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Show us your practice rig!


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5 minutes ago, yorks5stringer said:

The OP said 'practice' not gig rig!

The rules of the game are, as long as your "practice" rig is different to your "gigging" setup, all is good.

Saying that, I have two observations:

1. If that is your practice rig, your gigging gear must be big enough to have its own postcode!

2. Does your local Noise Abatement Team invite you to their Christmas party?

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Our Youngest (the bassist in our group...) uses our 'live' rig often enough ...


... but also a DAW and headphones at times, too.

I'm a drummer, so we have no issues with noise abatement, having chosen to live away from such occurrences. Our 'practise' gear is permanently set up for playing, practising or recording whenever... B|

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21 minutes ago, yorks5stringer said:

The OP said 'practice' not gig rig!

Hehe - agreed that I am a bit spoiled to have that as my practice rig! As you say, that it would be more than adequate as a gig rig.

I would recommend either setting up a "presence" patch on a Zoom pedal or getting a VTDI to deal with the high-end roll off inherent in MB cabs - it does feel like removing a blanket! 

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30 minutes ago, PaulThePlug said:

Simple... Zoom B1on > Sennheiser HD206Zoom_Sen.thumb.jpg.59ae023d7e4cd1373c1331b97751e70a.jpg

Really Simple... EHX Headphone Amp > Sennheiser HD206EHX_Sen.thumb.jpg.63aad4679310cf67961938cf05434996.jpg

I've just been doing exactly the same Paul,  but with the B1 four from your good self ! 👍

Trouble is I'll have forgotten all the cool little bass lines I was messing about with by tomorrow.. ;)

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Practice rig.... Well, it's my only rig! The Helix Stomp is the main thing, that has an outboard tuner for muting and freeing up a footswitch on the Helix and an AMT bass wah. This runs in to an Ashdown RM500 at incredobly low volume which is usually only coupled up to one of the RM 2X10 or RM 1X15 because driving both for practice is a bit too much. 

If I don't want to use the amp I have a pair of Ashdown Meters cans with a superlong cable knocking about. 

The amp is my gigging rig and it manages just fine for lowish volume practice at home. I have had small bass amps too but don't want to go too small to lose all the depth of sound, then dont want too much stuff cluttering my office. 


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My practice amp is a Behringer BX600 60-watt 1x12 combo. Remarkably heavy, but also remarkably loud for its size -- it's easily loud enough for rehearsals with my horn-sectioned band. I found the sound to be a bit muddy though, so I added a crossover and bullet tweeter and now the tone is really pretty good. Including the mods, it owes me about 40 quid.


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Totally over the top. However, you only live once and the three ‘big’ amps and cab were pretty much my dream amps when I was a teenager and before class D amps were a mainstream thing. 

Before I finished the soundproofed garage last year I was still using the same Park by Marshall 30 watt combo I got when I was 12. So essentially I have changed my practice rig once in 22 years.


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