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  1. Is anyone using a IEM Wireless sender / receiver that is cheaper than Sennheiser and Shure with good results, My singer would like to go IEM Wireless and we play in Pubs and Small Function Rooms Thanks
  2. Is the housing much larger than the ZS 10 pro’s ?
  3. Hi, I am looking at taking an Aux send from our main PA Mixer ( guitars, keys vox ) and sending it to my personal mixer which will supply my IEM's The personal mixer will a bass signal and also my mic signal so I can have some extra "me" in the IEM's if needed Is there a way I can use a Limiter to stop any spikes going to the headphone out on a mixer like this ? https://www.thomann.de/gb/behringer_xenyx_1202.htm I hope that makes sense Thanks
  4. My KZ ZS10 Pro's arrived today from the seller "fairlylighting", 7 days free delivery and by royal mail , no import duty which is good news (I had to pay import when I ordered from the states ) I only paid £27 and am very happy with the results, the isolation is close to my custom ACS with 28db filters in. I can now envision how good custom moulds would be
  5. Hi Guy's, I have convinced my singer to go IEM and she has a radio mic, is there anything she needs to look out for when buying a IEM wireless transmitter / belt pack ? I assume most wireless transmitters have a frequency selector Thanks
  6. I'm selling my PJB Session 77 Used once to play in my front room with a keyboardist and singer, plenty loud enough , portable and a very high quality sound ( handles the low B too ) I bought a double 4 and the Session 77 at the same time and as I have limited space the double 4 sits on my desk and the session 77 sits in the cupboard un-used Same as the one in the link https://www.gak.co.uk/en/pjb-phil-jones-bass-session-77/915690
  7. Thanks, I was looking at 612 subs, I could use one or cluster two of them under my Keys player centre stage for some kick. venue size is small pubs to small/medium function rooms
  8. Hi Everyone Does anyone own or have experience using Db Technologies PA Speakers ? Thanks
  9. I love my MTD Kingston, great Basses for the money glwts
  10. I’ve got a Barefeced BB2 and a GK MB800 running at 8ohms 500w and the BB2 is very loud and clear, my experience with barefaced cabs is that you can give them hell and the sound loud and clear, try a few other brands as there is loads to choose from
  11. No I haven’t tried the cub I think there is a comparison on talkbass,
  12. I have the double 4 and session 77, i use the double 4 to play along to mp3s i used the session 77 with keys and vox and it sounds full and a nice amount of lows , it is a very transparent amp compared to the EBS 60 combo and clearer at higher volume ( the ebs is cheaper ) the double 4 is great to practice with and get a good sound without annoying neighbors a orchid di cost £30 and has a good review
  13. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has tried one of these with a Bass ? https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Guitar/Stompboxes/BRAINWAVES-PITCH-SHIFTER/p/P0DI1#googtrans(en|en)
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