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I'd like to recommend Jeff Beers of Zero One guitars in West Wales. He did an amazing job of sorting out issues on my Gibson SG and was brutally honest about a bass I took to him - he showed me all the problems with it and suggested I sell it for parts, doing himself out of some work in the process. The SG came back like a new instrument, I can't recommend him enough. Lovely guy, very talented and incredible eye for detail.


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On 28/09/2020 at 00:01, Nickthebass said:

Chris McIntyre isn’t in London anymore. He is now in Edinburgh. Easier to get him on the phone rather than email  

McIntyre Guitars
Unit 5B
Albion Business Centre
78 Albion Road
Edinburgh EH7 5QZ
United KingdomTel: 07764747450
email: [email protected]Links

I just had Chris do some electronics fixes and set ups on 2 basses for me. Both came out well.

If you want to get hold of him it’s best to text or call his mobile rather than email. He is pretty busy at the minute.

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I’d recommend Richard Pilkington at Reading Guitar Repairs. He’s based on the Henley side of Reading and specialises in the woodwork side of things. He did a fantastic job fitting some pickups and a preamp for me though. 

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