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  1. well if you hadnt dragged your arse and tried to knock the price down every message.
  2. Bump for reduced price,thanks for trade offers,but i only need a decent guitar amp or maybe an electro acoustic guitar at the moment.
  3. I will trade / part ex for good guitar amp,w.h.y ? 50w or over s.s 1x12 or 20w or over valve 1x12
  4. [url="http://www.marshallamps.com/heritage/dbs/dbs_01.asp"]http://www.marshalla.../dbs/dbs_01.asp[/url] Im selling my beloved Marshall DBS 7200 head and matching 7152 cab.I've had this a few years and played pub gigs,club gigs to massive open air festivals,it has never had to have the vol over half way.Huge sounding,dare i say it ? valvey sounding amp. All the info is on the Marshall site regards to weight / size /ohm's etc.I will regret this. Head [s]£250 or offer [/s] Cab [s] £150 or offer[/s] Head now £200,Cab 100,Buy the pair for £300 [u]Collection only [/u]from Glasgow area. That was genuinely hard to type,but a new band project which i need a decent guitar amp for means it needs to go as i dont have the space for both. Better pics to follow.
  5. Odd question............maybe ? I have the chance of one of these for silly money,i need an amp for a guitar project that im doing that will have me playing a Telecaster,Strat,les paul,mandolin and acoustic.Has anyone played a six string through one of these ? I have pedals that will cover the reverb side of things. i could also do with a bass practice/small gig/portable amp,so im thinking two birds with one stone ? I know........go and try it and see for yourself,but it's over two hours away.
  6. Bass Doc's Precision,it was lust at first sight.....................many years ago.
  7. Almost every guitarist i know has a Telecaster,i've got two.
  8. Forget about brand names,to me they generally mean nothing.Honestly,how hard can it be to make a decent P bass ? There are several non Fender P basses that are just as giggable as an original,Westfield being one of them. As a side note,i just bought a Stagg Tele type guitar at crack converters for £50,original price was about three times that,it is really well built,miles better than a standard Squier or Affinity,and equally as good as a CV Squier,and i will be gigging it soon,leaving my Les Paul at home.
  9. I had one,stupidly heavy and bland sounding.I could barely give it away at the time (about 15 years ago) IIRC i sold it for about £130.
  10. This will be repeated for weeks,months,possibly even years,if anyone missed it.
  11. Done this a few times.My advice would be,keep on doing what you do,you should instinctivley know when to fill space or create it.Listen to as many bands as you can with three instruments,there are loads,ie,cream,free,zeppelin,rush,srv,etc.Solid and melodic is better than flash in this situation IMO
  12. Bill's bass is owned by Larry Moss,a collector from Memphis,and is currently on loan to Graceland.
  13. Not a patch on the Marshall DBS gear.
  14. Im sure someone else will give a more precise answer,but there is a website with full scale patterns with all screw hole dimensions out there somewhere.Forget the rest Bass Doc is the best for scratch plates to pattern.
  15. Coz it looks pretty,and everybody knows that red silk adds to your status as a musician.
  16. [quote name='Muzz' timestamp='1318317909' post='1400319'] Nice wood, but it's yet another version of the most-versioned bass shape in the world. If basses were cars, people would still be making Model Ts out of carbon fibre and composites. [/quote] With square wheels.
  17. Westone Thunders are not short scale.
  18. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1318113017' post='1398319'] You've not seen my other band then - guitarist off on one, drummer off on another one, and me wondering what's the key and where's the one. EDIT: BTW, Ginger who? [/quote] Ginger Mitchell
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