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Well you asked for it, so here it is.

I owned this at one time and traded it with DubJunkie, who sold it on. Mexican 60`s re-issue. It was a cracking bass, one I should have kept. Hope you don`t mind me hijacking your photo Keir.


This one now belongs to Donnyboy. Mexican Standard.


Right, get the Jazzez oot!


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Perfect timing to start a Jazz porn thread !!!
Received this one yesterday, haven't put it down yet.
Previously owned by Joe, (Toasted).
2007 MIA Jazz Deluxe .

(don't worry there is a cloth under it, didn't just drop it on the floor outside to take the pictures !! :) )

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The black Fender J-75 is my only jazz today, but a couple of other nice ones have passed through over the years. :)
The Mike Lull neck is one of the nicest ever IMO.

Not a great prn shot, but a totally wicked bass that has outlived and outplayed most of the other ones for me.

This one I still miss a bit:

Great p*rn jazz, no match for the black J-75 though;

Amazing player this Sandberg, unfortunately it was stolen from the 2nd owner after me. Miss it.

Guess I have to post this as well, this being a porn thread and all... :lol:

Two really nice players, LPB 62 jap reissue, and a J-73.

And finally - not sure if this strictly qualifies as a jazz, but it's easy on the eyes and I actually still own it. :)
For me it makes a perfect companion to the black J-75 above.

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Mobile phone photo's but it's all I've got.
'75 re-issue Japanese Non Export
'08 Lakland DJ.
Both loved to death :) .
Edit, should have taken a new photo of the '75, with it's new bridge saddle screw :) .

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