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  1. I know I'm right

    my guitarist wants to play Nancy boy by Placebo. Fair enough. I told him I'd learnt it. He says it's in E. Err NO!!! It's in F. On the 1996 album it's in F, are there any other versions where it's in E?? Cheers
  2. *Sold* Ampeg SVT 410HE (USA) *Sold*

    Hi, roughly what weight is the cab???? Cheers.
  3. Markbass 212 cab

    Hi, I'm after a Markbass 212 cab, preferably a Newyork. Anyone selling???? Cheers Hitchy.
  4. Which cab configuration????

    Got my cab back yesterday and the guy couldn't replicate the problem I was having. Plays fine now, so don't know what was going on. Low frequencies and the cabinet resonating causing the horrible sound ( not my playing) lol. It's not something I understand really. This homemade cab will do for now but still on the look out for a proper 212.
  5. Which cab configuration????

    I took my cab to my local music shop today to get it checked out. Also did a lot of brousing on the internet. New top of the range drivers are quite expensive if I decide to upgrade the cab. I don't think it's worth doing, as the cab is an old battered guitar cab. I looked at all 212 cabs too, the price difference is amazing, am very interested in the TKS S212 and Markbass NY 212. If I can get more mileage out of what I've got, fine, if not I'm gonna treat myself to one of the above. I'll keep an eye out for second hand too.
  6. Which cab configuration????

    Hi all, After five years of gigging with an Orange Terror bass 500 and a Peavey 4x10 cab I decided I needed a change. Got bored and fed up with breaking my back hauling that heavy cab around. So I cobbled together 2 12"speakers into a cab and sounds great. Now I'm using a Markbass LM II and all was well, but the old celestions are starting to sound not so good, like they're torn or something. So I'm thinking of a MB cab, but can't decide weather to buy a 2x10 or 2x12. There is nowhere around here that stocks MB gear to try so might have to just buy off the internet and suck it and see. So, I play in a pretty loud rock band and need something to cut through, so maybe a Traveler 2x10 or Newyork 2x12. So I know you guys know your stuff, any advice would be helpful. Cheers.
  7. MM Sterling SUB bass for sale **SOLD**

    Hi, I have a TC Electronic bg250 1x15 combo on here for sale at £200. Would you be interested in a trade plus £50 cash for your mm??? Regards Hitchy.
  8. TC Electronic BG250 Combo *SOLD*

    Bump!! Would trade for a Markbass Newyork 2x12 cab.
  9. TC Electronic BG250 Combo *SOLD*

    Bump. Anyone. It's vertically brand new from PMT Birmingham in late March.
  10. TC Electronic BG250 Combo *SOLD*

    Thanks. This Combo has 2x tone print feature's, download the sounds you fancy straight from your phone. Don't like them, try some more. Very easy to do. £200. Anyone???????? 😰
  11. TC Electronic BG250 Combo *SOLD*

    Totally agree with you there dude. £200 and it's yours. 😜
  12. TC Electronic BG250 Combo *SOLD*

    Hi, it's 1x15. It also has a built in tuner , an input for MP3 and headphone socket. You can then play along to your favourite music while the Mrs is watching Corrination street. :-)
  13. Very light Weight and great for practicing and small gigs, but not for me. Only 4 months old. It's like new. Come and try it out. Collection only. A bargin at £200.
  14. SOLD!

    I've sent you a PM