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  1. Some of you on here may have the book 'Living WIth GAS'. There are some good stories in there about getting a new one in πŸ™‚
  2. Same here with one of the Neutrik silent jacks - the moving sleeve part got jammed somehow. But otherwise I haven't used anything but Van Damme cable with Neutrik plugs for 15 years or so and never had the slightest problem. Get the parts off eBay and make 'em up yourself and you've got a great cable for little money. They're nice and flexible too.
  3. Beautiful! I could never sell mine - I bought it new in about 2000. GLWTS
  4. Yep, I've been buying Van Damme cable and Neutrik plugs to make my own leads for a long time and I've never had a moment's problem with them. If Van Damme is is good enough for Abbey Road studios and some of the huge events they've cabled, it's certainly good enough for me. Not too expensive either. https://www.van-damme.com/case-studies/ https://www.van-damme.com/about-van-damme/#tour-tab
  5. Top craftsman and person - lives about 20 mins from me.
  6. FFS!!!!!! Seems like nothing but timewasters on JMB - I really feel like giving up and selling all my gear!
  7. For me it's always been looking at the set as a whole and whether on balance there is (a lot) more that I like/don't mind than ones I can't stand, and if the standard of playing in the band is high enough. There have been occasions when I've replied to a promising looking ad only to find the set list is pretty much all material I wouldn't want to play at all.
  8. Thanks, Jon - you're very weocome! πŸ™‚
  9. Thanks for your thoughts. Yes, he ticked all the boxes and we seemed to get on well and have lots in common by mails, which is why I was so surprised he didn't appear to want to negotiate another night, especially as we had already discussed (for instance) a Tuesday evening and he seemed ok with that. Sadly though, Sunday evenings really aren't good most weeks as I work in a hospital and need to be up earlyish and 'with it' most Monday mornings. Perhaps I'll mail him again ... hmmm. He's probably found another bass player by now though. The other thing that niggles away a bit that we hadn't discussed is that as he plays professionally for a living. So I do wonder how many solo nights he might be prepared to sacrifice for an occasional band gig. He knew I wanted the band to gig but hadn't really got around to discussing that properly.
  10. The local jam nights seem mainly to consist of people playing in each other's bands or styles of music that just aren't for me (I'm rock/blues to the core), I was never really in with the in-crowd back in the day despite being in bands with some of them and I'm certainly not part of the in-crowd now. Perhaps JMB and Bandmix have more going for them in some parts of the country? The handful of people who looked at my detailed BM profile (with links) over the months it was up were nothing like local or even looking for a bass player. I'm guessing they were just browsing. I check the Cheshire and Stafforshire JMB pages several times a day - I fear it's getting to be a bit OCD πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
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