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  1. I’ve had this many times and have requested help but to no avail. I’ll message you.
  2. No mate, I forgot all about them with work and all.
  3. Holy crap! My YOB bass.... I wish!!! I doubt you’ll need any luck with the sale but someone is going to be very happy.
  4. Does anyone have a wiring diagram to connect a pair of Black Label jazz pick ups to a Glock 2 band active wiring loom in a TT4. The Delano’s look to have just 2 wires whereas the Black Labels have 3. Any help very much appreciated. Don.
  5. Sorry folks with my son getting married on the 19th of Dec and then a Christmas I forgot all about this. I have since bought some Black label pick ups for this one so will withdraw it. Once again sorry for not updating my listing, enjoy the rest of the festive season.
  6. Excellent point, many thanks for that (dohhhhhh 🤭). They were off Walshy and came off his Fender Pino I believe, I’ve just never used them. I’ll pic of the strings a bit later when home. thanks again pbasspecial 👍.
  7. Get yourself a Tech21 DUG pedal and be done with it!
  8. 1 set of lightly used 4 string flats, still pretty fresh tbh. £30 PayPal gift posted to UK
  9. Yeah, to be honest the images don’t do this one justice, it really looks ace. If it doesn’t sell I really don’t mind and I’ll try and find a new band in the new year.
  10. Claire bought my Darkglass B3K, immediate payment and quick exchange of comms. An absolute pleasure to deal with.... and good luck with the new 6 string bass😎👍
  11. Martin bought my pedaltrain and Volto, immediate payment. A nice easy transaction, cheers.
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