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  1. Had the pleasure of buying an Aguilar OBP-3 from wilko_66, great experience from start to finish. His comms were clear and timely, the preamp was packaged in a most excellent fashion and shipped immediately after the transfer was made. Three days later it had made its way from UK to Sweden and into my Roscoe for which it was a perfect match. I can strongly recommend wilko_66 as a seller - many thanks mate!
  2. Wow, love the quilt on the one above ^ looks very organic all in all. Not much action here though, surely there must be some new additions across the BC community?
  3. Had the opportunity to try out a "private stock" GG the other day at Guitar Center San Diego, an increadibly nice bass - extremely well put together and played like a dream. Great sound to it as well, as far as playing in a music store goes. Amazing slap tone and punchy and clear played fingerstyle. Look at that spalted top, like an ancient map... Had a price tag to go with it though, but very kind of the GC guy helping me (Dan) to go pick this one out from the hi end dispay for me to try.
  4. Have to share my 2nd Roscoe, for me it's the Ultimate Fretless. Aptly named The Blue Angel by the previous owner.
  5. [quote name='james' timestamp='1345054464' post='1772993'] I have a LPB, CAR and an OW along with my 70's Custom Shop, MM5, GB(sold) and a 72neck with a custom body with Sadowsky electrics [attachment=115750:Copy of P6230330.JPG] [/quote] Now that's a proper jazz collection! Awesome stuff!
  6. This build is pure sex!
  7. Awesome, can't wait to see what comes next!
  8. Wow, great stuff! That top looks spectacular, looking forward to seeing it all take shape!
  9. [quote name='GreeneKing' timestamp='1337703996' post='1664291'] I thought I'd share my 4 Yamaha's The BB2024MX is new and I'm blown away by the passive tone from these pickups. The build quality, given that it's made in Yamaha's Japanese 'Custom Shop' is perfect, 10/10. The neck is completely free of dead spots and the colour is like butter. I always missed my CS Ric because of 'that colour' and now I'm happy again. I always wondered what the 'passive fuss' was about and now I know: [url=http://peterb4407.smugmug.com/Other/SmugShots/20297576_MJZnTm#!i=1861702876&k=6HF8pHZ&lb=1&s=A][/url] Now for a pair of TRBP's, my 4 and 6 string. Both 34" scale Mk1's: [url=http://peterb4407.smugmug.com/Other/SmugShots/20297576_MJZnTm#!i=1861702677&k=nWVHVfw&lb=1&s=A][/url] [url=http://peterb4407.smugmug.com/Other/SmugShots/20297576_MJZnTm#!i=1861703529&k=mfBvV7N&lb=1&s=A][/url] And finally my Mk1 TRB5 that's also in great condition for it's age, again a 34" scale bass. This one is probably going up for sale due to redundancy (work not basses): [url=http://peterb4407.smugmug.com/Other/SmugShots/20297576_MJZnTm#!i=1861703192&k=pXndzrR&lb=1&s=A][/url] Peter [/quote] Didn't know the BB2024's have a maple board option - that is one seriously sexy BB! And of course, the TRB's are quite easy on the eyes as well. Amazing quartet you have there!
  10. [quote name='paul_5' timestamp='1338247328' post='1671730']me, I like valves in the pre and SS in the power stage. [/quote] Careful mate, that's apparently not an approved opinion.
  11. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1338246086' post='1671712'] When someone uses one amp for 30 years, that's a good sign they know what a good sounding amp for them is. If they are changing it all the time, either they want a broad range of experience to draw upon, or they just can't get a good tone. [/quote] Could be a sign they are incredibly narrow minded as well.
  12. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1338245305' post='1671693'] That's the thing. How much amp work is that opinion based on? Ever been inside it? Got gutshots from when you did? Opinions don't gain validity without basis. [/quote] Lovely attitude. Having fun? I'm out of this piece of sh*t discussion, but for the record sure I oversimplified things in my first post. However it is my strong belief, based on 30 years of bass playing and way to much gear to count, that the preamp section is way more important than the power amp section. It's no mystery the Music Man HD amps didn't strike gold.
  13. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1338244874' post='1671679'] Reliability and fixability matters, however much you like the sound it makes, doesn't count if it isn't making sound. I used to own an ampeg, it would have been the worst amp I ever owned, except I have one that is 100v line out only which ranks it as slightly more useless on a potential basis, although it would have been cheaper to have converted than to have the Ampeg brought up to standard. [b]Massively annoys me when people pick a boutique example of one thing and a cheaply made nasty POS for the other and think it makes a valid comparison.[/b] [/quote] Are you talking about me in the highligjted section? Did all of BC wake up on the wrong side today? My Ampeg is a B-15 reissue, not a POS in my mind but there you go...
  14. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1338243447' post='1671645'] Or they could be listening to you shouting your mouth off, but I expect most of them aren't. [/quote] Indeed.
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