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  1. Terrible show and Stormzy 😁😁😁 IQ of a newt.
  2. Jaco for me was the greatest and will never be bettered, mind you Hadrian Feraud comes close. What people don't appreciate enough though is the quality of his writing which had he lived,I think would have been his main contribution to music history. Who loves you baby!!
  3. Yes I have an 1988 version of this and the nut is removable.
  4. They are trying so hard to be Pink Floyd its embarrassing. Boring and predictable.
  5. [quote name='Rich' timestamp='1498070873' post='3322375'] Predictable "slap is soooo 1980s" comment incoming in 5... 4... 3... [/quote] I love slap.....there ive said it ..
  6. [quote name='lee650' timestamp='1490630834' post='3266629'] I wore that album (you're Under Arrest) out in my youth!! Loved Darryl Jones's playing on it 😁 [/quote] And the one before it Decoy with Scofield and Branford Marsalis playing the most fantastic soprano sax on the title track. Some great thumping on that album from Munch
  7. Have had the markbass 12" combo with a markbass15"extension cab. Loud great clean sound plenty of depth and weighs nowt. Combo in one hand cab in the other and bass on back ...quick in and out.
  8. Any of the big name players that have appeared on here have been treated like shitt by people who are nowhere near their level of musicianship or will likely ever be. I remember Hadrien Feraud being abused here which i couldnt understand then or now. Mutual respect or stay away from a thread if somebody posts about Led Zep being the best thing since sliced bread instead of wailing in shouting the odds i normally laugh and move on to another thread. Inflammatory comments and abusive behaviour is that how we want basschat regarded? Maybe im in the minority if so i'll happily move on.
  9. Was a member of Janeks online bass school and he is a down to earth normal guy. He has drifted away from jazz fusion and seems to be focusing on a more ambient groove orientated vibe. Really cant understand the nasty negativity towards a top player.
  10. Seen them in Dublin in October....WOW...ive seen them about five times now and this was phenomenal. Mark Kings bass was SOOOO thunderous i nearly had a toilet moment. Have never heard his bass so full ,serious trouser flap and thump in the chest as well as ringing highs. Band were very tight and he was in great form ...an absolute pleasure as opposed to a few times ive seen them when they were just going through the motions. Great that we still have a chance to see (whether u like him or not) one of the pioneers of uk bass. Thank you Mr King lets do it again soon. 👍🏻
  11. Would love Barts and a Bart preamp in my Marcus Miller Jazz.
  12. [quote name='RAY AGAINST THE MACHINE' timestamp='1460708558' post='3027982'] Lost yet another cord last night . Must've fell out of my pocket . Annoyed this morning , as I had to listen to people constantly sniffing on the train . So, I managed to find a shop on eBay that sells them and ordered 2. Should get them by weds . Will let you know , how it goes when I get them . Love AKG headphones . The exclusive cord fitting is annoying tho' [/quote] I bought the Akg bluetooth Y50bt recently in richer sounds. WOW...fantastic sound and i can go up stairs while my phones downstairs pumping out Thin Lizzy.
  13. Sounds a decent read...i like reading about peoples journeys not their gear. Must pick it up.
  14. [quote name='Number6' timestamp='1457712397' post='3001262'] Find a local pub venue and arrange a pre gig gig of your own there on their gig night.....the pub will love you if they get in all the punters and you'll have some new followers and maybe earn a few quid too.....sorted! [/quote] Sounds a great option
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