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  1. C’mon, show us the goods then!
  2. Pretty sure the Squier CV Jaguar is 32” scale with passive P/J so you get a little extra versatility if you need it, and a shade cheaper than the Player range... EDIT: so it is, here you go https://shop.fender.com/en-GB/squier-electric-basses/jaguar-bass/classic-vibe-jaguar-bass/0374560500.html
  3. Lovely stuff Lozz. It couldn’t be any other colour combo, could it?
  4. EB are really going for it with the signature models at the moment!
  5. With a bit of digging through the search function I found the blog post that wrapped up the day including the fulls results of the shootout and a couple of video clips of how Lozz ran the show at the time. https://bassclef141.wordpress.com/2014/07/12/herts-bass-bash-2014/ edit: and Lozz’s post:
  6. Glad I stumbled across this one! Bit of a faff, but worth the battle. Now I just need to figure out how to get the plug-in into GarageBand...! EDIT: this worked for me https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/how-to-get-amplitube-4-presets-to-appear-in-garageband/
  7. Lovely! How is the neck profile? In my head these should be slimmer, approaching Jazz territory but somehow I doubt that’s the case
  8. Fair. I had a “Vintage Modified” P which was from Indonesia, and it was a really decent bass. Sold on to another BC member so hopefully it lives on somewhere!
  9. Looks an awful lot like the first bass I ever got my hands on - a “Hondo II” which was black with a maple board and lumbered with a Gibson style bridge. No doubt a copy of a bass like this!
  10. Can relate to that somewhat. Lockdown has me playing my P/J’s more than anything else (both Jazz necks) but I know if I was playing with a band I’d be picking up something chunkier - either my Hoppus P or the new SUB - because my “job” is different in that setting.
  11. Congrats. Can confirm you won’t be disappointed when you plug it in either!
  12. The Jag sounds like it’s perfect for you! On the amp, happy Rumble 40 v3 owner here. Don’t get to play “out loud” very often these days (terraced house + 1yr old with an early bedtime) but they’re very nice things.
  13. My brother has the SUB and I always found that it gives you the StingRay sound and vibe without question. A little less refined in terms of fit and finish compared to more expensive basses, but still great quality. The other important shout out is the SUB’s neck is more like a Jazz profile - skinny at the nut and fast to play, where I imagine the Ray 24 would be a more traditional StingRay style. I don’t know your preference, but I would consider this to be a bigger factor than any other in your decision!
  14. You’re right, but I was 50/50 on whether I would keep it so I cut it so it was mostly the guard instead.
  15. Just the one, on my oldest bass.
  16. Thanks for your input! I’ve found this particularly true compared to my other basses - there is a much more nuanced range of response depending on playing style / the level of “digging in”.
  17. Very tempted by one of these. Currently using my Mac + Behringer DI as a headphone setup, but it is quite limiting being stuck at my desk all the time!
  18. There’s no question after a week that it’s heavy. I’ve thought about changing the diamond plate to black (the matte black suggestion is a good one!) or shell but I’m not sure I will, partly the collector in me, partly I actually like the look and feel of it. I’m still “learning” the EQ (even though this is my second SUB) - being a P Bass guy normally, I find myself rolling the treble off slightly so it’s not quite as in-your-face as everything wide open. Any tips on how you get the most out of your 2EQ Stingray would be welcome!
  19. The same question I was asking myself. Glad to have one back on the rack!
  20. Lovely! Congrats on the bass, and well done to the shop.
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