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  1. [quote name='NancyJohnson' timestamp='1393755094' post='2383945'] This is great fun and another hour wasted! It does make you wonder why manufacturers don't offer a degree of configuration/customisation even in a limited way...it's 2014 kids. Fender (for instance) must be producing hundreds of bodies/necks globally on a daily basis; this isn't a case of following through an instrument or keeping it in house from start to finish (a la their Custom Shop), it should simply be a case of 'simply' stockpiling parts and screwing them together to satiate the desires of their customers, rather than force feeding them a limited number of standard models plus artist editions. [/quote] This! My biggest bug bear is that I'll probably never be able to buy a Surf Green/Sonic Blue Fender Precision off the rack for less than a couple of grand because they're seen as 'obscure' finishes.
  2. Never been a fan of gold on a bass.
  3. I was intrigued as to what made up the £400 difference. £599 seems a steal for a US made bass with a hard case!
  4. Top. I like the contrast between the body and the neck
  5. [quote name='Grissle' timestamp='1393707544' post='2383668'] I'm really anxious to hear/read a comparison of the new Fender 40 and the Ampeg ba110??!! [/quote] I'm probably the least objective person to ask - I bought two BA110's from two different retailers and had to send both back for different faults. After that debacle I bought a Rumble 15, which was faultless, and then last week I traded up to the Rumble 40. If the BA110 had worked, I would've kept it happily, but looking back now when I think about 'bang for buck' the Rumble 40 wins hands down - more flexible EQ, XLR out, built-in overdrive, 3 built-in tone voicings, and trust me, the Fender weighs [b]a lot[/b] less. I can't emphasize that enough.
  6. I've just ordered a set of Roland RH-5's which I preferred because of the fully closed back. I will report back once I've given them a go.
  7. I'm sure The Bass Doc could knock you one up
  8. My Squier P doesn't have the 'hanging hole' but the cavity for the electronics is pretty huge! I definitely wouldn't go sans guard.
  9. I saw recently that the mint was going end of life so they might be pretty tough to come by. That would have been my choice if I was buying one of these.
  10. [quote name='AndyTravis' timestamp='1393454537' post='2380644'] They're really nice, came back from a week off to the 40/100/200/500 combos in work. The 40 having an XLR out is a great feature for a smaller combo if you were in a covers band (I know the bronco had that feature too...) But they're all decent sounding, light beyond expectation and even the 40w is plenty loud for jamming with mates. [/quote] I took the plunge on the 40 and love it. It's more than enough at home, and I figure between the 'underrated' power stage and the XLR out I'm covered if I need to go louder.
  11. This is my dream bass. Simple. I really really hope Fender can find it in their hearts to make this as a production model some day.
  12. All of the above! If it makes you feel any better my Squier P didn't come with a lot in the box, if I remember rightly it was just the Allen keys.
  13. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1393415280' post='2379880'] I'd go with the behringer DI thingy... seems to get good reviews and cheap as chips [/quote] This. I used to run a small open mic/acoustic night and the only time we had a bass running through our (basic) PA without a DI it sounded pretty awful. Worthwhile investment.
  14. Nice! The grain on the neck in that last photo is lovely!
  15. [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1393352046' post='2379197'] A Squier Vintage Modified or Active Deluxe or Classic Vibe Jazz bass should serve you very well. [/quote] This. Both the Classic Vibe Squiers and the Modern Player Fenders are made in China, and in my experience the quality is very similar.
  16. After a set up my VM Squier plays just as well as my Mexican Fender. As said above, don't be fooled by the label!
  17. Mike bought a set of strings from me last week. Honestly a pleasure to deal with, extremely quick to respond, and payment received within 5 minutes of agreeing the sale. Would happily sell to (or buy from) Mike in the future.
  18. Black Dog Not a huge Zep fan but this is great fun to play!
  19. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1393158154' post='2376731'] Here's a WD plate, bought in 2010 and the brown tortoiseshell rather than the red. Why on earth did I sell that bass? [/quote] Is that a Highway One I spy?
  20. Have been GAS'ing for an SUB on and off for a few months. This thread doesn't help matters A chap I used to know at school had a white one which was a bit of a mistake (finish was marked in no time) but it was always nice to play.
  21. [quote name='topheteatwo' timestamp='1391810181' post='2361681'] Mine is this the bassist from Brand New, criminally underrated, that riff is just great. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOHg1rKzWuE [/quote] +1 there are a couple of tracks where he does some really great, subtle work (see Gasoline) My other pick would be Roger from Less Than Jake who regularly impresses me with quite intricate lines whilst sharing vocal duties. Below is a personal favourite example: http://youtu.be/WG1ZtRs2TA8
  22. [quote name='Graham' timestamp='1393088327' post='2376100'] I'd love to play Anchor by Cave In, but it'd fall flat on it's face at our gigs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9_wzzq_uyXQ This video always gives me Gibson Ripper GAS [/quote] Always loved that song. As a bassist it would be Welcome to Paradise http://youtu.be/zM58kGx_xpU In my current situation (flying solo) it's always been Let's not Sh*t Ourselves by Bright Eyes. I've never found a situation where this one (9+ minutes) would be 'audience appropriate'. Plus I think it would only really work with a full band. http://youtu.be/pDWKSie5gLo
  23. I had a similar situation recently - saw a bass on gumtree, arranged a price and a time to meet and try it only to see the same bass on eBay (with bids) with the listing ending the day before I was due to go round. Sent the guy a message asking the obvious question of "Que?" and didn't get a response until after the eBay auction ended when he kindly told me he had told the winning eBayer (who bid more than I offered) that he was then selling to me instead. Didn't feel right so I pulled out and wished him all the best.
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