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  1. My old covers band used to open the set with this, it's great fun to play, up tempo but fairly easy, great to 'warm up' yourself, and usually went down well.
  2. Disclaimer: I did have to put the back seats down, However, when in my covers band I managed to fit a TC Electronic 4x10, and 2x12 cabs, two basses in their cases, a TC BH500 head in its flight case, a backpack full of cables and stuff..........in an original Ford Ka.
  3. sykilz

    Drop C#

    I think this is the tuning that Alice in Chains have used for a lot of their darker work, Them Bones and most of Dirt album, etc, and I've only ever seen (Mike Starr initially) Mike Inez use four string Warwick / Spector type basses tuned down, assumedly with chunky strings. And they've always sounded great 🤘🤘🤘
  4. Agreed, I was pulled into the Maiden family in '83 so my awakening was Number of the Beast/ Piece of Mind, then Powerslave came out soon after. I quite like the new albums, there are a couple of beauties on each IMO, and Senjutsu, ( after only one full listen TBH) seems to fit this pattern, a couple of tracks left me cold, a couple made me go "oooooooh!!!" , and a couple made me go "yeeeeeeaaaaaah". The fact that they're still putting out new music some 40-ish years later is a blessing, who ever would have thought this possible back in the eighties...???
  5. Very late to this thread. I am a now retired metal bassist, played in original metal band for 15 years or so, from '88, we were probably in our 'prime' around '92 !!!!😆😆 We were attempting to be Metallica meets Kings X meets Alice in Chains, and thus managed to get nowhere near any of these. I exclusively used a Washburn MB5 bass into a Hartke 350 watt head into a Peavey 4x10 ( which weighed more than my car), and it was a great sound!!! When we reformed I used a Warwick Corvette, now stupidly sold. Now I spend my days noodling on blues rock originals at home with the guitarist from the aforementioned band, mostly on a recently acquired Ibanez mezzo bass into a Fender rumble 40, having done my time in a dad rock covers band.....the soul sapping years.....😆😆 Anyway, photos...., the beast.. and the new guy
  6. Dan Reed posted that when the Network opened for the Stones in 1990, Charlie had his own sewing machine on tour and repaired his own suits on tour. That's pretty classy. RIP Charle Watts
  7. 53, caucasian, married. So very much in the majority, it would seem. I think the reason that most of the respondents on here are white married middle age demographic is because all the younger kids in bands, of all ethnicities and genders, are actually playing their cheap Ibanez/Squier basses and writing new riffs for their cool and hip bands rather than debating how they can spend a few grand on a vintage Precision, or debating the plusses and minuses of the bbot bridge. For clarity, I love all that stuff ( 😆😆😆😆😆)
  8. Back in my gigging days ( 5/6 years ago) I had the twin of this bass, I had the small Y hipshot tuners on it and they made a big difference, the bass balanced perfectly and the weight saving was significant. Nice looking bridge too, I swapped out the little height screws with some from another bridge so they didn't rake the flesh from my hands 👍👍👍
  9. Personally I really enjoy Slash's solo stuff with Myles Kennedy singing, sure it's 'mainstream' rock, but for me it's where Slash's strengths lie nowadays. And Myles can belt out the GnR stuff live too. Didnt much enjoy this new effort from GnR myself.
  10. To be honest I hoped there'd be less long tracks on this album compared to BoS, but Bruce says there's some different styles going on so fingers crossed. Countdown has begun.
  11. EXACTLY THIS!!!!! I think a lot of music fans have that one band that transcend 'just' being music, there's a connection because of your age and what you were going through, and that stays with you for life. They're still the one band that I get genuinely excited about a new release from.
  12. To my ( and my friends) ears there was a level of maturity and adventure in Wasted Years that Maiden had only shown glimpses of before, to be fair we were all male, all aged 16/17 when Wasted Years came out, so we were all fairly immature guys who loved their metal, but metal, generally, meant 'anger', power, lyrics about ancient figures, or warriors, or drinking, and riffs generally were hard, fast and powerful. WY came along with its carefully picked intro, it's'futuristic' guitar sound, melancholy reflective lyrics and to us, a new side of Maiden emerged. I'm sure other people felt quite differently and this is all tosh but it's a time I remember fondly. Loved that album too.
  13. I saw Di'anno play Basildon ( which should tell you a lot) a few years back, and he was randomly offering out people in the crowd, just for being there. Bizarre. And he was terrible. Loved those first two albums though. Not sure how the band would have evolved had they kept him, I think they'd be a very different beast (🤘) today, if they'd survived.
  14. I found this too, YouTube mix is horrible, especially the vocals to my ears, on Apple music it sounds very good to me, the guitar mix is very clear you can hear all the different guitar lines.
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