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  1. I have the new Squier Jaguar short scale bass. I got it from DV247.com for £160 delivered, just before Xmas. The strings it came fitted with were absolute sh*te but I changed them for a set of flatwounds and it's much, much nicer to play. Intonation was almost spot on and the action needed no adjustment at all. The only criticism I would make is that the black guitar I bought has a black pickguard fitted. I would like to change that for a tortoiseshell finish pickguard at some stage. I fully concede my lack of experience on the bass (like the OP I've played guitr for many a year) but this one seems fine to me and good value for £160 Rob
  2. Thanks, guys... Looks like I'll try the Status graphites. The strings fitted to the guitar as new just feel 'rough'.... unfinished, somehow (don't know if that makes any sense to you....) and left black marks on my fingers. Totally [u]not[/u] happy with these strings so will get them changed. Again, thanks to all who have helped me with advice through this period of acquisition. Now all I need is to learn how to play the damn thing a little better!!! Having just about nailed 'Tulsa Time' in G, I feel ready to move onto something that has a third chord in it somewhere!! Rob
  3. I post regularly on a couple of watch and clock interest forums and it's exactly the same there. If the guy has been around a long while and has a history of trading with the other guys there I have no worries about sending a watch out on approval, or paying by BT before I see a watch coming in. One useful thing they have there is a 'Heroes and Villains' sticky. Here members can post brief recommendations of really exceptional service they get from dealers, good deals they've done with other members and equally name people/dealers who have given shoddy service, ripped them off etc. Obviously there's a fine line between criticism and libel but if somebody says 'I wouldn't deal with that person again as long as I have a hole in my arse' you kind of get the message. Just a thought... Rob
  4. Finally..... the reprise. thank you to all for your various suggestions. I have finally bought the Squier Jaguar SS bass in black - got it from DV247.com for £160 delivered which is exactly £89 less than a local music shop quoted me....... I've given it a try and rather like the guitar. The scale suits me better than the 34" scale of my Cort action bass and it certainly seems well put together. It's difficult to comment on the tone as I am only using it through a small practice amp and my limited experience is a factor, but it's acceptable to me, anyway. The strings, however, are poor quality. I think some cost-sutting has gone on here...... I also think the black pick guard would look much better replaced by a tortoiseshell finish jobbie, which I might just do in future if I can find a supplier.... So... Can anyone recommend some reasonably priced strings? - I rather fancy tryiing flatwound strings and on that point do I really need to buy strings specifically for short scale basses? Is there really that much of a difference? - they are certainly more expensive than 34" scale strings.... Pleased to hear Rob
  5. I'm not really likely to make use of it myself, but hats off to the OP for providing such a useful service for free. Rob
  6. [quote name='bartelby' timestamp='1323782647' post='1466928'] There's Crane's, GM and Gamlins, all more or less on the same street. All pretty much the same. [b]RhysP[/b] describes them accurately... [/quote] Yes, he does. I tried for a short scale bass recently and not one of them had anything in stock - Ideally I would have liked to try an Epihphone Eb0 and a Squier Jaguar against each other but it was all 'on order only' at each shop. Even Nobles (and I've been buying stuff from 'Nutty' Noble's since 1972) had just one in stock - a child's bass that looked like it was something from 'Hello Kitty'. There is a dealer down in the docks area called Cardiff Guitar Co. I haven't been there - one phone call was enough. No, forget bass shopping in Cardiff. Rob
  7. Hi.. Further to my earlier 'Short Scale' post I am pretty sure I'll have to buy new. I've been doing a trawl of the internet looking at stock levels and prices and two suppliers interest me. Has anyone ever bought from Thomann or Gear4music? Pleased to hear any positive or negative comments - like all the rest of you I can't afford to make any mistakes... Obviously don't say anything libellous but if there is a supplier you feel I would do well to not use I'd be pleased to hear. Equally if you've had good service and would buy again from them I would also like to know. Rob
  8. Black with a tortoiseshell pickguard is an attractive combination. I am considering a Squier Jaguar reissue in this combination - take a look at some of the dealers websites who offer this model. Rob
  9. Thanks all for yr input. I did look at Hofner, but they're out of my price league... they seem to start at 450 - 500 GBP. There's a Tanglewood available at about 100 GBP cheaper but again, too much money for me - I'm new to the bass and am a 'bedroon plonker' so I don't really want to go past the £200 mark. So far the Squier seems to be getting to the top of the list, but what about the Danelectro? Anyone use one of these? Rob
  10. Unfortunately I am having no luck in my search for a used short scale bass. The wanted section here has come up blank and even the Bay of Evil is showing no promise. So it looks like I'm going to have to buy new.... Now I know that the best way to do this is to trot along to the local dealer and try them all out, have a think then make my decision. Unfortunately it's not an ideal world - the local dealers just don't stock them, they are order only so if I want one it's necessary to buy blind. So I'm looking for a little guidance and advice from those of you with experience with short scale bass playing. I did, briefly, try an Epiphone EB-0 and quite liked it (I think I prefer the black finish to the cherry red) so that one must go onto the short list at apporox 150 quid although it did seem a little heavy. I was also considering the new Squier Jaguar reissue either in black with a tortoiseshell scratch plate or even Candy red, at a little over 200 quid. Sorry, but the Bronco doesn't do it for me - I have to like the way it looks, no matter how worthy an instrument it is. So having said that can anyone make any solid recommendations? Is there anything else I should think about? I see the Danelectro reissue is available at approx 150 notes so would any of you consider that one? Pleased to hear Rob
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  12. [list] [*]Thanks, all. Some very comprehensive info there. [/list]
  13. In Mexico recently I spotted a guy playing an elderly Jazz with a piece of what appeared to be a piece of upholstery foam underneath the strings near the bridge. I couldn't get close enough to take a proper look or ask the guy about it.. Does anyone know the purpose of this? Rob p.s. My profile says [u]no longer[/u] a newbie but that's bollocks...
  14. [quote name='OutToPlayJazz' timestamp='1320273115' post='1424802'] Learning to read proper music would be a much more useful endeavour [/quote] Yeah... hadn't thought of that....... thanks for that nugget of wisdom.... duh..... but genuine thanks to those who answered in a more positive vibe, especially mep and mornats Rob
  15. Hi... First off apologies if I´ve posted this to the wrong section of the site... on holiday in Mexico and too many tequila sunrises last night..... I note the sticky showing various sites for bass score... Is there a similar source of sites for free bass tab pls?? There are a few songs that I´d like to try to learn and the tab would make life a lot easier. Pleased to hear Rob
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