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  1. I have 40-100 Dunlop flats on a Jazz. They feel pretty much the same as the 40-100 Super Brights (a smidge higher tension but not enough to need a truss Rod tweak).
  2. Thanks for the input folks. I have ordered some covers with the extra foam padding. There is currently a 15% summer discount running which pretty much covered the extra cost of accelerating the order.
  3. Did you get the retainer strap on the bottom? If so - how big is it?
  4. I'm going to order covers for a Get 2 Midget and Compact (15) most likely from Roqsolid (with the added foam stuff). Does anyone have a picture of one that they could share? I'd like to get a sense of how big the placeholder strap is. I was planning to get the covers in "carry mode" (i.e. with the handle on the top) which would mean that one of the long sides of the cabs is only covered by this strap. Anyone got any better alternatives to Roqsolid or know who makes the current Barefaced covers?
  5. Totally. Don’t think anyone here is expecting to sign off on a design. Personally I’m just chucking out a perspective - in the knowledge that I’m only one data point!
  6. Speaking personally - any outs other than a DI and Speakons are a waste of space. If it were up to me … Front panel - one input (with a pad if you must) and DI out (before pre-amp, after pre-amp) with a ground lift Rear panel - 4 Speakon / jack combo outs (2 each on 4 ohm and 8 ohm taps). DI out off the power amp.
  7. Have 4 speakon combo jack two per tap. Draw a big box around two and write “min 4 ohm total load” - big box around the other two “min 8 ohm load” - then make sure you don’t ask the singer to set your rig up.
  8. I think it was because it compromises the performance of the cab (you’ve just punched another hole in it from which sound can leak) - someone who knows more may correct me. Also - if you daisy chain and first cab fails you may lose output from the second one. If they’re both connected directly to the head then a fail on one cab won’t affect the other. From a practical standpoint (storage as much as anything else) - two heads and two 8 ohm cabs is (for me) a neat and flexible solution.
  9. Gen 2 Super Midgets and Compacts have no daisy chain option. 🤣
  10. For me - an effects loops on head are a waste of space. I’d rather be able to hook up 2 8 ohm cabs to the 4 ohm tap if it were possible.
  11. This was exactly my point. A common modular rig includes two 8 ohm cabs but with the set up on most (all?) valve power stages that I’ve seen you can’t run both cabs off a single 4 ohm output without a splitter. Personally it would limit the gig-ability of an amp if I was limited to using only one cab. It sounds like there is a big quality / relatability compromise in building that flexibility that I wasn’t aware of - hence the question.
  12. I could bring 3 Js so there would be a few with the right number of pickups.
  13. A good DI is a must to me. The ability to connect two 8 ohm cabs (without daisy chaining) via Speakons would be great. (I know you can get 1 to 2 adaptors but it’s another thing to lose!) There’s probably some physics reason that means most valve amps have only one output each for 4 and 8 ohms. The ability to use the DI without a speaker load would be useful, but not a deal breaker. PS: I’d look to come down from Edinburgh for a NE bass bash!
  14. With two basses the double bag is hefty but doable. I’ve done two basses and a 900w rig on my own in one trip on multiple occasions. The protection is pretty sound - if I’m moving stuff myself I doubt I’ll use a hard case again. Whichever two basses are going to the gig get stuck in the bag. The front pocket on the Mono isn’t the biggest, but the headstock pocket is pretty useful. (Mine holds my watch, wallet, pencil phone and ear plugs.) I’ve had my double bag something around the 8 to 10 year mark (can’t recall exactly) and it’s still doing a great job.
  15. Apologies if this has been sorted but wanted to share. I had a very similar issue (deep buzz with the drive on - no noise with the drive off). It turned out to be short/failure on a component (capacitor I think) in the Valve Drive circuit that was sending too much current through the circuit. As a by-product it was over overdriving the valve (made it extra hairy extra fast which I was sort of enjoying).
  16. Did you buy this new? (It looks very very shiny! 😁)
  17. Thanks. I did think about GK but most of the new stuff looks to be class D. I went down the Ashdown in the end. It just made too much sense.
  18. I get the feedback loop between gain stage, EQ etc. - it’s more that I’ve never had that visual thing saying “don’t be shy - you can give it some more beans”.
  19. Thanks - with that visual gain stage reminder ... I might be a bit more brave with the input gain that I would have been!
  20. Thanks for this - definitely a good back up option. I've ended up going down the Ashdown route though. The ABM-600 just makes too much sense in particular from a UK support point of view. I had a couple of lovely chats with Dave Green and he has ended up making me a rack mount version which should be landing with me today.
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