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  1. I take no pleasure from outing him BUT, it needed doing...Like I said, I am far from alone on this one.
  2. I have thought long and had about this and, others are okay with it so.... The builder in question is the London based Joseph Kaye Guitars. I wish it wasn't so BUT, there you have it...I just don't understand why when you pay someone to do something very specific that they don't and then claim they did! I would feel bad for anyone else if I said nothing. Don't get me wrong, he's done some amazing work that I have seen first hand, in this instance though, well....you know the story.
  3. As I understand it, the relief is okay around the 12th fret BUT, and I am no whizz with this stuff(why I trusted the original builder initially and then again to fix it!)...beyond the 14th fret etc, there are weird issues, maybe a twist? The truss rod is maxed out, so....as I understand it, there are ways around this....spacer/washer etc. The frets were levelled, well....attempted, could not be done completely....top end of the neck has something going on either separately or in conjunction with the truss rod being maxed out when that was attempted. Plan is to let it sit through the seasonal change and then eyeball it IF it remains 'unstable'. After that, I will need to take it to Sims and go from there...
  4. Was a HUGE Maiden fan, remember seeing them at Reading Rock Festival MANY years ago, when Bruce was on earlier in the day with Samson....Dual stage days, luckily, I was on the left hand side as were Maiden!!! For me, Maiden will always be about Paul and that line-up. Happy days
  5. As soon as I know where other people are at with their issues/disputes, I will share.
  6. I quite like the look of the Power Bass with the Super Quad pickups in, not sure if that is still an option though?
  7. I will, probably by just divorcing myself from it and moving on. If I do go that route, I will declare where the issue arose from... Like I said, there are others so, I need to make sure this doesn't cause them an issue first.
  8. Was about to say, that's not Michael
  9. I am assuming there are a few on here? Be grateful to see what you have, your thoughts and so forth...I am considering a purchase. Ta!
  10. Re naming and shaming, I will see where other people are at. I would hate someone else to have the same issue as a result of them not knowing about other people's experiences. In his 'defence', I have seen him produce some amazing work...I am guessing I was far too unknown for him to focus on this build? All sorts of little clues once 'one' starts to look at this build...great shame as I don't hate this bass, I am just struggling with the lack of 'care' that seems to have gone into certain aspects of the build. A.
  11. I should qualify the legal thing, sorry. NOT the original build etc but the most recent visit, the assertion that the truss rod was fine and that he would fix it....Then took £90 off of me, caused me to incur 2 trips to London vs 1(another £60) and returned the bass to me in worse condition than before. I completely understand re the work prior/lifetime guarantee etc. So yes, absolutely re the last paragraph! I do feel he 'used' me to pay a bill and made it awkward to collect because it suited him/payback. Hasn't left a good taste in my mouth. A.
  12. Oooooh! Will have a nose with the search function, sorry....should have done that first! Found it, many thanks for that Pleased indeed!
  13. I am walking around a few basses right now for back-up purposes(prior to current neck issues on my #1)... Has anyone bought or had experience with this bass? It's the one the Bass Centre make, a 'copy' of Guy's Fender Jazz. (I recently tried a Jive bass Sims had in stock and was pleasantly surprised by the build quality etc...Going back tomorrow to plug in and play with it and a few others). If anyone has one or has played one, thoughts? Good or bad....thanks.
  14. I was stuck in boarding school and a day boy mate of mine worked at the locaL club....humping gear prior to sound checks and after the show so, he got me involved and I used to risk expulsion every week to go a gig on a Friday night. 2 years seeing some amazing bands, so worth it!!! UB40 were amazing, just hearing the whole place shake when Earl played!!!!
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