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  1. Not especially "difficult " but I bet a tidy proportion of the public can hum this bassline, which should qualify it as "good" in my books 👍👍
  2. If you get a 'normal' 5 string then you only have to down tune by a semitone to get to A# right...? So any 5 string would be good, the mid price ~£500 Ibanez ones are very well regarded in the metal world as I recall. If you want a fan fret they make them too....?? https://www.andertons.co.uk/bass-dept/bass-guitars/ibanez-sr-multiscale-5-string-34-355-scale-bartolini-bh-2-p-u-deep-twilight
  3. Technically, as this is, by definition, the greatest song in the world, and Kyle Glass plays guitar on it, Kyle Glass must be the greatest guitarist in the world. Sorted.
  4. I do love the white, but my absolute favourites were the red sunburst type one and the orange sparkle, of which there are two for sale and I'm soooooo tempted!!!!
  5. Indeed. Got it from basschat , gigged at pub level for 3 or 4 years most weekends, and to be honest I don't think I'd gig any other type of bass now, ( if I ever were to gig again), it's just so solid and sounds great.
  6. My BB has been packed away for a while, been playing on my 'little' Ibanez mezzo which is a nice enough instrument, however got it out this weekend and am in love with it all over again. Was still in tune too.
  7. My two. The Yamaha has been packed away until I got it out for a blast today, what a fantastic instrument.
  8. Agreed, castors not an option here. I did have two smaller 2x10 TC cabinets at one point, but because of the awkwardness of moving them, despite their relatively light weight, I found I always defaulted to the wheelable 4x10. Bad backs are a proper curse. Especially as my initial injury was caused lifting an old Peavy 4x10 as a teenager, man that thing was heavy.
  9. As a slightly different option ( my back is shot to pieces so I've tried a few options, this worked best for me) , depending on what gear you have, when I used a TC 4x10, I got some really good casters for the bottom of the cab, (think they were about 5/6 inch diameter), put it in-car last so that it could be slid out onto ground first, then put amp head in it's bag on top of that,rucksack with leads etc on top of that, then carefully wheel that lot into venue, then bass in case on it's own. I believe the casters were locking too so your rig didn't glide across the pub when you leaned on it while the guitar solos went on, and on, and on.....
  10. I only use mine at home through a Fender Rumble 40 practice amp, so bear that in mind, but to be honest I find it useful as a thumb rest and that's about it. The P style pup is pretty good, and occasionally I mix in a bit of the J to change the tone a bit, but nearly always go back to the P solo-ed. Others may have different experiences of course. 👍
  11. The preamp was a bit all or nothing, I always left it in the centre positions. This one's not that heavy to be honest, it's just unbalanced. The bridge position is somewhat strange, a long way from edge of bass.
  12. My only bass through the 90's was this one, an MB5. This has seen some serious hours of playing/gigging. Massive sound, very tight and focused too. It was active but years ago a problem occurred ( can't remember what!!) and it was repaired, badly as it turned out, so I stripped out all the electronics and wired it direct to the volume /jack so its passive now. Still sounds huge!!!! The neck is sublime, if heavy, with very dark rosewood and super jumbo frets. The one bad thing is it neck dives, not so much of a problem when younger, but now....no. This bass means so much to me. I remember playing it in Monkey Business music Southend, 1992, went in to try another 5 string butbthe guy in the shop said, try one of these, they just come in, and this blew away the others I'd tried. Ahhh, memories..!!!
  13. Have to be this one, I was 13, obsessed with reading horror fiction ( King, Barker, Herbert etc) and saw this in the local record shop. ❤️❤️
  14. Tesla, at the Marquee club in Wardour st on their first UK tour ('86/'87) , hot, sweaty, outrageously loud, and when the guitar solos hit the high notes my sight started to black at the edges. bad loud, Iron Maiden on the Book of Souls tour, I think I read the guy on the sound desk got fired, usually they're loud but clear, this was a wall of noise.
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