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  1. All the guitars and basses I've got apart from (I think) three are off eBay without the slighest problem, some from the USA.
  2. Awesome! πŸ™‚ I was in a covers band a few years ago where I wanted to start the set with Are You Ready, but I couldn't even get it included in the set. It was a Sex on Fire type band and I didn't stay very long.
  3. I'm totally happy with my all my gear - more or different gear isn't going to improve my sound in our band. Having said that, there are two or three things I would like if I had the money, but I'm certainly not losing any sleep or planning and plotting ways to gather enough money. I think I've been cured of GAS for a few years πŸ™‚
  4. Great! I've never seen them mentioned on here before either. They seemed to have slipped under the radar for some reason. I love Mel's pumping, driving sound, especially on the live album. I've got all the albums. I well remember that solo on Tumblin' πŸ™‚ Back in the day our local-ish band who almost, and should have made it, Strife, had a bass player who was a huge influence on me - Gordon Rowley. I'm still in touch with two of the band and their roadie although the band has long since gone. Ssdly, Gordon has had very serious health issues for years. They were a wonderful live band, probably not a million miles from Grand Funk in style. There was an extended bass solo one of their albums. Not to everybody's taste on here though, I'm sure. And they usually finished with this - here's a live version. I loved the sound he got with Orange amps and a Precision
  5. I always loved Mel Schacher's driving bass on this great live album
  6. Brand new, never fitted. Still has the plastic film covering. Β£15 posted https://www.northwestguitars.co.uk/precision-bass-scratchplate-pickguard-for-fender-p-bass/
  7. I wish I had the money! Good luck with that lovely bass
  8. We've had two now and both went way better than any of us hoped. I've used the lockdown time to go over and over the set list, so I'm sure that helped. Good to be playing again! way
  9. I see Wishbone Ash have just listed a few dates starting late October (this year)
  10. I don't know if Albert Collins every used anything but a Telecaster. Lonnie Mack and his Flying V with a Bigsby.
  11. Many thanks, Mike - very much appreciated πŸ™‚
  12. Rotosound/Rotobass 95 or 100 usually although last night I used a set of 105 at rehearsal that I bought by accident and they sounded huge. I used to really like LaBella Hard Rockin' Steel but they don't seem to do them now so I switched back to Rotosound, plus it's a British company. I think Warwick Red Label (95 or 100) are excellent value though and I've usually got a pack or two spare.
  13. "The moon is just the sun at night " Perhaps Mr Dio should have watched a few more episodes of The Sky at Night πŸ™‚
  14. One would have through Brian May would have known better than to claim it to be the Fat Bottomed Girls πŸ™‚ I wonder if he discussed it with Freddy? πŸ™‚ https://phys.org/news/2007-08-probing-earth-rotate.html
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