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  1. Ordering Fender Parts

    Have you tried Noise Works in Cov?
  2. Sansamp Bass Driver **SOLD**

    long time no bump bump
  3. Best place to sell old vinyl?

    Hey, you could always have a look at the going rate on [url="https://www.discogs.com/my"]https://www.discogs.com/my[/url]
  4. Sansamp Bass Driver **SOLD**

    suns up
  5. Sansamp Bass Driver **SOLD**

  6. Sansamp Bass Driver **SOLD**

  7. Sansamp Bass Driver **SOLD**

  8. Fender have got this one just right. [attachment=242509:FullSizeRender2.jpg] A very attractive guitar, in my eyes - cool, great finish, and throaty P90's to boot. It's in great condition, no dings or scratches I can see, the neck is fast, slim and great to the touch. Happy to post UK at buyer's cost and insurance.
  9. Up for sale is my Ibanez Roadcore, new for 2017. This a great guitar - excellent finishing, super Core Tone humbuckers, and fast slim neck. The guitar is string through, and is pretty much mint, can't find any scuffs or dings. [attachment=243362:IMG_1123 2.jpg] [attachment=243359:IMG_1126.JPG] [attachment=243361:IMG_1120.JPG] [attachment=243360:IMG_1122.JPG] I have my eyes on something else, so hoping I can send this to a new home. It came with no gig bag, but I will supply one. I am in COVENTRY. Will post at buyer's cost and insurance. Happy to take more photos for those interested.
  10. Sansamp Bass Driver **SOLD**

    Replied Jambo