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  1. Pickups for PJ?

    I have the Aguilar p/j set up to my Zoot custom and love them!
  2. Pick up advice / suggestions?

    Thanks Cuzzie!
  3. Pick up advice / suggestions?

    Great idea! Thanks...
  4. Pick up advice / suggestions?

    To be fair he loves aggy pups and fits them on many of his builds but just said to his ears their mm isn’t his fave. He just said the Delano’s sound better to him. He’s not trying to sway me either way but just giving his opinion. I know and trust Aguilar... have their p/j set in in my other custom from this builder, two heads and 4 of their cabs. It was nailed on I’d go with them but I just thought I’d see if you guys agreed with him or not. The nordy quad coil looks interesting though... pups are always the toughest decision! Guess it’s a nice problem to have though.
  5. Pick up advice / suggestions?

    Ok, so I’ve just ordered another custom bass. Whoops! I’ve decided I’d like to go mm pickup in the bridge with a j in neck position but don’t know which manufacturer to go for. On my other custom bass I went Aguilar pups (p/j) and I love them but the builder seems a little non plussed with the aggy mm pup. He suggested Delano’s as a better alternative but I know nothing about them. Anyone have any experience of either? What are your conclusions? Anything else I should consider? In case it sways your decision I’ve ordered a fretless (ebony) neck and a fretted maple neck in case I don’t get on with fretless :-) it’ll have a noll preamp... thoughts?? thanks all... russ
  6. Bass books many and various

    I’ll take numbers 30 and 39 please! Drop me a pm with your PayPal. cheers!
  7. spector44

    Bought an EHX freeze from Xavier... super smooth deal! Thanks buddy!
  8. Do you count when you play?

    My take... to be a great performer / musician you don’t need to count. to learn to be a great reader you need to count at first... check your doing it correctly,., then you can internalise what a written rhythm feels like and can stop counting!
  9. ***sold*** EHX Freeze Sound Retainer

  10. Fretless help and advice needed

    Cheers for the advice guys! How would you say your devotion to the fretless has impacted your fretted playing? I can’t see me really getting to grips with fretless totally unless I really dive in head first. Have you found your time on fretless beneficial when you pick up the fretted again?
  11. Fretless help and advice needed

    Firstly I realise there’s already a similar thread but I have a few specific questions so thought it better to start a new thread rather than hijack someone else’s. Hope that’s cool... So, have had a cheap squire fretless, bought on a whim, gathering dust for the last year and about 2 weeks back decided to give it a concerted effort and am really enjoying it despite how bad I currently sound! So far I’ve just been running a few scales and arps slowly and just improvising over a drone to try and improve intonation. Although I doubt I’ll be playing fretless live for quite some time I’m considering moving all my practice onto fretless. Has anyone else done this and how did it affect your fretted playing when you went back to it? It’s a little early for me to say yet but I feel like because I HAVE to play fretless slowly and deliberately this should benefit my technique on fretted too?? And because I’m listening to every note that much more intently surely this too should improve my ear and fretted playing too? Or does it not work like that? Wishful thinking? What are your experiences? Secondly from a repertoire and vocabulary perspective would you recommend translating the things I would usually play fretted onto the fretless or is it better to work on specific fretless repertoire to target specific fretless challenges? Études or even fretudes if you will :-) if anyone can suggest any good YouTube content / fretless specific websites etc I’d be very grateful! Finally, the squire is lined thankfully! However I’m already noticing a tendency to play by eye rather than ear which is making me want to switch to unlined already! Is that just lunacy for someone at such an early stage in my fretless journey? Thanks if you can advise on any of the above points! Russ
  12. Line 6 tap tremolo SOLD

  13. Plugging bass and synth into pedal board?

    Hmmm... just had a thought. I don’t use the effects loop on my amp. Could I plug the synth into that and use the return to balance the volume? It’s late... maybe that’s a stupid idea??
  14. Plugging bass and synth into pedal board?

    Bright onion looks good! I hadn’t considered whether I want to have the option of A and B simultaneously but thinking about it it might be useful. Will the bright onion do that? Like the fact it’s passive too... Thanks for the boss LS 2 suggestion too! I’ll look into it...