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  1. Ahhh maybe you mean the Muon, the speaker that birthed the Blade... EDIT: Ah hang on, yes I do remember that episode but I can't remember the product at the moment... (gets thinking cap back on)
  2. This? I think for the money I'd still go with something from KEF!
  3. Rotosound Broken String!

    I hope you weren't using a pick!
  4. No chance that you'll ever find yourself lusting after a KEF Blade then @SpondonBassed?
  5. If you get chance have a listen to the KEF Q150 - I've read they're even better than the Q100 (though I'm glad I bought these because they have a front-facing port which makes for easier placement).
  6. That's quite an increase in amplifier wattage @Mornats - that CA Audio Topaz SR20 puts out 100W per channel! The Rotel puts out 30W and these days in my semi-detached house I rarely get the volume past the 9 o'clock position on mine... yes it's still going strong! I've read that there are subtle differences between DACs and that can be as much about the implementation via the associated circuitry as the individual chip itself. My inexpensive Neet AirStream uses a Wolfson DAC and though I've nothing else to compare it with, I'm very happy with how it deals with 320kbps mp3s. I replaced my Mission speakers with some KEF Q100 standmounts (absolute bargain at half-price, £199, as they were about to be replaced by the newer Q150). I'm now a massive fan of KEF and their coaxial Uni-Q drivers (they look great on my stands)
  7. Special D Curlee

    The brass plate shim sounds like a good idea and at least it's reversible (rather than trying to permanently fill the recess with wood). Does it look like the bridge will be at the right height when it's sat at the same level as the face of the body?
  8. Hi @Greg.Bassman - you probably know this already but usually if fret buzz is confined to the area near the nut then that suggests insufficient relief whereas fret buzz at the 'dusty end' suggests there's too much relief - where's it occurring with your jazz bass? Like others I've never noticed any difference in playability whatever the fret profiles on my basses though obviously when frets get too worn and flattened that's likely going to affect intonation.
  9. I would think (though others might have to correct me) that ensuring the frets are correctly levelled and an appropriate amount of neck relief has been set is more important than the fret profile (height/width). When you have a really low action do you get fret buzz consistently along the whole fretboard or is it confined more to one area of the neck in particular?
  10. The one that got away in 99/00 Manchester Bass Centre

    An aluminium necked Kramer that I found in Mamelok's on Deansgate in Manchester back in about 1980. I can't remember the model bass but I loved the split headstock, it sounded good and I was more than ready to upgrade from my Columbus jazz bass copy. Rather than buy the Kramer I bought an engagement ring that cost exactly the same as the bass (... and we're no longer a couple). Some years later, and from the same shop, I bought myself a Westone Spectrum LX bass (with interchangeable fretted and fretless necks); it's a great bass and I still have it but I'd still like to own a Kramer!
  11. Hohner Sabre Copy?

    The for sale bass looks to me as if somebody had a problem with the truss rod, needed access to the adjuster nut and hacked away at the access hole resulting in the loss of some of the wood behind the nut (for the strings). I'm wondering if they had to replace the bullet adjuster nut for some reason but have used something unsuited to the instrument.
  12. Wood species

    Great selection there. Love the Cocobolo! This link might be of interest - it's what Cort seem to be using now there's the restriction on rosewood fingerboards http://www.cortguitars.com/en/community/news_view.asp?idx=802
  13. Nile Rogers

    Watched a lot of this without my budget soundbar running (which I think I didn't get until after Glastonbury - so I'm comparing both shows through equal equipment) and I think the Glasto gig was much better for sound mix, the performance and the vibe. In fact I couldn't hear much bass until I ran my soundbar (but then didn't really want anything running too loud in case I was disturbing my very elderly neighbour). I didn't enjoy Nile's guitar tone much either to be honest so I was pretty disappointed having really enjoyed watching Chic earlier in the year.
  14. pleasantly stumbled upon

    I sometimes discover new music when it's used as theme/incidental music for TV shows. I found Agnes Obel when they used her song 'Familiar' for the crime drama Cardinal. Totally different mood to the other links above but I think this is a great live version of 'The Curse' and check out those pedal boards!
  15. Three Mistakes In One ‘Restoration’

    Pretty much the same general criticisms as everyone else; he should have fitted the neck and then measured where the new bridge should sit (I wouldn't rely on the original position of a non-functioning old BBOT when fitting a new bridge); he has no earth wire under the bridge (and he'd have to scrape off the powder coating to get metal to metal contact); he trapped the windings on the tuning pegs; he's fitted a 6 pole guitar pickup so could have issues with uneven string to string volume.