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  1. Thank you; these seem to be well-rated on eBay/Amazon: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BOSS-PSA-240-NOISE-FREE-REPLACEMENT-POWER-SUPPLY-ADAPTER-9V-500mA/262792227746 9V 500mA, regulated (which I understand counters the hum issue on lesser variants).
  2. I was quite pleased to have won an eBay auction for a Roland Micro Cube having missed out on a few; it was a fair price, despite not having the power adapter (if they come with them then why are so many advertised without??). Anyway, sourcing the 9V lead is proving a task; official ones are around £26 new (which is steep compared to the amp's cost - good luck finding a used one), and the reviews on eBay/Amazon for non-Roland replacements are almost universally bad, stating that they can wreck the amp and hum. Surely there must be an excellent option at a reasonable price? Suggestions please.
  3. Thanks, a good suggestion - unfortunately the golden era of 'hair metal' is woefully underrepresented by Cheshire East's selection...
  4. Getting back into guitar, I'm on the hunt for the second-hand tab books that I recall being two-a-penny even a decade ago (such as Dokken, Giant, Ratt, Winger +); eBay searches reveal that most are now located in the US or Japan and and are at serious money (even though they seem to never sell...). I guess I recall seeing them in dusty music shops which have sadly diminished in numbers in recent years. Any suggestions on good places to hunt please? Either online or in person? (I'm based in South Manchester btw). Cheers.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  6. Out of interest, is there much difference in neck thickness between a (modern) Stingray Classic and a Roger Waters Precision?
  7. I'm still fairly new to basses but my Stingray Classic's neck seemed thick, certainly way thicker than my tutor's Sandberg California.
  8. Are there many SLO necked Stingrays around in the UK (used, of course)? What would you expect to pay?
  9. I've parted company with my 'modern' Stingray Classic (2 EQ & string through body) to a fine fellow BC member but already I miss it! It's not all bad, as although it was a gorgeous instrument I did find the neck a touch thick for my smallish hands. With this in mind can the Stingray aficionados/accumulators please advise on the variations of neck thickness across the numerous four-string versions and eras please (with suggestions especially for the slimmer necked)?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. Littlewing, thanks for your concern! Don't worry, I've not gone near the truss rod but have found that (1/16th allen key purchased) adjusting the saddle height has alleviated the issue considerably. She's playing fine for now but I shall (probably after I next change the strings) get her set up by an expert and ask to sit in on the process.
  12. Thanks for that, yes you're correct. That's a tiny allen key required - any idea of the size? Do you loosen it evenly on both sides of the saddle to raise the action?
  13. Thank you all for your considered and helpful replies. Having a play around this afternoon through my newly acquired Roland Micro Cube RX (brilliant!) I've learnt: - It's a physical and not electrical problem as it rattles when played sans amp. - I've played with the bridge (screwing the saddle closer to the tail raises, right?) but no improvement; while everything's fine past the nut. - Looking vertically down as I fret the E I don't see the string bouncing of any other frets but she still rattles away. I slid a fine polishing cloth between the strings and fretboard (from first to seventh frets) and the rattle stopped. - I considered loosening the truss fractionally but it seems awfully stiff and - being no expert - I didn't want to force it. Do they usually take a bit of muscle and is inserting a slim allen key ok? (BTW, I use Rotosound 45 65 85 105)
  14. Thanks for the reply XoSo . I've just had a look and the string's wound from the bottom upwards as low as it can go, though that's not to say that it's not the case. I'm wondering if adjusting the pickup's height is going to be remedial - any 'Ray players experienced this?
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