly executed 10m pick throw. I was impressed.
  9. Simple Plan last wednesday. They were damn good as always, and i was quite suprised by Ghost Town who were the main support. Never heard of them yet i knew one of their tracks. Definately one i will be looking out for in the future.
  10. My next one currently is Bring Me The Horizon in Birmingham in November. Think i'll be watching Hacktivist in may though and no doubt i'll add more over summer.
  11. Beverley Park, Forty Four Hours, Your Illuminations and De'Nova last night at Gullivers in Manchester. All smaller, more local bands but a very good night nonetheless. Mix was a bit naff and way too loud though.
  12. Can you not go direct to Pedaltrain and see what they say? They might offer it directly but not actually sell seperately.
  13. Spotify on my phone, with a Fiio E06 and when they come back from being repaired, my ACS Evolve earbuds.
  14. Another vote for ACS Pro 17's here. I never leave the house without them. Wish i'd made the investment a long time ago.
  15. I had my ears syringed and that was good enough to do the mouldings for mine. Just have to tell the nurses that they're for ear moulds and they should be able to make sure they're 100% clear for you.
  16. Biffy Clyro - Opposites is the only one i can think of that's solid all the way through.
  17. A band i know only use modelling/DI and IEM, no matter where they play. That's just their setup. If you do it like they do and have a self contained system that's easy to set up and reliable, then i can't see any reason why not to myself.
  18. A friend of mine uses an X32. If memory serves me correctly, their FOH engineer just uses the ipad from the booth and takes a stereo out from their X32 which is in their tour rack into the house PA and just fettles that as required.
  19. P Bass - When i was gigging i didn't need a 5 any more so i wanted something a bit smaller and lighter Jazz V - Originally needed a 5 string as we were in 4 different tunings. I'm also lazy, so it saves ever having to down tune for anything. Ibanez - It was my first proper bass, has some sentimental value, and is that destroyed i couldn't sell it anyway Pedalboard wise, my MXR provides all of my tone, tuner is quite obvious. The rest of it i can't justify as it spends most of it's life sat on a shelf somewhere. Only ever used my amp on gigs where there was a cab provided 'cause i never had one, and it weighed almost as much as a baby elephant.
  20. I have the 6 guitar version and they're more solid than they look. I was pleasantly surprised. Have a free bump whilst i'm here too.
  21. Black Stone Cherry, Shinedown, Halestorm and Highly Suspect at Manchester Arena. Everyone was on top form, with Shinedown on another level above that. Highly Suspect were good, but not right for that tour, or that size of venue.
  22. I am of that generation, being 20 years old. I take as much time off as i can and do my contracted hours, plus a day of overtime every 2 weeks and never once wear a tie. Not looking for promotion as it's a tiny company (6 staff) with no real tree to go up though it's been going 22 years and it's a brilliant place to work.
  23. For some odd reason part of me was expecting a Korg Miku...
  24. I use a Flightcase Warehouse 6 way stand for just this purpose. The Stagg GDC-6 is the same thing if that suits your needs.
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