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  1. You’re right, but I was 50/50 on whether I would keep it so I cut it so it was mostly the guard instead.
  2. Just the one, on my oldest bass.
  3. Thanks for your input! I’ve found this particularly true compared to my other basses - there is a much more nuanced range of response depending on playing style / the level of “digging in”.
  4. Very tempted by one of these. Currently using my Mac + Behringer DI as a headphone setup, but it is quite limiting being stuck at my desk all the time!
  5. There’s no question after a week that it’s heavy. I’ve thought about changing the diamond plate to black (the matte black suggestion is a good one!) or shell but I’m not sure I will, partly the collector in me, partly I actually like the look and feel of it. I’m still “learning” the EQ (even though this is my second SUB) - being a P Bass guy normally, I find myself rolling the treble off slightly so it’s not quite as in-your-face as everything wide open. Any tips on how you get the most out of your 2EQ Stingray would be welcome!
  6. The same question I was asking myself. Glad to have one back on the rack!
  7. Lovely! Congrats on the bass, and well done to the shop.
  8. It’s been a while, but lockdown has really got me playing properly again. I had one of these about five years ago but (regrettably) let it go as part of a part ex on another P. I’ve been keeping half an eye on eBay for the last few months to see if one would come up again, and on Sunday night my wish was granted! A White, active USA SUB, delivered to my door in short order, and it’s full of unmistakable Stingray zing, and I love it! It’s basically immaculate apart from a bit of wear on the paint which is understandable for something of this age. Very happy.
  9. That colour is lovely!
  10. Yeah, I’m into the white. Absolutely do not need another bass though.
  11. I'm an active podcast listener (my feed has about 15 weeklies in it) and I would definitely add this one. Echoing others I would also be willing to contribute if there aren’t enough offers already Audio only is the only viable option IMO given the relative time suck video would represent. I would also urge you to keep the episodes to 40-45mins and build out if the initial audience response suggests you should. Anything over an hour means two sittings for most folks, so you have a greater chance of drop-out/content being missed.
  12. All true. I had a complex about liking Precisions when I first started playing (they looked 'boring') so I was all about Jazz basses. Then I went to more gigs, where more people were playing P's and I was blown away - I've had some variation on a P as my main bass for the 14 years since.
  13. Cheers Cameron, I've tried to price it fairly! It's a fantastic device, I've used it for browsing, photo editing, recording demos and gaming and it stands up to all of it!
  14. Hello! Selling my iPad Pro 9.7" to fund an upgrade to my desktop. It's two years old, but in perfect condition as I've looked after it like a child! The screen has no marks whatsoever, and the body/case is pretty much like new barring a couple of small marks. It comes in the original box, with the original charger, but a brand new lightning cable. I'm based in London and able to do a meet-up if you're local, otherwise I will ship within the UK at cost. Payment via PayPal only. Full disclosure, this is also on eBay, first come first served (so if it goes on there before I have chance to message you back then I'm sorry!) Cheers, Dave
  15. Sold Andy my Korg multi-effects thing. He was a beaut to deal with, a pillar of the Basschat community. I would have 0 hesitation dealing with Andy again!
  16. On hold pending the usual formalities.
  17. Chris just bought my Bass VI, and what a pleasure it was to deal with him. Comms throughout have been excellent despite his demanding work schedule, and payment was a breeze. I would have no qualms whatsoever dealing with Chris again, and would heartily recommend him as a buyer to anyone on this forum. Enjoy the bass brother!
  18. Alex bought my VT Bass pedal, and it couldn't have been any easier. As everyone else had said, Alex is a good'n.
  19. [quote name='Julianna56' timestamp='1505737575' post='3373862'] Bought a VT-Bass pedal from Dave, great comms, very fast shipping, all went well. Thanks, Alex [/quote] Cheers Alex, glad it arrived OK!
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