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  1. No worries, I'm testing the market as well as I decided 6 string is not my thing and I wanted a 5 string instead. I may part exchange this to the shop as well depend on what they got.
  2. Don't have a 5 string but do have a Spector Q6 (6 string bass) to trade if you interest.
  3. [quote name='MattM' timestamp='1492022136' post='3277311'] 2EQ Ray is *the* sound. Mid controls and centre detents are for wooses. [/quote] I use to own a 3 band EQ SR and then also own a Musicman USA Sub 2 band SR. The 2 band defnitely sounded better then the 3 band.
  4. [quote name='highwayman' timestamp='1492012580' post='3277198'] This is the one: [/quote] Very nice SR
  5. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1491896502' post='3276144'] But you still did a deal. Anyone selling goods to a pawnbroker is going to get a bad deal, you might just get a bad deal with a smile somewhere else then [/quote] Yeah, is always better to have a smile on the face then poor customer service. People do sell expensive insutrument to them. They had a Martin acoustic, a few Tokai Les Paul and a Fretless Musicman stingray for sale.
  6. My point was not how much they offer me the goods, is the way how he offer and the way he talks to me. Cash gen staff is more friendly then him. Thats the last time I will go to that shop.
  7. [quote name='Woodinblack' timestamp='1491844208' post='3275818'] Although it is frustrating when they offer you less than you want, you are *always* going to get less selling at one of these sort of places than selling thing privately and patiently, you are paying for convenience, and they know that if you are selling there it is because you are not going to bother for some reason, you don't have the time, you don't have the patience, or sadly in a lot of cases, because they are stolen. So they take that risk, they have it in their shop for a while, and frankly they aren't particularly interested, they don't sell as much as mobile phones or something, so they can afford to pay a pittance. But ultimately, they aren't ripping you off as you know what they will give you. Car dealers on the other hand.... [/quote] I definitely know they will pay less and i expect that. Insult me with a £15 offer for the lot and say they are all rubbish stuff is none sense. Cash generator staff won't even say that.
  8. I was clearing out some of the old recording equipment at home because is taking up desk space and room space and instead of throwing them away I decide to cash them in quick. Took it to the Entertainment Trader in manchester and offload my stuff to them. The following item were offloaded. - Old ish Edirol midi keyboard in 100% perfect condition - Old ish Edirol monitor speakers in 100% perfect condition - T-Bone stereo mic - Presonus Inspire 1394 I wasn't bother of how much they gonna screw me because I needed to offload them quick. First thing I walked in and the owner said let me see what you got, I put all the stuff on the table and he become uninterest and saying I'm wasting my time because these are all old crap and he will only offer me £15. I defintely find that an insult offer, I quickly told him I will get more selling them to cash generator then you guys. He quickly offer more money, we came to a figure I'm kinda ok to accept but I know probably get alot more if I sell them privately and patiently. Is the attitude of the owner that is not great. I said these a old items but they are still great and is good brand. His reply was "was great 10 years ago but they are old piece of crap now". My experience is don't sell to these guys and also not to buy from them too. I also heard him saying bad thing to his staff about a customer wanting a refund online.
  9. I'm surpraise you have to dial in extreme EQ setting on the SVT and still can't get the sound. I take you you already tried dial down the tone control and it is still bright?
  10. What bass you had previously? It maybe a thing to get use to. Running both PU at the same time gives you a scoop mid sound. I won't say a jazz is a bright sounding bass.
  11. I've email John about this already he told me to remove the volumn knob to try the push pull toggle. I did that it the result is he same. I've left a cable plugin at the moment to drain the battery. Will see if passive mode still works when battery is flat out. If it does, i'm not bother because i prefer it this way, the boost knob can leave it at centre to turn preamp off. I can boost when needed. The preamp is so clean that i can hv the preamp engage all the time.
  12. That is s good idea actually, i will leave it plug in to see will it go to passive mode when flat. The volumn and tone is passive that feeds to the active part. Everything works fine just can't toggle passive and active. Personaly i like it this way, i just boost when i want to use active and leave it in centre position if i just want passive control.
  13. I just had my john east p retro install today on my PJ bass. First thing is the bass sound lovely with thr p retro and i like the preamp system once you work out what each knob does. Takes some time to get use to because is not a typical 3 band eq system. I have to install a switch to the bass to toggle the pickups because the p retro don't have blend knob. My issue at the moment is the passive and active push pull from the volumn knob doesn't do anything. The active preamp is engage whether you in passive or active mode. Personally doesn't bother me because the passive control is always on and the preamp boost knob set to centre position it will not change the tone. My concern is if the battery goes flat out will it switch to passive mode even tho my passive mode doesn't work?
  14. I have gone from lightweight to heavy gear before. The only reason i do that is money. I need cash for other non musical things and heavy stuff like Trace Elliot stuff is cheap and serve the purpose. Now I gone from heavy to small multi purpose combo because it fits what I do. Trace elliot stuff is too heavy to move around and it won't fit in my car as well. So I sold it and went for a small combo like SWR workingman 10 because it is loud enough for me to use as stage monitor and it has a DI out.
  15. The TC combo is fantastic for money. If my SWR workingman 10 is broke and need replacing, I most likely will a TC combo for power and weight.
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