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  1. Had two of these for bedroom practice and had to send both back for different faults (dodgy input and then a rattling cab) When they did work they were brilliant. I just couldn't bring myself to try a third on the off chance it might a be a good one. I went for a Fender Rumble instead, which has been faultless.
  2. [quote name='bartelby' timestamp='1392311283' post='2367196'] The satin black one is currently right at the top of my GAS list. [/quote] Big fan of the black/black/maple!
  3. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1392287976' post='2366745'] am I the only one who liked the stock strings??? [/quote] I find them a bit sticky. They sound decent though.
  4. I have a Rumble 15 from the previous generation - it's tempting to upgrade given I could get something with 3x the output (and a much better look) in a box of similar weight.
  5. Mine has become the first bass off the stand at the moment. I've never really played Jazzes before (always been a P kinda guy) but this is really doing the business, I feel like I can hear more of the wood than I can with my P's.
  6. http://www.andertons.co.uk/electric-basses/pid32800/cid682/sterling-by-music-man-sub-ray-4-bass-guitar-in-trans-blue-satin.asp
  7. [quote name='tom1946' timestamp='1391760875' post='2360918'] Ok well further to my problems, I ended up adding the extra and bought a discounted Squier VM Precision in Amber/maple from them. They gave me £30 off for my trouble too. The P bass is a different level for me, I am a dyed in the wool precision guy anyway. I did recently buy a new MIM P in white/maple and the only difference I can see is the Squier is a bit lighter! To my ears they both sound the same. Sure the MIM feels more solid but that's it. [/quote] I have the very same Amber VM Precision and it more than stacks up against my MIM. Great basses.
  8. Gareth bought a Silver Series neck from me this week, payment was lightening fast, great communication throughout and just a really nice guy to deal with (always a bonus, right?) Buy or sell with confidence. And Gareth, hope you enjoy the neck!
  9. As above. You would probably be able to add more value to the bass by sacrificing the sig and making the mods you want to make
  10. Definitely a big +1 for Yamaha - my first bass was an RBX170 and it was solid, and only cost £170ish at the time. The Squier Vintage Modified range is also excellent (well built and decent hardware), but a little more pricey at around £250. All that said there's no alternative for going out to your local shop and leaving with the one that speaks to you.
  11. theyellowcar

    2X18 feedback

    Bought a Jazz neck off Will, arrived quickly, great communication throughout - would happily buy again.
  12. So unfortunately the Silver Series neck didn't quite fit. Fortunately I've grown to love the maple neck. The guard I bought didn't line up either, but I've managed to extend the holes and it's now fixed in pretty well. Very happy with my purchase.
  13. PM replied. On hold pending the usual
  14. Hello, Bought this from 2x18 (Will) on here last week and unfortunately it didn't fit the intended bass (J&D Jazz) so I have no need for it. Just trying to re-coup what I paid for it, happy to ship or we can arrange collection if you're in London. Looks great, not a mark on it. Comes with no-name Fender style machine heads (not original) and the original bolts and neck plate. £60 shipped.
  15. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1390951379' post='2351764'] oh, what are parts 2 and 3? I assume one is the bass... and the other? [/quote] I bought a Squier Silver Series neck from 2x18 on here because I was after a rosewood board :-) The bass has arrived at home today! Exciting!
  16. Part 1 of 3 for Project Surf arrived today! Just a shame the bass doesn't show up until tomorrow!
  17. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1390864176' post='2350793'] Used the bass at rehearsal tonight. It doesn't sound half bad! I'll be using it live on Wednesday [/quote] That's when mine arrives! How did it sit in the mix?
  18. Best bass to come out of NAMM so far! Looks lovely!
  19. [quote name='throwoff' timestamp='1390693539' post='2348452'] I'm completely the opposite of this. I would love to have an instrument that was accessible to all, I would want it to be a good instrument of course but would much rather a 'cheap' model than something so expensive fans of my music and god forbid my playing () would not be able to buy it. [/quote] This! I would also argue that the best of the Squier range is now as good as or better than what comes out of Fender's Mexican plant. The years when Squier was a dirty word have long since passed, in my eyes at least.
  20. [quote name='dannybuoy' timestamp='1390736016' post='2348727'] Just a tip - I had a Squier Jazz on here for sale for over a week with no bites - I advertised the body and neck separately and they sold within hours! Plus they were easier to pack for shipping, just wrap in bubble wrap and a makeshift box made from other boxes! [/quote] I like the cut of this man's jib ;-)
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  22. Slightly off the wall PM incoming.
  23. Have one of these with a rosewood board, cracking bass, lots of tonal variety, size 0 Jazz bass neck (I challenge you to find one much thinner!) well worth the £ asked. GLWTS
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