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  1. Tremonti at Shepherds Bush Empire. The band were excellent, top notch, and the sound was LOUD. The guitars and vocals (for me) were all good, the bass was it's usual mess for a hard rock band, and the drums struggled to be clear against the wall of guitar, but maybe it's where I was standing. And ( maybe I'm just getting too old for this type of gig, or covid has reset my preferences) my god there were some people in there, never seen it so full, it was actually uncomfortable, even at the back where the main bar is. I did find a bit of space near a side bar eventually.
  2. Planty and Krauss did The Battle of Evermore and a stripped down When the Levee Breaks to finish their set and those songs are still magical to me. As mentioned, would have been better in a more intimate venue.
  3. Being in a heavy band I spent most of the 90's playing stuff off the low D or B on a five string to get the 'heaviness', then I watched Geezer Butler playing to the heaviest riffs ever on a four string halfway up the neck and had a moment of "duh!!!!". I guess players like John Deacon and Geezer knew a thing or two about filling the gap in a one guitar band. 😊
  4. It's all a bit of a shared job I think , there are differing opinions, but it seems Alec played all the bass on 7800, parts of the first album, but then Hugh did the studio work and Alec played live. Strangely, at the time ( no internet then, kids) none of my crowd who were massive Bon Jovi fans even knew that the band used other members, but to be honest it was all about Jon and Richie back then, they were the stars. In my mind Alec will always be MY Bon Jovi bassist. ( no disrespect to Hugh who's a great player)
  5. Yeah, think him and Tico were a bit older than Jon and Richie. Those first 4/5 Bon Jovi albums have some great bass lines on, perfect pop /rock records IMO. My own personal favourite is 7800 Fahrenheit , love that album played over and over back in the day.
  6. Sadly it seems Bon Jovi ( original) bass player Alec John Such has passed away age 70
  7. Flea popped up in the Obi Wan Kenobi tv show as a baddie, and was quite good. He's done some cameos before as I recall. Perhaps that's the future career path....??!!!
  8. We were about 8 rows from the front almost dead centre, so the sound wasn't too bad for Wembley, and for once the drums didn't drown out the bass!!! There was a decent amount of bite and definition to his sound, I don't doubt in a smaller venue it would have been very much better, but for a barn it was good. The vibe was great, Thunder do a very nice line in smile inducing rockers.
  9. Thunder, with Ugly Kid Joe and Kris Barras band, all three were great, Thunder were majestic, had good seats luckily because it was at Wembley cattle shed. Chris Childs of Thunder has moved from his Sandberg basses to ( I think) a Status graphite neck 5 string , he didn't change it at all and I didn't even see him tune it which is refreshing in an age when people seem to use a different instrument every few songs.
  10. You should definitely be here, writing a good pop tune is so hard, music snobs will tell you otherwise, but if it were easy we'd all be doing it and be millionaires. I'm a hard rock/metal fan, but I love catchy pop stuff.
  11. Cool, well done you👍👍 I was going to say didn't know Larkin Poe had been around six years then remembered the gig I just saw should have been two years ago so that's probably about when I first heard of them , time gets weird sometimes 😆😆
  12. Saw Larkin Poe at Shepherds Bush Empire last week. Great gig, superb performance, the sound wasn't too loud and wasn't too bassy for once, vocals were sooooo clear , so I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! The girls in the band didn't stop smiling the whole gig.
  13. God I love that album, when I first saw the 'This Time' video I so badly wanted to be Bryan. I was about 12 but it's still a great bit of American pop/rock, and Bryan can still kick it live, saw him a few years back👍👍
  14. I would have said blue , but then thought of my actual basses through the years and the clear winner is red, closely followed by white, and 'natural'. In fact I've never owned a blue bass. But they look nice. Also I saw one of these in a shop recently and lost my mind, it actually looked as awesome in the flesh as in the pics. Ridiculous, but awesome. my current bass is one of these, roadster orange apparently, and it's lovely
  15. My originals band back in the 90's played metal akin to Metallica, Alice in Chains, and a healthy dose of Black Sabbath, and I used a five string as 50% of the stuff we wrote was in D, Db or even low B. However we broke up, then reformed in the 2000's and I only had a four string Warwick, I tried detuning but it didn't sound right for some reason, so I decided to channel my inner Geezer and Steve Harris and play in standard, in some cases an octave up from the original versions. Surprisingly it worked a treat, it added a kick to the music because the guitars were heavy enough already, several people told me they actually heard what the bass was doing for the first time (😆😆😆) . Saw Sabbath on the 13 tour and had a seat a few yards from Geezers side of the stage, and he plays well up the fretboard a lot, and yet the band retain their heaviness, so I guess there's an argument both ways, sometimes the extra low stuff will work, others you can rely on the heaviness of the guitar riffs to allow you to add more punch by playing higher up. IMO.
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