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  1. I got it from someone on here and used it in my University gigs ......... we played gigs in our living room digs. Haha. Looks cool and sounds sweet. I play guitar now though, so unused in the corner.
  2. You come at me with snide trolling remarks. I call that rude, but I guess you're just projecting your feelings. I shall not see your comments again.
  3. Can't see that I said it was. They'll be happy that you have brought the right equipment - but after that, it's up to you.
  4. You turn up to rehearse with a new band or turn up to a studio session with one. Everyone will be happy.
  5. The American Fender ain't no run of the mill Ford Focus. It is an icon. An iconic sound matched by nothing else and never bettered.
  6. Everyone should own a Fender Precision. The proper American one - used to be called Standard, now called Professional. Get yourself a new one of those and understand that you own the benchmark against which all other basses are measured. Respect will be yours when you stand on a stage. An unquestionable seat at the top table of bass playing.
  7. For sale: My Fender USA Standard Telecaster in Black with maple neck. It's a 2014 model - the one with the belly cut and the Custom Shop pickups (Broadcaster in the bridge and Twisted Tele in the neck). Sounds awesome. Looking for £750 for a straight sale. Price includes courier to anywhere in the UK. I've hardly played this, as I'm a bass player really, and I have a Custom Shop Tele made a couple of years ago, so it's in perfect condition. Immaculate. Recent pro set up and new strings on board. Comes with hard case. It's got a genuine Fender replacement pickguard on - but I'll also include the original white one. I'm after an EOB Stratocaster - so would consider a straight trade for one of those. May also consider a trade for an offset Telecaster.
  8. Unsurprisingly. Great price for one of these.
  9. Genuine Gibson premium hard case for Les Paul or Les Paul Jnr guitar. In perfect A1 condition - price includes courier to UK. Never left the house. Used to house a Les Paul which I never really used and no longer have.
  10. With a tinge of sadness, I have to report this as sold. Went for £825.00 in the end for reference purposes. Bit of a bidding war in the end - which was fun. I guess that is a fair price for these nowadays? If you ever get the opportunity to own one of these - do it. One of the best pieces of kit I've ever owned.
  11. Had quite a few messages about this - but still available. I'll stick it on evil bay in a while - but no big hurry.
  12. For sale - spares for a Gibson G-Force robot tuning system. This is the whole system for a Gibson Les Paul BUT WITHOUT THE CHARGER AND ONE OF THE TUNING HEADS. The sale includes: main tuning system back plate battery 5 x tuners It came off a girly friend of mine's Les Paul. She didn't like the idea. I used it as a backup system for my other "3 each side" Gibsons with robot tuners. The battery in particular is quite handy. However, I only have Telecasters now - so they're not needed. Price includes delivery.
  13. For sale - my AER Amp One combo. If you're reading this, you'll probably know about these. They are utterly, utterly amazing. Not only is the tone incredible and very flexible, but it can easily hang with two guitarists and a dummer in a noisy pub gig. I really mean easily. You won't even need the volume at full dial. I first saw one in a pub gig in Bristol. I thought the guy was playing through the PA - but he wasn't. Totally nutz. The build quality is like nothing you will have seen before. It's in perfect condition - must have been used about a couple of dozen times. I bought this for playing open mics and small cafe gigs while at university - but played a few very noisy house parties. This and my Helix were all I needed. I said I would never part with this - but I only really play guitar nowadays and I'm saving up for a soft top. If I start playing bass again - I'd buy another in a heart beat. They're pricey - £1,400 new at Thomann. But why buy new when this one is 100% perfect. Comes with power cable and plush AER padded gig bag. Price includes postage.
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