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  1. Ovnilab - Compressor comparison tool

    A noise rating could be good
  2. Scotts using Barefaced Cabs

    I'm yet to try the 10CR250's, Do they stay clean until pushed ? or is there a constant warmth ( if thats the word ) ?
  3. Scotts using Barefaced Cabs

    Hi Mcnach, yes I meant Scott Devine, I noticed it yetsurday
  4. Scott seems to be using Barefaced cabs in some of his latest videos, looks like a One 10
  5. Low Tension Flatwounds

    I have La Bella 760FL's on my JV P bass and it has a slim neck and there are no issues, is there anything wrong with your squires neck ? if not a proper set up and a set of flats shouldn't be a problem.
  6. String Sale

  7. String Sale

  8. *** SOLD *** Barefaced 610 "the 69-er"

    Good price for a very capable cab , Wish I had the space at home to store it
  9. Surprise new pedal day!

    Dirty old flange , should sound good.
  10. If you could choose only one compressor pedal

    I do want to try a Empress Comp one day as they look the business and no doubt sound great, I am currently messing about with a Seymour Duncan Double Back which I like as it has a blend which works well.
  11. Down-Weighting without Down-Grading

    Any one tried GK Neo's ? maybe a 4x12 would work
  12. Zoom B3/MS60B compressors vs dedicated pedals

    Thanks Jim , it seems they are really good bang for buck and I found a company selling new for under £80 including postage - I may have to go shopping
  13. Zoom B3/MS60B compressors vs dedicated pedals

    I don't own one yet I was wondering if the line selector could be used as a 50/50 mix with an effect ?
  14. Zoom B3/MS60B compressors vs dedicated pedals

    Hi, Does anyone know if the Compressors on the MS-60B have a wet/dry blend ? thanks
  15. EQ pedal

    Thanks Al, its my 1st markbass and is great for home use and should be ok for a Acoustic set used as a monitor, the MS-60B looks like a good option