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.:SOLD:. Genz Benz amp and cabs for sale


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I have for sale / trade some Genz Benz gear. Gear is in very good condition.

AMP SOLD, just the two cabinets left.

1. A Genz Benz Streamliner, no issues. Blue LEDs work fine, but it will come with a spare set of LEDs. Comes with Genz gig bag. £300 plus postage  http://www.genzbenz.com/?fa=detail&mid=2662&sid=675&cid=95

2. A Genz Benz NX2 2x12T 600 watt 4 Ohm cab. Comes with Cover. £325 plus postage. http://www.genzbenz.com/?fa=detail&mid=2909&sid=725&cid=96

3 A Genz Benz FCs 1x12 cab 8 Ohm cab. Comes with cover. Used for small rehearsal room practice only. £150 plus postage http://www.genzbenz.com/?fa=detail&mid=2857&sid=704&cid=96

Pics to follow. Willing to split depending on what you may want.

Trade wise I'm looking for a Barefaced Super compact Gen3. With cash adjustment.





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