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  1. SOLD sorry, I don’t go on this site much...
  2. No worries man. Keep playing... 🎸 (no bass emoji)
  3. Hey Keith im in Birmingham it has a soft case only unfortunately, I’ve never couriered anything and wouldn’t feel comfortable but I’d make a trip to Leeds if you were serious. as far as the sound, I’m the worst person to ask, Scotts bass lessons did a blind comparison between a Fodera and a £100 bass and I preferred the cheapo one. on Tuesday my next day off I’ll do some sound comparisons between my two Warwicks and Musicman and send them to you if you like, I can also weigh it then. No it doesn’t have a push/pull. One volume continuous knob and three tone with a notch/middle position if that makes any sense. cheers Leon
  4. I said stinky poo! Not stinky poo
  5. Perhaps but the BXP’s sound stinky poo. The Americans ones sound amazing.
  6. I have a BXP and I agree. It’s the best bass I’ve played but it sounds stinky poo. I’ve tried the high end American ones and they are obscene!!!
  7. Dear Ped,

    how do I edit or repost an ad with a lower price?



  8. Immaculate combo that’s only been used a couple of times. No footswitch or cover. It does come with the wheel trolley.
  9. Hey Janna, yeah it is... where are you based?
  10. Little Axe... I stumbled into a tent at a festival in the mid-late nineties and watched this great Dub/blues band with a regular bass player and Doug Wimbish smashing out his effect bass pyrotechnics... 🎸 🧨 🎇 unreal!
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