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  1. Only once, and I had a spare. I always thought it worth the trouble of carrying a spare just in case.
  2. I make my own cables from Van Damme cable and Neutrik plugs. I don't feel the need for anything else.
  3. Just about everything I ever sold. So now I rarely sell anything unless I'm 100% certain. Some that come to mind are an early early 70s Marshall 50w lead head, early 70s P Bass, '71 Strat and (can't remember the year) EB3. Another thread could be "gear I could have bought for a great price but didn't"
  4. My previous band played (very well) mostly covers of music that I like and would listen to (Sabbath, Dio, Deep Purple etc). But that meant that not many people in regular pub gigs would know the music, so hence small audiences. Although, like me, the singer has been around long enough he had an arrogance that meant he refused to play better known songs. A punter was overheard to say "they're good, but why don't they play anything we know?". Discussing that comment at the next rehearsal, the singer said his answer to that would be "why don't you know anything we play?". As I said, arrogance. Today I handed in my notice to a tribute band that should have been perfect for me, but sadly turned out to be not really as I expected
  5. I bought an Ashdown 500 amp. What a pleasure to meet and deal with such a nice, genuine and friendly person. Great comms on BC and we arranged a mutually convenient time for me to collect the amp. The amp was exactly as described and we had an enjoyable chat about gear. Good to have met you and thanks for the great amp at such a good price . I hope we stay in touch. 100% genuine and trustworthy to deal with.
  6. If it's still for sale I'll take it. PM sent.
  7. Arrrghhh!! I've just joined a Free/Bad Co tribute band! If only I hadn't lost my job a couple of years ago :-( GLWTS
  8. [quote name='fleabag' timestamp='1493584754' post='3289286'] I fully admit some electronics baffle the knickers off me. I can wire up a simple jazz bass, where its vol vol tone, but after that, its over to the techs The joy of slapping in an East U-Retro deluxe, like wot i did in a previous bass ( now removed and fitted in my ESP fretless) is that you merely have to connect pup wires to screw terminals, and attach bridge earth. Thats my level [/quote]Yep, that's about my level as well. I'm always proud of myself if I can wire a Strat from scratch (with the help of a clear diagram ha ha).
  9. When I bought my Warwick Fortress One (secondhand) the pan pot was acting weird and giving a big volume drop when it was in the middle position. I could tell by looking it had been, errrr, 'worked on' previously at some point. I took it to the local guitar shop tech and it turned out that someone had removed the circuit board from the back of the pan pot and refitted it upside down. I would never have worked that out in a million years, but then again I'm no tech.
  10. What a really cool story - I hope it works well for both bands in the future I see they posted a pic of you all together on their page [url="https://www.facebook.com/hawaiizombiesband/photos/a.569702849897269.1073741828.568228216711399/699253626942190/?type=3&theater"]https://www.facebook...?type=3[/url]
  11. Our compact camera, a Lumix TZ10 gives very good HD results (imho) with both picture and sound. As others have said though, you have to rely on the person doing the filming to hopefully keep the camera something like steady (ours weren't). It's certainly plenty good enough to send to venues to show what you do even when it's been uploaded to YouTube.
  12. [quote name='Damonjames' timestamp='1493063236' post='3285354'] I should clarify, I'm not talking about a night of B sides here, just not their greatest hits in a lot of respects [/quote]Same here. I generally like classic rock but even I didn't know a lot of the songs until I had to learn them - so no chance for the average Dog and Duck drinker. I'm glad it works for you though.
  13. [quote name='Damonjames' timestamp='1493043548' post='3285121'] In all seriousness, my band (Karl's old band) play classic rock, but try and do songs by well known artists that you don't hear so often. It works for us! [/quote]It didn't work for the last band I was in, sadly, but not surprisingly.
  14. The last band I was in decided at the outset that we weren't going to play all the same classic rock songs as everybody else. But unfortunately the singer was reluctant to play much that would be well known to average pub audiences, to the point that we might as well have been playing originals much of the time. l generally like classic rock but I didn't know most of the songs we did before I had to learn them. Any suggestion by me that we do some better known songs was usually met with derision, almost scorn. Emailed suggestions were usually not replied to. It was a frequent comment "... great band but I didn't know many of the songs". The singer clearly believed that it was the responsibilty of the audience to know what we played (and actually said that at rehearsal, in a different form of words), rather than vice-versa, with little comprimise to be had. The result? No surprise - small and disinterested audiences as well as an increasingly disillusioned bass player. The band split (undemocratically), but I had been thinking of leaving for a while. A great shame, it was a band of good players that had a lot to offer.
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