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  1. I am a living clichΓ©, I'm 51, my favourite ( though not exclusively) music is rock/metal, I still buy and prefer CDs ( though do have spotify for research purposes) as I find the sound is more to my liking, I value sound quality, also my car has a CD player so it's great to 'grab and go' whatever I'm in the mood for. My son is 20 and majors on streaming and, yes, has started a vinyl collection too πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. Hopefully between us we can keep recording artists in business for a few more years.
  2. Wanted to fly in the Red Arrows. Actually drive RM van. I mean it's red, and has a stripe so......
  3. I'm predominantly a rock/metal guy, and as such I am very easily pleased, I'd say 90% of (signed) bands I've seen over the years have impressed me, but a couple have stuck in my mind as leaving me slack jaw smitten by the performance, here's two from different ends of the rock spectrum, 1. Faith No More, at the London Astoria, just after The Real Thing album came out (so '91..???) , simply the most powerful, energetic live performance I've ever seen. They had to leave the stage after 10 minutes because the crowd had collapsed the barrier. Pure, unadulterated power and joy!!! 2. Marillion with friends from the orchestra, 2019, I've always preferred their more melancholy songs, and although many rock bands have played with strings/orchestra, to my ears this is the best, most perfectly integrated attempt and it works wonderfully. I saw them in Southend, and was so impressed I immediately sourced some tickets for the following weeks RAH gigs. Sublime,
  4. Lozz, that reminds me, Mariusz Duda from Polish modern prog rockers Riverside sings in English with a distinctive lilt that works very well πŸ‘πŸ€˜πŸ‘
  5. Isn't it strange though when a singer has a strong accent talking, but not singing???? ( Looking at you, Adele....)πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I can't think of a good rock example for your question apart from maybe Mike Tramp of White Lion who had a great Danish/American accent that I really liked.
  6. If you've never seen it, it's very much 'of its time', but it's all tongue in cheek and great fun and hilarious. And the dancing out of time during the chorus.....And Eddie's solo 🧑🧑🧑
  7. Nice, congratulations!!! I agree about satin necks too, I have a Yamaha and Ibanez both satinπŸ‘
  8. Yes , that's just stupid, I don't do delivery any more but always leave a card if you leave a package somewhere, it's only common courtesy not to mention proper process. Glad it's OK πŸ‘
  9. XP1 is the code to replace signatures because of Covid restrictions
  10. I think the magic of Van Halen ( and I loved both singers eras) was that, even without the revolutionary solos, they had great, 4 minute, catchy memorable songs, the guitar wizadry was just the extremely wonderful cream on top of an exquisite cake. Sure, many shredders came in his wake and created some great music, but Eddie did it within the song and did what other widdlers did in a 5/6 minute instrumental in a twenty second burst , and that meant a lot more. I particularly loved his little touches and embellishments, witness the playing on 'When It's Love' live, just beautiful. RIP, smiling man.
  11. Sheryl Crow was amazing. The bass player ( who's a decent singer too ) sounded especially great using an Epiphone Jack Casady into a little Eden rig.
  12. Nope, made in Mexico the PMT link has photos of the headstock rear.
  13. Same here, I purposely ordered the ones listed as IN stock. They weren't, although full marks to them they emailed me to tell me and I got a refund straight away. Tried again two weeks ago, still out of stock. On ebay they cost a fortune unless you're happy to get from USA
  14. Yes, always looking / listening for new stuff I like. There's a fair bit I don't but that's ok, the great thing about being 51 is I'm not limited to liking stuff just because it's popular/cool. Not that age should be a factor in this, but it seemed to be when I was younger. I like that trying new music is easier than ever, I do still like to purchase my favourites in physical form though.
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