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  1. Yep Carl beat me to the push switch - just has a dot rather than line. Chrome red was I think only issued for one year 2004 or2005 as per my S-1 jazz- can’t remember as it’s out on loan- and was red over silver rather than gold (which is candy apple I think). Nice bass all the same
  2. Hi Meterman it’s a great place for sure. Look forward to the Bullet review!
  3. Thanks Meterman, it’s a veneer but looks really good Here’s a couple of pics of one I made earlier
  4. Budget plate change courtesy of Fablon
  5. Hi lovely bass. Straight swop for my 2005 us s1switch jazz in one year only Candy chrome red/black/maple With add on mint green scratch plate and chrome fender ashtrays? Mike up in Fife
  6. Mint green see the custom shop 60s P that came out a couple of years back. Just looks great!
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Hi, purely from that pic it looks like a refin to me. My Musicmaster neck was stripped and stained dark so isn’t a helpful comparison but my early 70s P is lighter and smoother but with plenty of age related dings.
  9. Hi Scrumpymike, thanks for your observations, good to get your experiences. I replaced the strings and actually the previous E didn’t match the rest of the set that were on, it being heavier than the rest. Take your point re neck reaction so will revisit tomorrow once they’ve been on for 24 hours and see what it’s like then
  10. Hi, yes it is a short scale set. Cut a few inches beyond wrap point and tucked into hole in tuner
  11. Thanks NJE and Hooky (surely not Peter ‘Imself ...?) that was my first reaction but somewhere in my memory I think there have been some comments about short scales having issues with flappy E strings so was just wondering if there was a more generic issue. Will certainly get in touch with Rotosound to see what they say though
  12. Afternoon all, have just restrung my 1972 Fender Musicmaster bass with rotosound 66 roundwounds - 40-90. The A, D and G strings all sound fine but the E is a bit duff. Any thoughts on what’s causing this, or what works for you? Previously had heavier strings that seemed to work fine.
  13. There’s one on gumtree right now in wales

    1. Bassislife16


      Just spotted! Bit steep however. £250 yes but £400 is way above what they are worth

    2. TheGreek


      Howard "the Drummer" from Stevenage regularly advertises one on Gumtree. Most of his gear is overpriced though.

  14. Anyone near Derby can grab a gumtree bargain - looks like a dx in need of some tLC. No affiliation...
  15. Stuart Morrow used a Thunder when in New Model Army -see the Marquee live footage from 85 I think. That’s a pretty good endorsement
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