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  1. These basses sound as good as anything I’ve ever heard/played...
  2. You have 3!!! FFS... you’ve got more crap than me!
  3. Where are you based?
  4. tertiumquid

    Keyboard chat?

    Keep ‘em comin’... 😶
  5. tertiumquid

    Keyboard chat?

    I knew I should’ve kept my mouth shut... 🤐
  6. tertiumquid

    Keyboard chat?

    Is there a version of Basschat for keyboard/synth players in the uk? cheers. 👍🎹
  7. tertiumquid

    Sandberg California VM4 Hardcore aged - SOLD

    Love it...
  8. tertiumquid

    Roland VB-99 wanted...

    Anyone got a VB-99 for sale? Possibly even a V-Bass...
  9. tertiumquid


    I'm after a modulus bass. Ideally a wooden finish and a 5 string but I'm open to anything, message me... Cheers. 👍
  10. tertiumquid

    Rare Pre Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray Fretless

    Why hasn't this sold?! If you still have this in a month it's mine!
  11. tertiumquid

    Rare Pre Ernie Ball Musicman Stingray Fretless

    Where about are you?
  12. tertiumquid

    Zon Legacy Elite Special 5 fretless. SOLD!

    Did this ever sell?
  13. tertiumquid

    Warwick battery cover

    Call PMT Birmingham and ask to talk to the guitar tech Phil Docker. I have two 80's Warwicks and he somehow always has original parts? Leon.