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  1. How would this pickup match up with a quarter pounder in a pj bass?
  2. A Crow Left of the Murder by Incubus. At first I just couldn't believe this was made by the same band who had made 'Make Yourself' and 'Morning View'. I hated 90% of this album after the first listen, and blamed their "terrible" new sound on the new bass player who had "ruined everything" (can you tell that I was a slightly overdramatic fanboy as a youth... 🙄) But over the months that followed, I listened to it a couple more times and started to appreciate it in a "It's not the incubus I know but it's pretty decent" kinda manner. And by now, 16 years later, it's pretty much my favourite album by who I'd still call my favourite band of all time. That being said, my experience with that album led me to try to like their later album 'If Not Now, When?' for way longer than it deserved quite frankly. I kept waiting for that one to grow on me, but it just never has. My first impression that time was apparently correct, it is just a pile of utter shite.
  3. Prices for new MIM's did go up a little, but it came with a good jump in quality, and not the same dramatic leap as the used prices have taken... Even given that, I still don't see why the move from MIM "standard" to MIM "player" would affect the Standard prices since they're still just an old MIM Standard.
  4. In March of last year I bought a Fender MIM Tele with hard case for £300 (which was a decent deal, but not amazing based on the average price I saw at the time), and now that I'm looking for another one I can see that the prices of used tele's have jumped to £400-450 without a case. At the same time I regularly saw MIM Strat's for £250-300, but now are also around the £400 mark. Aslo, Fender basses have(in the same time frame) also jumped from £300-350 to £500 (even seen some people asking £800 used for a higher end MIM bass (whereas to me that's just nuts as I think that's price is absolutely US fender territory). Prices have jumped by a third in less than a year. What the hell happened?
  5. For me it absolutely has to be Stillwater from the film Almost Famous. It captures so many elements of rock n roll perfectly, from the dedication of obsessive teenage fanboys, debauchery on the road, and of course, the inevitable clashing of the singer and lead guitarist's ego's.
  6. You ever see a for sale post that has you seriously considering whether to cheap out on the families Xmas prezzies so you can treat yourself?
  7. Nope, you're not the only one. I just got my money back from paypal last month after ordering back in December. No replies to emails or facebook messages, and given a useless tracking number that sat on "pre-registered waiting to be collected" for over 2 months. I'm wondering how many people he's conned out of money over the years by not delivering and just hoping they forget. Edit* Apologies for the necro bump.
  8. These are really good guitars, I have a sunburst one for riff demoing purposes. If you have Facebook, get it up on a gear trading page. These regularly change hands for between £130-180.
  9. So, at the risk of outing myself as a total idiot here... I've been playing on and off for 15 years now and never heard of this before. What do you mean a rotational twist, and why should you bend the string before cutting?
  10. I haven't owned or played that specific one but I own a CV 50's P and have briefly played a CV 60's Jazz, I can say that they're great instruments. The big question will probably be, how are you with thick glossy necks? If you're exclusively a satin neck guy, you likely wont get on with them as the glossy finish is very thick. But, that being said, it's definitely worth having a wee shot on one to see how you like it.
  11. This is maybe not the right place to ask, but would the ultra jazz pair well with a Duncan SPB-3?
  12. Following some advice I found on a random web page, I loosened the string tree screw by a half turn and somehow the wolf note is now totally gone. So I've managed to fix the issue without spending a single penny. Which was nice.
  13. Aye, will do. Currently unemployed so even those wee mods might take some time. But there's nae big rush. Just noticed while playing on a big amp today that there's a horrific wolf note on the A# on the E, A, & D strings that wasn't noticeable on my practice amp. It was really pissing me off, so I think getting that sorted is definitely gonna take priority over the cosmetic stuff.
  14. Nope, it was in Dundee. Keep on twitchin' on. We all know that GAS is very rarely a matter of "need".
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