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  1. Badass

    Feedback for mikeycrikey

    Sold Mickey some strings. Pleasure to deal with throughout. Deal with confidence guys.
  2. Badass


    Just completed a deal with John. Great comms all the way. Well packaged, and exactly as described. Deal with confidence guys.
  3. Badass

    Fender Tele Bass 1972

    One of those was among my first basses, along with an EB3 copy. I wish I could justify buying it. Beautiful.
  4. I've had a couple of those too. :D
  5. Badass

    Feedback for Paul Clifton

    Just completed a deal with Paul. Quick and easy transaction. Thank you. Deal with confidence guys.
  6. Mick I still have a Genz shuttle 600 watt amp and a Barefaced cab
  7. Badass

    Feedback for Raslee

    Lee just picked up my Genz Benz NX2. Great to catch up with you again after some many years, and talk bass. Mrs don't understand Great guy to deal with, deal with confidence guys.
  8. Badass

    Sultans of swing but different

    Enjoyed that, thanks.
  9. Hi, in the south west, N. Cornwall.
  10. OK thanks, I'll check them out, but I'd want it insured.
  11. It's the 600 watt version.
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I've been looking into it and it seems it will be far to much. I was quoted £250 plus insurance, so you're almost doubling the price of the cab.