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  1. [quote name='Lozz196' timestamp='1396968761' post='2419240'] Much deader string perhaps [/quote] My first thought.
  2. http://www.fender.com/series/pawn-shop-special/excelsior-pro-surf-green-120v/ Came across this yesterday and had my interest piqued. A 15 watt all tube guitar combo with a [b]15"[/b] Eminence driver that retails at £230 online. Now I haven't been able to find any solid info on the driver to see whether it could handle the low frequencies of a bass, so I thought I would put it to you, the wonderfully informed members of Basschat - could this little thing handle a bass at bedroom volumes, and more importantly, does anyone have any first hand experience to prove/disprove that my theory that it would be a perfectly viable all tube practise amp?
  3. How does the P/MM combo work? I've always thought if that as my dream pickup config without ever actually hearing it
  4. [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1396967626' post='2419221'] I ended up buying a Squier P from a fellow BCer and the difference is like night and day. [/quote] I sold Howard this very bass, which is what I base my opinion of current Squiers on. They are excellent value for money, well built, solid and great sounding basses. Particularly the VM/CV series. I have to confess the only reason I sold mine was a great deal popped up on a virtually new MIM Precision, and the Squier was the only one I could face selling on to make room.
  5. [quote name='tom1946' timestamp='1396854270' post='2417870'] Not any more........ [/quote] Haha congrats. Had I not bought mine just a month or so ago I would've had that one. Looked lovely!
  6. Selling my Quarter Pounder, which needs a little work. A couple of the connections have broken (see pics) and need re-working. I'm nowhere near competent enough to do that myself, and I have no plans to use these again, so they're for sale, for a good price to someone who knows what they're doing! £25 shipped.
  7. Fender have a really good guide available online which I've used religiously when setting up my basses. http://www.fender.com/en-GB/support/articles/bass-guitar-setup-guide
  8. Wow! Is that a limited edition finish? I've never seen that before!
  9. I have one in red/rosewood. Great bass, has lasted me 10 years so far!
  10. I must confess after thinking this thing was the best idea in the world ever for a long time I didn't get on with the one I tried recently. HOWEVER it doesn't stop it looking lovely
  11. [quote name='White Cloud' timestamp='1396559220' post='2415193'] I was in the club....then left! [/quote] Blasphemy It's personal preference, but I've never found a bass that agrees with my ears in the same way a P does.
  12. Congrats Lozz! I would say we match but this has so much more mojo than my MIM!
  13. [quote name='Bassman Sam' timestamp='1396579142' post='2415367'] [size=4]Putting a tort scratchplate on a black bass is asking for a slap. [/size] [/quote] Unless it has a maple board, then it's perfectly acceptable Back to the thread - congratulations on your re-born bass!
  14. [quote name='hamfist' timestamp='1396594141' post='2415401'] THe used bass market is so depressed these days you can get an amazing amount for £300. [/quote] This. I picked up an immaculate '11 Mexican Precision for less than your budget in the FS section here. If I remember rightly there is a lovely LPB P for sale for around the same price right now.
  15. I've always wanted to own a Highway One, primarily for the finish.
  16. [quote name='Chiliwailer' timestamp='1396503666' post='2414316'] Lovely, sweet grain too [size=4] [/size] [/quote] This. Looks in pretty good condition given it's age!
  17. The Fender Modern Player Jazz would work. Not active, but has two chunky humbuckers with coil switches (loads of tones) and obviously a nice Jazz neck. They run at about £400 off the peg.
  18. [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1396132428' post='2410355'] Hi Dave and yesssss the VM Precision is currently my favourite bass... if I could own only one instrument it'd be a P bass! I've been listening to Future Of The Left in the car and hearing the P bass in everything LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkTvISL53HQ [/quote] Glad to hear it!
  19. [quote name='Bassman Sam' timestamp='1396129473' post='2410318'] Well done that man, this bass is now perfect. [/quote] [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1396131244' post='2410334'] Like it! [/quote] Thanks both! Howard, are you still enjoying the VM?
  20. [quote name='Protium' timestamp='1396125002' post='2410269'] The Bass Doc, a member on here. [/quote] This. I had two guards off Howard recently, both excellent.
  21. Might be a bit big for bedroom practice, but it's safe to say if you bought it you probably wouldn't need to worry about buying an amp ever again (unless it completely died)
  22. My 40 makes the windows rattle when it's cranked. If you have the cash then you might as well stretch the 100 though, I think that's the model that starts to use the posh Eminence speakers rather than Fender's own.
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