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  1. A custom shop Jazz, with a Precision pickup at the neck, and a big ol' MM humbucker in the bridge. Surf Green or Sonic Blue, pearl plate.
  2. Many moons ago I was desperate to get my hands on a black BB604! Phenomenal bass.
  3. [quote name='bartelby' timestamp='1382887269' post='2257571'] I saw a Black/Maple Fender Modern Player Jazz Satin in real life yesterday. The build quality was fantastic. I refrained from having a try as I would depress me not being able to buy one there and then. But currently it's top of the GAS list. [/quote] Top of mine too. That and trying to hunt down a Sonic Blue CV Precision (which mysteriously appeared back on the Squier website last night!)
  4. Still trying to find my brand. I have Rotosound Rotobass on both of my basses at the moment. They sound great on my Fender, which I had time to set up when I changed strings. My Squier is a totally different story, just illustrating the point that every player/bass/pack of strings is different!
  5. Congrats! I picked up the VM Precision a couple of months ago and absolutely love it. It gets played daily! I look forward to seeing the pics when they make it up!
  6. Ok experiences with GAK - two orders, one good, one bad. To be fair to them the bad experience was a faulty product which was returned and promptly refunded. I can strongly recommend PMT based on my experience dealing with their team in Birmingham. Called their web team at the weekend with an enquiry, the number actually pushed through to the Birmingham store where The chap (Steve?) processed my order and threw in a free set-up and Saturday delivery.
  7. Had this exact issue with a BA110 before sending it back. A Google suggests that it's driven by relatively loose cab construction and is fixable with a bit of work on the innards. As I said above, I sent mine back and picked up a Fender Rumble which has been impeccable.
  8. I played the black 2013 in Wunjo on Saturday to see if the Rumble amp I was picking up would handle an active bass, and I have to say I was really impressed. I had it set completely flat and got a lovely tone out of it. The neck was to die for.
  9. Reduced to £50 shipped, final final price, come and get it.
  10. http://db.tt/AyK8rCW1 More pictures available here.
  11. Used Leo Quan Badass II bridge for sale. [b]NOW £50 SHIPPED - FINAL PRICE[/b] I've just returned my Precision to stock and as such this is no longer required. The saddles haven't been filed so you can adjust it to suit your style and your own bass. This listing doesn't include mounting screws, but you can use the ones from your existing BBOT. Price now includes shipping, or if you're in London I'm happy to meet up within reasonable distance (I'm based in Ealing, work in Paddington) Payment preferred via BT or PayPal. [attachment=143444:DSC_0779.jpg]
  12. Only ever played one once, but I remember thinking it was a great bass.
  13. Would be good to know how you get on if you pick up a BA108 - I'm about to return the second BA110 I've had in as many weeks - the input went on the first and I seem to be getting a really horrible resonant distortion (even at low volumes) from the second. A proliferation of threads on TalkBass seem to suggest it's a known fault with the 110, so I'm considering a 108 as I'm emotionally attached to the Ampeg sound. EDIT: Hijacking the thread a little, but saves starting a new topic on the same subject - anyone have any experience with the Ashdown Tourbus range?
  14. [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/215995-nbd-squier-vm-precision-updated-with-audio-samples/"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/215995-nbd-squier-vm-precision-updated-with-audio-samples/ I[/url]'ve just uploaded some audio samples of my VM P-bass
  15. I'm out and about today, but when I get back I'll record some quick samples for you all :-) EDIT: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/86001412/VM.mp3 Here you are. Clips are in this order: 1. Tone full open, finger style 2. Tone full open, pick 3. Tone full off, finger style 4. Tone full off, pick All straight into Audacity through an M-Audio USB, no additional tweaks.
  16. So, after a number of years playing my Active Precision, I've taken the plunge and picked up what I consider to be a REAL Precision for the first time in my bass playing career. The build and finish of this thing is phenomenal - it's easily as well built as the Active Precision. The tone is exactly what I've been looking for, lots of punch and a little bit of bite. While I was waiting for it to arrive I was toying with the idea of replacing the bridge, but there is no need - this thing has bags of sustain. It's early days, but I can't speak highly enough of this bass, my opinion of the Squier range (particularly VM and CV) has sky-rocketed! As an aside - Steve at PMT in Birmingham (I have no affiliation!) who ordered this in for me was an absolute gem - I originally called about a price match and whilst he wasn't able to meet the other retailer's price, he threw in a free set-up and free Saturday delivery which would've cost me more than the difference in price anyway.
  17. Big fan of the CV series, £200 is an absolute steal!!
  18. My VM precision arrives tomorrow! I spent about 40 minutes A/B'ing the VM and an Affinity last weekend and the VM just felt that bit more polished. There was a noticeable difference in the quality of the neck and the electronics (serious hum from the Affinity) and the tone from the DD pickup was a world apart from the standard Squier job.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. The old MIM Deluxe Precisions have a Jazz neck on them - I can attest that they are extremely slim indeed!
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