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  1. Zoom B3/MS60B compressors vs dedicated pedals

    Thank you OmeDunk
  2. Zoom B3/MS60B compressors vs dedicated pedals

    Sorry for the thread hijack, but which pre is the fishman on the B3? I don't see it here.
  3. Pat Torpey RIP

    Yes very sad news. R.I.P.
  4. Chromes or Flats?

    Probably where my confusion is coming from. I use D'Addario NYXL on most of my basses, and D'Addario 'Chrome /Flats' on my P-Bass. Think I'll play them in a bit longer. Maybe giving your suggestion a try at some point chris_b Thanks for the help guys. Still learning after 50 years of playing.
  5. Chromes or Flats?

    Are they? When I look at string makers sites they offer both Chromes and Flats? So I am now even more confused...Don't take much these days LOL
  6. Chromes or Flats?

    They have royal blue silks, so Chromes they are. Even at my age you can still learn something everyday, brilliant. Thank you.
  7. Chromes or Flats?

    I've a P-Bass that I put either Chromes or Flats on about two years ago. I am not sure which I put on the bass. I'd like to try the 'other' ones...Can anyone link me to a couple of images please of these two types? So that I may get an idea of which I have on the bass at present. Adding an image in case that helps anyone identify what I already have on the bass.
  8. Blackstar bass amps

    Looks like Doug Wimbish is using several of them here:
  9. New amp: Tech21 VT Bass 200 Combo

    http://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/01/27/tech-21-introduces-the-vt-bass-200-combo-amp/? $499, no idea of a UK price.
  10. Blackstar bass amps

  11. For sale a set of EXL165 45-105 Nickel bass strings. Still in plastic grey wrapper, but no box. Bought from here: http://www.stringsdirect.co.uk/strings-c1/sets-c865/bass-guitar-c34/daddario-exl165-4-string-nickel-wound-bass-45-105-long-scale-bass-guitar-strings-p856 £12 posted within UK.
  12. Genz Benz Cabs

    Looking for a Genz Benz 1x12 to partner the 2x12 that I already have. Either the NEOX-112T or the Focus FCS-112T I may even consider the 15" FCS -115T. What have you got? Cash waiting.
  13. Ibanez LF7

    Does anyone have an Ibanez LF7 they want to move on?
  14. Takamine GB72CE

    Still looking for a hard case for this bass. If anyone has any other idea or a case number / serial I can order from Takamine? There must be a Takamine hard-case for this bad boy.