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  1. Hi Guys, Can someone measure their DI Box as I cannot seem to find the dimensions and thought this could fit on a Pedal Train Nano https://www.studiospares.com/microphones/di-boxes/active-di/studiospares-di-boxpreamp-458190.htm Thanks
  2. I just saw an advert for this https://pjbjapan.com/product_basscubpro_top.html
  3. I have a gk mb800 , clean and loud - 500w at 8ohm There is always a bargain in the classifieds
  4. I found the + wire to have an exposed core close to the battery cavity area, I tested for continuity between the outside of the battery casing and + and - circuits but nothing The snap connector is on order so hopefully early next week I can plug in
  5. True, Replacing the dodgy connector with a rigid one and new wires will eliminate any chance of a closed circuit in the connector. It was a cheap connector and after inspecting the wiring it was the only thing that was suspect Not sure what else can cause a closed circuit
  6. Hi Wood Yes to the Barrel Jack Test, I had a loose wire in the 9v snap connector and I have ordered a new one and inspected all the wires, so hopefully this will sort it
  7. Hi everyone , I am currently stuck - I changed my Barrel Jack for a " like for like " switchcraft brand and now have the dreaded battery drain. I put a brand new battery in and within a week it was dead I have since bought another jack as I thought it was the problem but I have the same issue as I am getting a voltage across the jack without a lead in place I have a Bartollini NTMB+3 https://bartolini.net/wp-content/uploads/Docs/NTMB_Wiring.pdf I have tested the jack on the bench with a lead and it opens and closes the circuit as it should As soon as I solder the jack into the bass I have 9v between the + of the battery and the - of the jack without a lead inside the jack ? The preamp sounds fine and works as it should I have jack with contact cleaner but no luck Does anyone have any experience with this or know the next item to test ? thanks
  8. That's a good looking bass 🎸
  9. I can’t wait to feel the sub on the 11’s 👍
  10. This thread has cost me a lot of money EBS ! On the flip side I have learnt so much about stage / live sound and hearing preservation My bands singer ( full time singer / singing teacher) smiles at me every gig after I introduced her and the band to IEM’s Due to IEM’s we play better and have a sensible stage volume and even the guitarist loves them For years I have used ACS moulded plugs to protect my ears but always struggled to hear the guitar amp when I didn’t have a wedge, I read this thread and bought some KZ 10’s pro’s and instantly saw the light , I am wetting my pants several times daily in anticipation for my customs
  11. I’m getting ear moulds taken this week and can’t wait for my UE11’s to arrive Absolute Bargain !
  12. Hi Gotta Our drummer has acoustic kit with kick miked, As I have the KZ10’s I get bleed and the vox mice pick up the drums I will need to use an overhead on the kit when my customs arrive,
  13. Hi Stevie We are a 4 piece and set up our selves , we get the monitor mix sorted then our singer walks out front ( as she has a radio pack )to give us feedback on FOH mix. The rest of us are wired to the Aux out of the desk via behringer p2’s We can hear each instrument clearly no matter what shape stage / room we are in. I'm thinking about buying a sub then we won’t need a backine Try it and you will love it !
  14. I managed to convince the band to use IEM’s and everyone loves them, we play in small pubs and it has lowered our stage volume and we can all hear each other . We use KZ10 pros at £27 each and I have recently ordered some customs from my experience
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