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  1. Thanks very much! At the moment I'm going to sleep staring at a load of exposed brickwork and bits of wood that need replacing.
  2. Looks like my spare cash is being tied up in roof / joist issues at the minute. 😞
  3. Hi! Can you tell me anything about the feel of the neck? How wide is the nut for example? Also any thoughts on delivery / collection? Cheers Nick
  4. *EDIT* This bass is now sold.* A Sadowsky Metro MV4 - one of the early Japanese models for sale or trade. Slimmed down J type body, beautiful feeling neck, Sadowsky branded machine heads, humbuckers and the trademark 2 band Sadowsky pre-amp. The volume pot also has a pull to bypass the pre-amp in case of battery issues (it sounds nice passive too in fact). The bass if generally in good condition with a low action and plays really nicely. There is one barely noticeable dink just above the 15th fret but this has no impact on playability (in fact I had to hunt for it to take a picture). Includes the original Sadowsky case. Weight is pretty much 4kg on the nose per my kitchen scales. I bought it new at The Gallery in Camden and it was my main bass until early 2012 and has been a back up ever since. I'd prefer a sale but I'm open to trades for a good 4 string P bass (doesn't have to be a Fender). I'd be interested in something of a similar value like a recent US Fender model or PX (cash my way) for something like a Nate Mendel or similar. Must be passive, single split coil pick up (no P/Js, P/MMs etc.). I'm not too fussed about colours or fretboard woods but extra marks for a Jazz width neck or something else slim. I'm in Edinburgh and would prefer to meet up but happy to discuss postage, delivery to get a good deal done. Thanks Nick
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    👍 I was on the scrolly bit on my phone.
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    Very nice. The necks on these are meant to be great! Was this a custom order? The Lakland website doesn’t seem to list black as a standard colour.
  7. @dodge_bass - anything you can help with?
  8. Thanks very much. 😊 At heart though it’s just a Jazz bass albeit with some bells and whistles.
  9. Congratulations. I was about to chip in with some advice but it’s moot now! I waited 14 months for my Sei - I picked her up in January 2012 and ever since the wait has been a dim and distant memory.
  10. Not enough Sei love around here so I thought I fire in a couple of pictures. Ordered 1 Dec 2010, collected 12 Jan 2012 and my main squeeze ever since.
  11. This! IMO better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It’s the same reason I take at least 3 jack cables, 3 speaker cables (for two cabs) and a spare DI box / preamp.
  12. That’s exactly where I was going. I bought the first album on the strength of the ad! To this day it’s still a great “4 people in a room giving it heaps” album.
  13. A big vote for the Mono double gig bag. With a light weight head and Barefaced cabs I can carry two basses and a 900 watt rig on my own in one go. Don’t give up on the double gig bag idea - I only one take a single bag if I’m taking one bass to a jam. (Just make sure you keep two cables and a set of earplugs in all your bags.)
  14. The one who always has spare cables and insists that they are properly wound up and put away.
  15. This ... totally this. The lowest voice controls harmony. Sting put it as “it’s not a C chord unless I play a C”. In terms of “keeping time” that role is often played by the bass but not always. In a classic 60s Motown tune the tune keeping is more in the guitars (chords on 2 and 4 over a driving unwavering drum part) whilst the bass pushes and pulls against this. The bass line typically is the place where harmony and the basic groove come together. You should be able to hear the shape of the tune (both rhythmically and harmonically) by just listening to the bass. I like to think of the drums as the heart, the bass as the skeleton with the rest of the band layered over that shape and powered by the heart.
  16. No worries - I was about to delete my reply in any case! Undecided about when best to shift on the one I have in mind. GLWTS
  17. Ok BassChat hive mind ... I need some advice on how to structure practice time. There are lots of useful things that could be done in each session (transcription, technique, time, scales and harmony etc.) and ideally you should hit them all on a regular basis. Is it more productive to do a little bit of multiple things in each session or to focus on one thing per day in each session? For example ... 15 mins each on technique, scales, shifting between subdivisions and walking through a jazz standard or ... Monday is just technique, Tuesday is just subdivisions, Wednesday is just major scales in broken 3rds, Thursday is walking on Autumn Leaves etc... Thoughts?
  18. Wow - he’s moved. He was in Putney many moons ago.
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