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  1. Routing TRS - TS ???

    Hi everyone, I have a Rare DC-24 and would like to put it in and out of my MB800 effects loop, can I use TS or do I have to use TRS or TRS-TS ? Thanks
  2. Pick up Pan Pot

  3. Pick up Pan Pot

    Hi everyone , I was wondering the best place to buy a good quality Pan Pot for a passive Bass with centre detent ? Thanks Wade
  4. Hiss

    Hi, what is the best way to identify where Hiss is coming from in a Jeff Berlin rithimic 5 bass ?
  5. Rane DC 24

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody has used a Cane DC 24 on bass and what they thought of it ? Thanks
  6. Hotmail Problem !!

    [quote name='bazztard' timestamp='1505796090' post='3374314'] Hotmail? I bet you still use MySpace lol sorry, couldn't resist. I thought only spammers used hotmail, seriously. [/quote] Hi Bazztard, I have never used "Myspace" or know what it is ? I do hope your not labelling me as a "spammer" because of the Mail program I use, that seems like a poor generalisation. ( unless you can back it up ) Is this what people think of me when I send them an email ?
  7. Hotmail Problem !!

    Thanks Ped, I was worried
  8. Hotmail Problem !!

    HI, I have noticed that 8 of my emails I sent today on Hotmail didn't send but ended up in my Drafts folder ??? Can anyone help ??? thanks Wade
  9. Strings DDT ?

    Hi everyone, I have recently bought a Cort Rithimic 5 off this forum and was wondering if anyone who owns the same bass has changed the strings from the factory supplied DDT's to something else ? Also are the DDT's lower tension than other sets and if so how ? thanks
  10. Mono M80 Bass Bag

    I bought a Mono M80 ( the light weight one ) and am very happy, they build quality is great and the bass fits well.
  11. Refreshed Overwater Website

    http://overwaterbasses.com Some tasty looking bass's
  12. Mono M80 Bass Bag

    Thanks everyone
  13. Mono M80 Bass Bag

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what people think of Mono M80 Bass Gig bags and if there is an alternative that they like aswell ? Thanks Wade
  14. Computer Hard Drive

    Hi Everyone, not sure if this is the right place but I am looking for some assistance , I have a 2011 ( early ) Mac book pro and am looking at upgrading the Hard Drive to a SSD, I found some kits in the U.S but as the Sterling has lost some of it value they are not such a good deal anymore, has any one got a recommendation ? thanks Wade
  15. Hi all basschatters, I bought this new from Alex to replace a heavy 2x12, I have used this for 3 rehearsals and then a handful of time's in the house, It hasn't been gigged I haven't been able to commit to a band due to work and family commitments hence only using the cab for 3 rehearsals It hasn't been broken in property yet and has always lived in it's roqsolid cover in my home office The cab doesn't have any chips , the handle is as new and it works fine I dont think I will be in a band this year so I am letting this go to a good home I travel up and down the M5/M6 every fortnight so I could meet a buyer , I am more that happy to answer any questions and if you would like to to have a chat on the phone I can pm my number, I live just outside Exeter Thanks for looking Wade