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  1. Ha ha..... yep, longer than 2 weeks! Ha ha
  2. @toolapcblack and Bassbandit. sorry for the slow reply, there is a chap who has said he wants it BUT hasn’t been in touch for 2 weeks now. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and give him until the middle of next week, then I will message you guys to see if you are still interested. Hope that’s OK.
  3. I bought the Jon Snow Sandberg off Ewan and what a great, sincere and knowledgeable fella he is. I would have liked to have spent longer chatting about all things bass but time wasn’t on my side. The bass is awesome and I can only thank him for a swift deal, I am sure I will be dealing with him in the future. Thanks mate!
  4. Bought a set of GOTOH tuners from Simon, no hassle and excellent as described! Hope to deal with him again. Don.
  5. I’m fairly new to this community but wish you well in your retirement, it sounds like you had a great business. Ref bass playing in Cornwall, if you’re looking for a band and just want a great time head down to Helstonbury at he end of July. It’s a little festival held in the Blue Anchor that was started 20 years ago next July and has grown to be a very popular one. One of my mates joined the Navy and to keep in touch we used to go down and just jam in the skittle alley, then the idea of Helstonbury was born and it’s raised a lot of money and we’ve drank a lot of Spingo in that time. Hope you can make it next year... you may find like minded folk there. wishing you well for the future.
  6. ill Take the resolites please ( I’m assuming they are GB640’s).
  7. Thanks fellas, I couldn’t agree more but needs must for much needed house renovations. However whilst my better half will be pleased if it goes I won’t mind keeping it 🙂
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  9. Went to see Walter Trout last week at the Birmingham town hall. First time I’ve seen him (late to the party again) and thought he and his band were awesome! Funny thing though, I’ve never seen a pro bass player break a string live, the bass player broke 2.
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  11. Hi all First of all, apologies for those of you who were watching this before but I had a change of heart. I originally put it up (along with my KT) hoping for a quick sale as I had my eye on a very special bass that had come up but alas it’s unlikely that will happen for me now particularly as the on/ off / on again blues rock project is now officially as finally OFF. Shame but that’s how it is I guess. Anyway, here it is again, an older original F shape passive VS4 in soft aged finish, great condition with no additional wear and tear other than the soft ageing from the factory. It’s pretty light weight at 3.9kgs and It has been babied and well maintained and it plays really slick for a P type and has a thunderous sound. It is I believe Fiesta red with a lovely thick rosewood board that is a really nice reddish brown colour and compliments this bass... it does have the Fender Pino vibe to it. It hasn’t been modified or messed with and has a proper P style bridge that is original factory fitted rather than Sandberg’s own chunky bridge. It also has a pretty fresh and un-gigged set of DR’s fitted. I don’t really know what else to say, it looks, sounds and plays great.. it’s a P type bass. I think the images speak for themselves. It will come with a nearly new Sandberg leather strap and a Sandberg gig bag. Absolutely any trial welcome!
  12. Please leave me feedback once we have completed a deal. Thanks, Don.
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