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  1. Her you go... you just give the bracket a wee squeeze. Seems simple. What could possibly go wrong/?/
  2. Why thank you.. I didn't take them myself though! A blagged a favour from someone who knows what they are doing😉
  3. I recently purchased some of these , and I must say I'd really like them. A bit surprised that the Boss of the house seemed quite happy too! Here's some photos . The Aria hangs in the stairwell and the black P style ( an adapted Harley Benton) one in the diner Here's a link - https://www.woodieshanger.com/ The customer gallery feature mine and other interesting hanging solutions -https://www.woodieshanger.com/gallery/ I must say I'd be more than happy to recommend them Cheers all
  4. I was speaking to a guy at the rehearsal studio we use, he'd just bought and was very pleased with this Harley Benton which is cheaper https://m.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_b_25m_acoustic_bass.htm He was having a bit of a plonk on it and it certainly sounded the business. He said that he wasn't expecting the high quality for the relatively low cost.
  5. Sounds like there's a newspaper headline in there.. " 69 Year Old 'Super Cool Bass Man' Actually Noticed by Attractive 17 Year Old Girl!"
  6. Personally I've got a PB 50 - very good & doesn't feel/sound like a " cheap" bass. Theres a lot of BC love for Harley Benton - just do a quick search there's quite a few threads
  7. Some kind of Harley Benton ? https://www.thomann.de/gb/harley_benton_electric_basses.html Great value for money
  8. Without wanting to sound like a self righteous tosspot .. I'm most proud of getting involved in the " world famous" BC Bass Relay started by @Jimryan a few years back
  9. MMMh tasty 🍰..Looks good . Out of curiosity what colour is the scratchplate?
  10. To me, these additions ramp it up to Cringe Factor 10😎
  11. I had a shiny black Pro version a while back - I thought it was pretty col - but maybe not for a wee fat middle aged man. I don't recall any great neck dive issues. Sold it to a young skinny rock dude & I'm sure they were very well suited. Anyway my nephew who I think is 16 or 17 just bought this ... pocket still safe?😌 i
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