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  1. [quote name='Stylon Pilson' timestamp='1497445645' post='3318203']"give me money for spraying you with cologne and handing you a paper towel"[/quote] No spray no lay.
  2. [quote name='Cato' timestamp='1494273364' post='3294639'] It' s just banter. [/quote] I think you'll find it's actually hugely offensive.
  3. [quote name='itsmedunc' timestamp='1488930277' post='3253099']Has anybody had their previously deactivated account reactivated recently?[/quote] Yes and it's really annoying as it's deactivated for a very good reason! I had to log back in and re-deactivate.
  4. [quote name='Bassassin' timestamp='1484073002' post='3212475'] Needs a poll - who would we sooner have back on BC - Gwizimon or BigBeefChief? No "none of the above" option. [/quote] There's only one viable option there :-)
  5. Probably the best two cabs ever made right here, IMO.
  6. Kanye West discussion on Basschat always makes me laugh.
  7. [quote name='hiram.k.hackenbacker' timestamp='1454895594' post='2974016']Bruno turned up, but he trotted out the predictable [/quote] You say predictable. I say the biggest international pop hit of the past year.
  8. [quote name='owen' timestamp='1451906392' post='2944381'] Yeah, the guy who is talking of tracking issues is comparing it to a Boss sy-300 or Roland v-bass which are very different animals from the FI. [/quote] Which is going to be a bit of an issue for them I think. The DI is perfect because of its imperfections.
  9. [quote name='owen' timestamp='1451896646' post='2944278'] If I play 2 notes at the same time it wobbles, as I would expect it to. [/quote] The Deep Impact does that too.
  10. [quote name='FretNoMore' timestamp='1451318005' post='2939509'] I find this whole situation quite interesting and well worth discussing. Maybe you should skip this thread if you don't like it. [/quote] I think it's worth discussion, however Kev's revelling tone - without any real insight to the situation - is unseemly.
  11. [quote name='Kev' timestamp='1448644445' post='2917147']Interesting to see how Spencer responds to that.[/quote] Why do you care so much? Your revelling in this is distasteful.
  12. [quote name='blue' timestamp='1449602714' post='2925112'] You drop a torpedo like "aimless noodling" on Jaco and didn't expect it to tick some of us off? [/quote] You're too funny man. YOU MUST LIKE WHAT I LIKE. YOU MUST LIKE WHAT I LIKE. YOU MUST LIKE WHAT I LIKE. YOU MUST LIKE WHAT I LIKE. YOU MUST LIKE WHAT I LIKE. Chill.
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