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  1. 1970

    Now Sold

    I once tried out our a similar era Jazz sound in the usual Jazz pickup configuration. Was a turquoise colour with matching headstock and had been modded with some active pickups. Still one of the many that got away.
  2. 1970

    Now Sold

    That Tokai is dreamy.
  3. Cool, thanks. I kinda like the design!
  4. It’s a lefty precision - natural finish with white guard and maple neck. What year/ make is it? Never seen a decal like this before https://goo.gl/images/5owmeV
  5. "Body cavity opened up to house previous oversized volume pot" Wouldn't you just get a smaller pot?!
  6. Played a nice one stateside and am keen to pick one up. If I could be fussy I’d say pre-68 and cherry.
  7. After a single pup eb-2 ideally but let me know if you have any model up for grabs.
  8. 70s or 90s. Any variation (OTR etc). Must be able to ship or be in London.
  9. Can confirm these are awesome for bass or guitar.
  10. DM me if you have one under your bed.
  11. Want to put my 800rb in a case. Soft or hard is fine.
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