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  1. JJJack

    40hz Feedback

    Sold a bass to Simon yesterday, a true gent to deal with, paid promptly and all round good chap Jack
  2. And sold to jazzman Gavin, many thanks! True gentleman, pleasure to deal with. Jack
  3. Bump. Reasonable offers considered. Reason for sale: as a frustrated armchair bass player, this amp is a bit too powerful for my needs. My GK 200MB (100w) from 1986 is getting used more. Cheers Jack
  4. Markbass CMD 121h combo. £450. Price adjusted to what the cmd121p seem to go for. It's from July, 2009 and therefore made in Italy. Comes with a Roqsolid cover and a Markbass bass keeper Velcro strap. 300w on its own and upgradable to 500w with an additional cab. I'm in Dorset but can travel a bit to meet up etc. Added photo, but it seems to be upside down! Cheers Jack
  5. Thanks all. I will check out the mojo blog man. Cheers Jack
  6. Fair comment twincam. But the huge difference in resistance between one pickup and the other is not right though is it? One thing that concerns me greatly is that I got the bass for its original condition and I want to avoid affecting it's "purity". Mind you, if it doesn't work it needs fixing! Jack
  7. Can you suggest any reputable pickup hospitals? Jack
  8. More information. Resistance across the left hand pickup was 5.6k Resistance across the right hand pickup was 256k Not good? Jack
  9. I got a '71 Precision bass last year (a trade on BC) and all was well. I picked it up the other day, plugged in and got no sound. I had to turn the amp up high before I could hear it. Up until that point there was no issue with the signal. What are the most sensible first tests to fault find? E.g. If I measure the resistance of the pickup whilst it's solder to pots etc. What sort of reading would I expect? Suggestions please. Jack
  10. Sold to Mdc (Mike) a true gent, pleasure doing business Jack
  11. I can be back in Stroud if you are interested, send me a PM. Jack
  12. I have a trans red (3eq) for sale on here (don't know how to insert link) and it's not as bright in colour as the pic you posted. However, a photo taken in my back yard is going to be different to one taken in a studio under artificial lighting. Jack
  13. Still available after potential buyers dropped out or disappeared. Jack
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