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Fender turntable.


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Yeah, any kind of vibration transfer is not ideal. It's just another chunk of the lifestyle merchandising that they and Gibson have leapt onto and market hard. That logo is worth a lot to some people, regardless of whatever tat it's stuck onto. I don't think they will have any trouble shifting these to the countless brand junkies out there.

Coming soon, offset Jazz turntables made from heavy northern ash with a superfluous battery box (because somebody in the 80's thought it was a good idea to make it active) for that authentic 70's experience! Buy the pair! 

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13 minutes ago, yorks5stringer said:

so really it is a Mo-Fi product with a Fender sticker


It appears to be a MoFi Ultra Deck which they've replaced the plinth of with a bit of Fender Wood, then added $1200 to the price...

And if I were spending $2200 on a US deck I'd buy a VPI Scout!

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On 23/09/2021 at 17:05, SteveXFR said:


Judging by what Trace Elliot make these days it'll be a crap lump of plastic from China but it'll be green. 

I'm sure Rega could knock you up a Planar 3 in the appropriate shade of green. The hardware/Rega logo is black as standard.

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Edit- and they're from Essex, too...
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3 hours ago, yorks5stringer said:

I think some are being a wee bit disengenuous here, the article states that Fender have teamed up with Mo-Fi (who?), so really it is a Mo-Fi product with a Fender sticker.

The article claims that the swamp ash is from the Fender factory. Who knows . Smoke and mirrors. Big money too ūüė¨


(I do kind of like the  Marshall fridge though)

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Anyone dumb enough to believe that vinyl records sound better than any digital medium has their head sufficiently well buried in the sand to buy bandwagon jumping tat like this. 

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Vinyl Records Sound Better... NO Argument!

Rega Planer 3, RB300, Audio Technica ATF5 MC with the Stilton Solid Body Mod v's Arcam Delta 170 Transport / Arcam Multi Bit Black Box... not the Bitstream bollox... All in the loft!

But... Digtal is Simple and way way better value for money... now my listening is done via ripping CDs to a little Sony NWZ USB Stick Style MP3 player... Simple...

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